Trying to find games like Undertale? Try these 100 great games that are similar to Undertale, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive list of best games like Undertale that have been tried, tested and recommended.

  • The best games like Undertale are:

  • arrow_rightDino Crisis 2
  • arrow_rightGreat Permutator
  • arrow_rightPapers, Please
  • arrow_rightPokémon Red, Blue, Yellow
  • arrow_rightTIS-100
  • arrow_rightFootball Manager 2019
  • arrow_rightCthulhu Saves the World
  • arrow_rightBreath of Death VII

100 Best Games Like Undertale:


1. Dino Crisis 2

Dino Crisis 2 (ディノ クライシス2, Dino Kuraishisu Tsū) is an action-adventure video game for the PlayStation developed and published by Capcom. It is the second installment in the Dino Crisis series.

After the events of the previous game, unsafe research into time-distorting Third Energy has resulted in an entire research base, military institution, and fictional metropolis of Edward City to be transported to another time; along with all of its inhabitants. Secret Operations Raid Team operative Regina returns as one of the main playable characters, sent along as an adviser to the rescue team that travels through time to find survivors of the time displacement and recover data on the Third Energy experiments. Dylan Morton, the rescue team leader, is the second playable character. Despite Dylan and Regina initially going their separate ways, they end up joining forces to find a way back to the present. The player switches between controlling Regina and Dylan at specific points during the story.

Categories in common with Dino Crisis 2: Adventure | Action | Shooter

Platform: PC | PlayStation 3 | PlayStation | PS Vita | PSP


2. Great Permutator

Great Permutator is a puzzle. Hard and tricky. One in which you will have to build a complex system of conveyors and various devices so that the colored boxes can travel across the factory and arrive at right places and in right order. If you are into clever engineering puzzles like LightBot, Manufactoria and SpaceChem, this game is for you.Features

  • 50 levels (+15 bonus levels)
  • 10+ types of action blocks
  • 16 not-so-easy achievements
  • Global score leaderboard
  • Nice pixel art graphics and cool soundtrack
  • Level editor with sharing levels via Internet

Categories in common with Great Permutator: Casual | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


3. Papers, Please

The creator of the game often travelled through Asia and made the observation that the work of an immigration officer checking documents for entry is simultaneously very monotonous and very responsible. The game reproduces this work - but scammers and unusual situations occur in it much more often than in reality. The task of the player-officer is not to make a mistake, not to let an unwanted guest into the country. He has power, directories, translucent devices, etc., but experienced masters of deception and fraud act against him. The task of the player is complicated by the fact that his country is like all the paranoid dictatorships at the same time. This country fears a lot, seeks to control everything and periodically generates various rules. The game has a lot of humour, a lot of exciting puzzles and unexpected twists, including shooting. The visual and musical design of the game reflects the bizarre world of stupid rules, constant fear and mutual distrust.

Categories in common with Papers, Please: Role Playing | Simulation | Puzzle | Indie

Platform: PC | iOS | macOS | Linux | PS Vita


4. Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow

With classic graphics and music, Pokémon Red and Pokémon
Blue Version stay true to the originals released nearly 20 years
ago. You'll feel like you're playing them just as they were, but now you
can trade and battle Pokémon using local wireless on the Nintendo 3DS
family of systems! Revisit these timeless games, or play them for the
first time!

Experience the original journey that started the Pokémon phenomenon
nearly 20 years ago, but now on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems as a
digital download! Relive the feeling of catching your very first Pokémon
from the original 150, complete with monochromatic pixel art and 4-bit
background music. You’ll take on the role of a Pokémon Trainer and
travel across the land searching for amazing creatures called Pokémon.
Catch, battle, and trade as you face Gym Leaders and try to stop Team
Rocket! If you want to catch the original 150 Pokémon, you’ll need to
trade wirelessly with your friends.

Categories in common with Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow: Adventure | Action | Role Playing

Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Game Boy


5. TIS-100

The hacker setting

Another puzzle game that uses the corrupted computer from the 1980s as the basis for its gameplay. The game uses the Unity graphics engine and came out on three operating systems: Windows, OS X, and Linux. The game was originally supposed to be dedicated to the programming of nanobots, which are launched into the body of a living person, but the developer opted for a more appealing idea for a setting.

Key features

The plot tells a story about the player finding the faulty TIS-100 computer and the manual to it. TIS (Tessellated Intelligence System) is similar to the first computers from the 80s. Each level looks like a 12 program of nodes, located by a grid of 3 to 4. Each node has a processor register, behind which a certain numerical value is hidden. In order to solve the puzzle, the player needs to reprogram the node so that they perform specific actions using a simplified version of the real assembly language. In the version for Steam Early Access, which was released in 2015, 25 levels were available for the completion. Their number reached 50 at a full release. Only a single story campaign is available in the game. The players noted that the game is an excellent exercise for all programmers who want to compete with each other in optimizing the code in a fictional multithread assembler.

Categories in common with TIS-100: Simulation | Puzzle | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


6. Football Manager 2019

Then, when Match Day arrives, you take your place on the touchline, overseeing proceedings as your players cross that magical white line. Now, your footballing vision is put to the test!
Will the perfect substitution or tactical tweak be the difference between an agonising defeat or an ecstatic victory?
Test your skills in 50 of the biggest footballing countries
Climb to the top of the table and beyond with any one of world’s top 2500 clubs
Play the transfer market and scout more than 500,000 real players and staff
Watch your unique football vision play-out on our acclaimed 3D engine
The Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 are fully licensed and playable for season 2018/19 and give a very early flavour of what’s to come as we build towards kick-off on November 2nd.
In total, there are 26 fully-licensed league competitions from 11 countries as well as a host of individual club licences from some of the world’s biggest leagues, with more still to be confirmed.
Licensing updates along with new features and game upgrades will drop towards the end of September on our social channels, so get following now to get ahead of the game.
Football Manager 2019 is available to pre-purchase now and managers who do so prior to full release on November 2nd will net a cool 10% off.
Advanced pre-purchase will also permit early access to a fully-playable Beta version of the game which should be available at least two weeks prior to the official release date. Single player careers started in this Beta version will also continue into the full game.All purchases of Football Manager 2019 also include a free copy of Football Manager 2019 Touch for PC/Mac only.

Categories in common with Football Manager 2019: Sports | Simulation

Platform: PC | macOS | Nintendo Switch


7. Cthulhu Saves the World

Cthulhu Saves The World is a parody RPG where you take on the role of Cthulhu, the lord of darkness who is meant to destroy the world. His powers were blocked by a magician, and now he needs to become a true hero to restore them and fulfill his mission. Inspired by Howard P. Lovecraft’s novels, the game turns the classic plot into a humorous story with multiple cultural references.

The game looks like a top-down old-school RPG with permanent fourth-wall breaking and numerous quests you can complete. Visually it uses pixel-art and pseudo-3D elements. During the game you meet different characters that join your party. Each of them has different attack types you can upgrade. These attacks are also unique; so, Cthulhu has the ability to make enemies insane.

The gameplay is focused on exploration, turn-based random fights and boss battles. There are nine dungeons you need to sweep, full of multiple monsters. You can unblock more game modes progressing through the game.

Categories in common with Cthulhu Saves the World: Adventure | Role Playing | Indie

Platform: PC | iOS


8. Breath of Death VII

The game is a parody of classic RPGs which were popular among the players back in the day. Breath of Death VIII is a 2D adventure in the best traditions of role-playing games of the late 80's, early 90's from the American studio Zeboyd Games. The studio consists of only two people: Robert Boyd and William Stiernberg. The title is a reference to the number parts of Final Fantasy, in fact, the previous 6 of the Breath of Death parts do not exist.

The player follows the adventures of Dem the Skeleton Knight, Lita the Vampire Techie and Erik the Zombie Prince. Each can be customized using upgrades from the branching skill-tree.

The developers wanted to abandon the most annoying element in the classic RPGs - turn-based combat and endless random encounters. Therefore, the game uses a hybrid combo system that takes into account several important parameters: the character is chosen and how many moves have already been made. Also, the number of random enemy-encounters in one location is limited to a certain number.

Categories in common with Breath of Death VII: Role Playing | Indie

Platform: PC


9. Syndicate

Syndicate is an isometric real-time tactical game from Bullfrog Productions created in 1993. It is the first title in the Syndicate series. An expansion pack, Syndicate: American Revolt, a sequel, Syndicate Wars, and a reboot Syndicate have also been released. The original game and expansion pack were re-released together in 1996 as Syndicate Plus.

Categories in common with Syndicate:

Platform: PC | SNES | Classic Macintosh | Commodore / Amiga | Genesis | SEGA CD | 3DO | Jaguar


10. Tiny Toon Adventures

Tiny Toon Adventures is a platform video game for the NES. It was published and developed by Konami and released in 1991. It is the first Tiny Toon Adventures-related video game to be released for any video game console device.

Categories in common with Tiny Toon Adventures: Platformer

Platform: NES


11. Donkey Kong 3

Donkey Kong 3 (ドンキーコング3, Donkī Kongu Surī) is the third video game in the original Donkey Kong series by Nintendo. It was released near simultaneously for the arcades and Family Computer, and later released in America on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986. The game was re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in North America on July 14, 2008 and in Europe on January 9, 2009. Although it is a sequel, this title is a departure in gameplay from previous titles.

Categories in common with Donkey Kong 3: Shooter

Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Wii U | Wii | Game Boy Advance | NES


12. Pool of Radiance

Pool of Radiance is a RPG game developed by Stormfront Studios and Strategic Simulations, Inc.. It was originally released in 1989. Strategic Simulations, Inc. published the game. Most rawgers rated the game as "Skip".
You can play Pool of Radiance on PC, Apple II, Classic Macintosh and NES. The game is sold via GOG.
It was directed by Chuck Kroegel. It was scored by David Warhol.

Categories in common with Pool of Radiance: Role Playing

Platform: PC | NES | Classic Macintosh | Apple II | Commodore / Amiga


13. Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi is a run and gun released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in North America on June 22, 1994, Europe on March 30, 1995 and in Japan on June 23, 1995. It is the third and final game in the Super Star Wars trilogy and is based on the 1983 film Return of the Jedi. There is also a simplified version for the Game Boy and Game Gear portable systems. The game was re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in North America on September 7, 2009 and in PAL regions on October 16, 2009, alongside the other games in the Super Star Wars series.

Categories in common with Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi:

Platform: Wii | Game Boy | SNES | Game Gear


14. Dungeon Warfare 2

Dungeon Warfare 2 is the definitive sequel to Dungeon Warfare, a challenging tower defense strategy game where you become a dungeon lord to defend your dungeons with the deadliest of traps and insidious contraptions against greedy adventurers and wannabe heroes.Game Features

  • Physics-enabled tower defense mayhem
  • 32 unique traps with 8 unique traits for each trap
  • More than 30 unique enemies, each with a special trait
  • More than 60 handcrafted levels + an infinite number of procedurally generated dungeons
  • 5+ boss battles
  • Progression with experience providing passive upgrades for the traps as well as skill points
  • Three skill trees with 11 skills on each tree
  • Equipment system with more than 30 unique items
  • Mix your own difficulty by combining difficulty mode runes for more challenge & reward
  • Endless mode
  • Environmental Hazards

Categories in common with Dungeon Warfare 2: Action | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC | iOS | Android | macOS


15. LogiGun

LogiGun is a physics-based puzzle platformer. Take control of June as she climbs a tower filled with perplexing puzzles. Mix and match a variety of neat guns to solve your way through increasingly complex challenges. Also this other person keeps telling her to leave. I wonder what's up with that?

  • Over 40 levels to solve!
  • Wield neat guns that create platforms, push and pull objects, and more!
  • 100% combat free!
  • Use bombs, lasers, fire and gravity in interesting and inventive ways!
  • No lightning-reflexes required, just a sharp mind and a keen eye
  • Exactly two (2) characters
  • A story?

New in the Steam version:
  • Unlockable journal entries
  • Improved graphics and redrawn artwork
  • Achievements and trading cards

Categories in common with LogiGun: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


16. Might and Magic: Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum

Might and Magic: Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum is a RPG game developed by New World Computing. It was originally released in 1987. It was published by New World Computing. Most rawgers rated the game as "Recommended".
You can play Might and Magic: Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum on Commodore / Amiga, NES and PC.
It was scored by Masaharu Iwata.

Categories in common with Might and Magic: Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum: Role Playing

Platform: PC | NES | Commodore / Amiga


17. Endless Fun The battle for peanuts

You're a young bandit. To become a tough bandit you have to break the law. Do the tasks and do not fall into the hands of the police. In the game you do not have to kill in the game you have to do everything quietly and secretly. The commander of the 55 brigade of bandits will give you tasks that must be performed. Robbery, race, bank robbery, intimidation and theft are all you have to do.

A pixel-style game and a TDS. Convenient management of the player WASD + Mouse

Categories in common with Endless Fun The battle for peanuts: Adventure | Action | Casual

Platform: PC


18. Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur

Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur is an adventure game developed by Infocom and Challenge, Inc.. It was originally released in 1989. Infocom published the game. Most rawgers rated the game as "Recommended".
Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur is available on Commodore / Amiga, Apple II, Classic Macintosh and PC.

Categories in common with Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur: Adventure

Platform: PC | Classic Macintosh | Apple II | Commodore / Amiga


19. Sonic R (itch)

Sonic R (itch) is an indie game developed by thesrb1&2fan. It came out on 20-10-2017. Most rawgers rated the game as "Recommended".
You can play Sonic R (itch) on PC. The game is sold via

Categories in common with Sonic R (itch): Indie

Platform: PC


20. Warlock's Tower

Warlock's Tower is punishing puzzler with elegantly designed levels around one brutal rule - one move equals one life lost.

Categories in common with Warlock's Tower: Action | Puzzle | Indie

Platform: PC | Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | macOS | Nintendo Switch


21. I'm Just Popping Down The Dungeon, Does Anybody Want Anything?

This is in Beta - let me know if you hit problems


It's designed to run on browsers on PC's. It will run on mobiles/tablets but it might be slow, hard to read, and just less good, and for some reason the sound doesn't work yet. If you turn on Mobile mode in the setting menu it adds a couple of mobile affordances.

Note that while there is an auto-scaling option in the settings menu, if you're on a PC scaling the browser page usually looks nicer (ctrl + mousewheel).


On the main screen:

  • Choose a treasure to try and retrieve; the deeper the deadlier, but the more valuable.
  • Select up to 3 'heroes' to delve into the dungeon.

In dungeon:

  • For each character in turn a selection of moves will be shown - choose with the mouse/touch.
  • Find the treasure - it's usually deep in the dungeon. There may be clues.
  • Then get out, and get paid.

The game automatically saves to the browser storage - so won't be available if you use a different browser or clear storage.

At the moment there are no external saves - although you can find plugins to capture/restore local browser storage.

  • Hey, the game said a rude word? Sorry, most of the names are randomly generated and might sometimes swear.
  • Why does the Dwarven Goddess have a beard? You answered your own question there.
  • Hey, I found a dungeon where you can't reach the treasure. There are several methods of bypassing walls, but they are not always practical, so I have tried to avoid generating that sort of dungeon. Press 'D' while you are in the dungeon and write down the number and let me know.

Categories in common with I'm Just Popping Down The Dungeon, Does Anybody Want Anything?: Adventure | Role Playing

Platform: PC | Web


22. Undertale: Determination

Some parts of this game contain bright flashing colours.

Are you an adult?
Want to talk to us directly?
Join our Discord! (Chat Server):

Click here for the FAQ

@------------[email protected]
@              IF FOR SOME INSANE REASON                       
@              YOU DOWNLOADED THIS, AND DO               
@------------[email protected]


If you're reading this, it means we finished our first mod/game/thing!
There's a few things you should know before you run it,
otherwise you're probably going to have a less than enjoyable duration.


The second thing you should know is that this application requires .Net 2.0. All other requirements
and depedencies are packaged with the application. Most modern versions of Windows prompt to install
.Net 2.0 on running the application if it's missing, but if you're running an older OS and are
confused this information could be important to you.

If you wanted to know how we made this fan game, we used pure C#, OpenTK (a C# OpenGL wrapper),  OpenAL, Spine, Gimp, Anime Studio and a LOT of time and effort for two people.

So with that information, you know it *should* work under mono/linux, but it hasn't been tested. I use no native bindings/apis, but I'm not sure where it'd read the save files from on linux. Maybe I'll try it out eventually.

Features ~
All 66 UNDERTALE items implemented.
All 6 attack types implemented.
At least one fight, and maybe some hidden stuff, who can say?
Continue the story using your old save file!

New Features ~
Supports Gamejolt's Achievement API!
Voice Acting!
Won't eat your cereal!

And finally some creditz:

Voice Actor Credits (Determination Dubbed):

Voiced By: KarmaVA (Carly Lloyd)



Voiced By: Stone Stephens

Patience / Perseverance

Voiced By: DeluNelu


Somewhat Voiced By: AlwaysNoah

DJ Napstablook

Voiced By: osnapitzchris


Voiced By: HBMike

Frisk / Kindness

Voiced by: Kenkoy
Behind the voice actors:


Voiced by: Xandi Alexander

Madam Sharky

Voiced by: Madam Sharky


Song Credits (SPOILERS!!!):

(Chara theme)
Cannibal - Waterflame

Ill-Crowned Queen - Deerboy

End Credits (DT: Dubbed):
Once Upon A Remix (Holder Remix)

(Lock out screen)
TEM SHOP - GameChops:

(original end credits)
"Megalovania" - Adriana Figueroa

Original Piano Track By:

(opening theme)
Once upon a time (Orchestral Arranged) - AkagitsuneYuki (music):

Dogsong Remix - Mykal Williams

(DJ Napstablook)
Ghost Fight Remix - Kamex

(Madam Sharky)
Exploring in the Music - L. Mity

(Madam Sharky Credits)
Go Card - Drop Mix

(The Fallen)
His Theme - SixteenInMono

Theme Remix - Amella

Other Credits:
Toby Fox (@TobyFox) - UNDERTALE
Thanks for introducing us to the crazy world inside
your head man, it was a blast, and had a huge impact on us.
You won't read this, but if you did, it'd be awesome.
We love you, please don't hate us for this :'(

Temmie Chang (@Tuyoki) - Some UNDERTALE Artz
I'm not sure which parts of the art was yours, and which
was Tobys, but I think you're an awesome artist, with or
without UNDERTALE.
Also, I hope you decide to keep Cat.
Cat is cute.

Anyone else who helped with the development of UNDERTALE,
including those who backed the original kickstarter.
I wish I could say I was one of them, it passed me by,
but I'm glad some of you out there allowed this to happen.
And especially everyone who bought UNDERTALE, which I hope
includes you if you're reading this.

Special Thanks:
Rob, Azz, TD (mike), Colleen, Oct, Kyle, Scythe and anyone else
who looked at, and tested my many boring UNDERTALE videos
and builds, as well as countless other projects that never
went anywhere. You guys' feedback and support has made this
project far better than it would have otherwise have been.
I wouldn't have got this far without you.

Ryou -
Your video () inspired me
to make this mod in the first place, and so without that video, this
would never have existed. Even though we've never spoken.
Maybe some day? :)

Extra Special Thanks:
To our cat Gizmo, who tried so very very hard to help with both
the programming, and the artwork.

Special Thank You:
Madam Sharky
We both love you.
Keep doing what you're doing.
If you're reading this, go tell Madam we love her, and sub to her channel.
Thanks :)

Alpha Testers
Russ from the Etika Sponz community.
Colleen, and Salback (Rob again!)
as well as the people from /r/UNDERTALE who
ran tests for me and provided useful feedback,
such as btsilence, Phobon, and IhavenonameSDA.

Love joo UNDERTALE communityz
Stay the undertrash we know and love<3

~ Danny & Kat


Extra Special Note:

Please don't steal from Toby.

Go give him more money.
Seriously, I mean it.
Stop reading and go buy some merch or something:

Additionally, I know someone will pull all of our pictures,
and work from this mod. We want you to know we are totally ok with
you doing that. We are happy for you to use our images and work
from this project in any way that makes you happy.

However, if/when someone eventually does get to extracting the assets:


We're fine with you taking anything made by us, but we'd really prefer it if you went and grabbed the music and images from their original source if you want them.

We want to send more traffic to those awesome people, not take away from them.

If you do use any images created by us, cyonica would really like it if you credited
her for it, she did work really hard to create these! :)

Additionally, due to content included in Determination that was not created by us, please do not re-upload the Determination package onto websites/pages that include advertisements. Determination should not be monetized.

Final final note:
If you need to reset the game to defaults the file you're looking for is file666 (Encore) or File777 (Dubbed),

Oh, and feel free to make youtube videos of this mod.
And link me to them. I want to see your reactions,
So that I know how to make things better.

Oh, and I make no promises about additional content in the future.
I really want to make my own games, but if there is enough demand,
and I'm feeling determined enough? Who knows. Anything is possible.
I mean, the only way this project could ever come to be is because I
really love UNDERTALE, the community and everything it represents.

Stay Determined.


Categories in common with Undertale: Determination: Role Playing

Platform: PC | macOS


23. Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, known as Estpolis Denki II (エストポリス伝記II, officially translated Biography of Estpolis II) in Japan, and as Lufia in Europe and Australia, is a role-playing video game with puzzle elements developed by Neverland and published in Japan in 1995 by Taito, and in North America and Europe in 1996 by Natsume and Nintendo respectively, for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game is a prequel to Lufia & the Fortress of Doom. It follows the story of the first main character's ancestor, Maxim, and explains the origins of the war between mankind and a group of gods called the Sinistrals. Lufia II made a number of changes from the first game. Dungeons no longer have random encounters and there are hundreds of puzzles throughout the game, ranging from simple to extremely challenging. It also introduced new skills, such as a variety of weapons that could be used to stun monsters or solve puzzles, and IP attacks. In 2010, Square Enix released a re-imagining of the original game titled Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals.

Categories in common with Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals: Role Playing

Platform: SNES


24. Vampire of the Sands

Vampire of the Sands is a punishing action dungeon-crawler with roguelike elements. Resurrected by a necromancer, you are sent into the dungeon to assassinate The Vampire. Although your body is fragile, there are many tools at your disposal to beat the odds. Utilize:Items in the dungeon are to be treasured. Carefully manage your use of the mundane and magical to ensure you come out alive.Brawl:Fight monsters, each with their own separate personalities. Discover their true nature and exploit their weaknesses.Die:See how far you can get with only a single life. Feel your blood pressure rise as you get further than ever before!Upgrade:Unlock runes which allow you to upgrade your character. Choose carefully to synergize with your preferred playstyle, or go for unique and fun combinations for a challenge.Explore:Delve into the branching dungeon in any order you want.Return:Vampire of the Sands is fully complete, but will still see improvements and content updates. User feedback is welcome!

Categories in common with Vampire of the Sands: Action

Platform: PC | Linux


25. The Legend of Dark Witch 2

Created by indie games company INSIDE SYSTEM in 2014, The Legend of Dark Witch 2 is a 2D action story sequel to "The Legend of Dark Witch". True to its predecessor, Legend of the Dark Witch 2 retains its simple controls and enough challenges to satisfy the completist.

Players have 8 stages to choose from and must use SHOTs to make their way through a variety of obstacles to reach the boss enemy. Within each stage there are hidden "Pura Syega" which are helpful to power up player characters.

New Features

  • Increased number of stages to choose from
  • Allows finer customization for player stats using "Tres"
  • "Technical skills" can be customized not only to increase power, but add abilities as well
  • New "Forbidden" items added for a wider variety of game play

Categories in common with The Legend of Dark Witch 2:

Platform: Nintendo 3DS


26. Rambo

Rambo (ランボー, Ranbō) is a side-scrolling action-adventure video game produced by Pack-In-Video and released in North America by Acclaim on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on December 4, 1987 in Japan, and May 1988 in North America. It is based on the film Rambo: First Blood Part II.

Categories in common with Rambo: Action | Platformer

Platform: NES


27. Guerrilla War (1987)

Guerrilla War, released in Japan as Guevara (ゲバラ), is an overhead run and gun game produced by SNK. Originally released for arcades in 1987 as a coin-operated arcade game, Guerrilla War followed the adventures of two unnamed rebel commandos (Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in the Japanese version) as they raid an unnamed Caribbean Island in order to free it from the rule of an unnamed tyrannical dictator. Along the way the players vanquish hordes of enemy soldiers while attempting to rescue hostages (with large score reductions for any hostages killed in the crossfire), collecting weapons from troopers and operating tanks.

Categories in common with Guerrilla War (1987):

Platform: PlayStation 3 | PSP | NES | Commodore / Amiga


28. Chicago 90

Chicago 90 is an action/racing game developed by Microïds in 1989 which provides two game modes: one can play both gangsters and policemen with two different goals and strategies. In the "gangsters mode", you simply have to escape the city while avoiding the cops. In the "police mode", you have to control six police cars in order to prevent the gangster from escaping the city and arrest him. Those two modes give some diversity to the game although its expectancy is a little short.

Categories in common with Chicago 90: Action | Racing

Platform: PC | Commodore / Amiga | Atari ST


29. James Bond 007

James Bond 007 is a 1983 side-scrolling video game developed and published by Parker Brothers for the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit computers, Commodore 64, ColecoVision and distributed in Japan by Tsukuda Original for the Sega SG-1000.

Categories in common with James Bond 007:

Platform: Game Boy | Commodore / Amiga | Atari 5200 | Atari 2600 | Atari 8-bit


30. Valcarta: Rise of the Demon

Rise of the Demon is the first chapter of a 'storyline' game series that spans 3 chapters titled: Valcarta. The Valcarta series will be built on a premise of heavy storytelling in a multi-path fashion. The Valcarta Series has its story told by two separate vantage points; one from Valak walking the Path of Darkness and one from Valak walking the Path of Light. Both vantage points take place along the exact same place in time and space, but naturally Valak encounters different allies, learns new abilities, encounters different enemies and overall has an entirely different experience. Valcarta: Rise of the Demon is essentially two RPGs with storyline, combat & character development wrapped into one package.The HeroValak, a young man without family to speak of and a blurry past. He has spent most of his 'youth' in the central province of Drachell, working as the 'protector' of a small town. At the beginning of the game, Valak must make a choice that will change not just his fate but also the fate of Drachell and Valcarta. Drachell is in a rising state of turmoil that our hero, Valak, is unaware of due to where he lives within the province. When the time comes, he is thrust into a situation that forces him to choose a side, which sets him on a path for the rest of the game.The WorldThe time for the Cleansing Ritual has come! The Elemental Lords Crystals shall be gathered and brought forth to the Ritual Caverns so that the Fay Shield that surrounds Drachell may be renewed! Perhaps it is time for change though as both the Sleemon Empire and the Brotherhood of Twilight, who are locked in a state of unrest, are stirring to contest each others movements towards these Crystals.
The Sleemon Empire has a strong foothold within the province of Drachell and is working vigorously to develop its military strength so that it may win the war that is waging on the fields of Illymader and Fayvale, two provinces to the West of Drachell. They care little for the non-human natives of Drachell, although not many people are aware of that and live peacefully within their small farming villages or within the Castle Town of Sleemonburg itself. Perhaps the Empire isn't as noble as it claims to be to all its citizens? Perhaps the Empire wants these Crystals for some other reason?
The Brotherhood of Twilight is the force that wishes to stop the Empire from continuing its mistreatment of the provinces inhabitants, or at least that's what they say. Small camps are popping up all over Drachell under the Brotherhoods flag. Their leader, Astrid, has never shown her true self, but claims she is a Guardian Spirit to the Elemental Lord of Darkness, Synkale. Perhaps this Astrid has more to her than she is letting on? Perhaps the Brotherhoods goals are a little... deeper than she claims?

  • Split Path Storytelling: Experience the story and events of Rise of the Demon as they unfold from two different perspectives. Each path is between 15-20hrs of gameplay and each path involves new characters, new skills and abilities and two different styles of play. Basically, 2 RPGs wrapped into one!
  • Old School RPG Action: Front-view ATB battle system with an extra touch of Action for a unique twist, an immersive world and story, unique characters with their own personal history, quests and more.
  • Map Mechanics & Puzzles: Experience old-school RPG puzzles and mechanics that involve you within each and every map you move through. From pushing rocks to collapsing floors, from sliding on ice to maneuvering through haunted snowmen, Valcarta: Rise of the Demon brings a bit of action into the non-combat portions of the game.
  • ATB with a twist: The new version of the game implores a brand new battle system. Traditional Action Time Battle with a twist of additional action, keeping players on their toes as they will want to ensure that enemies are unable to land a successful blows against them.
  • Challenging: THREE (3) different combat difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard along with 2 different ATB settings: Full, Wait. The mid-line basis for balancing is Normal - Full, but I personally extend a challenge to anyone who can beat both paths on Hard!
  • Life Filled World: Experience and explore Drachell, a small isolated province on Valcarta. Talk with NPCs, learn about your fellow companions, the races within Drachell and more.
  • Finely Crafted Time Line: Experience a true split path adventure. The choice you make alters the entire world around you. The events of Drachell will unfold, regardless of which path is being played however, but the events in which you take part in will defer on each path, providing an entirely unique story along the way. Join up with either the Sleemon Empire or the Brotherhood of Twilight to get the full story!
  • Character Side Story: Learning what you do from your allies through the game, seek out a end-game side-quest for each ally, that goes deeper into the their backstory. Adventurous players may even attempt to take the quest 1 step further and seek out the OPTIONAL MEGA BOSS, which expands their store a bit more and provides them with very powerful equipment.
  • Steam Achievements: Unlock all 22 Steam Achievement by playing through both paths of the game!
  • Steam Trading Cards: Valcarta: Rise of the Demon has 5 Steam Trading Cards, 5 emoticons and 5 Profiles Backgrounds! Learn more about this system here:

Categories in common with Valcarta: Rise of the Demon: Role Playing

Platform: PC


31. Singled Out

In Singled Out you must identify your target in a crowd of weirdos before time runs out.

  • You have 10 seconds to shoot the GALACTIC SUPERCRIMINAL.
  • Identify the target using the 3 descriptions provided.
  • Only one person in the crowd has all 3 traits. Don't shoot the wrong one!

As seen in the Best Games from Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam 2019!

This Steam release is an updated version with online leaderboards, improvements and expanded features.

Singled Out is small, simple, but challenging arcade game where the goal is simply to beat your high score, climb the leaderboards, or last as long as you can. It's ideal for 5 minute breaks or parties.
If you like this game, please...
  • add it to your Wishlist
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Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


32. Daughter of Shadows: An SCP Breach Event

The player assumes the role of a dangerous and powerful girl known as SCP-029. After a facility wide power outage occurs, numerous SCPs breach containment and proceed to wreak havoc throughout the facility. SCP-029 must use her mind-controlling powers to survive and find a way to escape from the facility.

We wanted to incorporate some of the SCP favorites like SCP-173 and SCP-106. To that end we opted to set "Daughter of Shadows" in the same facility as "SCP: Containment Breach." Beyond the physical location of the facility and a few SCPs, "Daughter of Shadows" is designed to be an entirely new experience. Most of the emphasis is on the introduction and discovery of new SCPs.

Survive and escape the randomly generated and labyrinthine SCP facility

Experience the power of a mind-controlling Keter class SCP and force men to do your bidding

Revisit some old “friends” like SCP-173 and SCP-106, and make some new ones

Experience more of the SCP universe with a total of 25 unique SCPs

Unlimited replayability with different SCPs and layouts in each playthrough

Unlock 48 different achievements of varying difficulty

Additional SCPs and features may be made available via DLC

Categories in common with Daughter of Shadows: An SCP Breach Event: Adventure | Role Playing | Indie

Platform: PC



SVOBODA is a novel in real time. And in mother-Russia, by the way. Can you think that for a perfect game you need mega cool graphics? Maybe cool gameplay features? Or cool music? But this isn't true. The main goal of the game is to show you the true atmosphere of being. The game also surprises with its disinterested complexity. This story will lead you to the typical Russian character, village discos, time without cool phones and expensive cars, my time is my freedom!

  • A lot of different characters
  • Unusual gameplay component
  • Coolest graphics
  • The sea of ​​alcohol
  • Nice atmosphere of the village
  • Classy story

Categories in common with SVOBODA: Adventure | Action | Indie

Platform: PC


34. Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse

Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse places players in a dystopian world filled with zombies and mutated creatures. Once glorious cities now stand in ruins, as the few remaining humans now live as scavengers, bereft of any organisation or hope.
But not any more! Choose a character and embark on an epic quest to restore civilization and eradicate the undead threat!
Key Features

  • EXPLORE AND EXPAND: Restore derelict metropolises, one turn at a time! How will you spend your Action Points this turn? Will you scout a nearby sector, then clean your weapons and check out a new recruit? Or will you patch the hole in your defenses and then blindly move into unexplored territory?
  • REDISCOVER LOST TECH: Plot your course over an expansive, multi-branched research tree! Bring forth scientific marvels, or start a second industrial revolution! Or perhaps, build a strong economy and make powerful alliances with merchants and mercenaries!
  • MANAGE YOUR TEAM: Choose your character class and find or recruit survivors. Gain experience and improve your team's skills and equipment. Find and buy tons of weapons, mods and usable items! But beware, for fighting the undead can be deadly...
  • BUILD AND FORTIFY: The Apocalypse has ravaged cities' infrastructure, and it's up to you to restore them. Construct improvements in captured sectors to empower your cause. Produce automated defenses to help you weaken or eliminate invading undead armies!
  • FIGHT THE UNDEAD ARMIES: As turns pass, more dangerous undead appear. From acid-spitting zombies to undead, armored soldiers, there are no limits to the horrors you will face. Set your snipers to aim for the head, have a bunch of grenades ready, and pray they don't reach your barricade in numbers!
  • UNLOCK THE FUTURE: Relieve the world from undeath in campaign or skirmish mode! Meet mysterious survivors and determine the outcome of random events! Unlock new areas, enemies, classes, bonuses and challenges and lots of extra content as you play!

Categories in common with Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse: Action | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC


35. Final Directive

Final Directive is a story driven shooter set in a space station disastrously infested by alien mutants.
Find the crew, contain the infestation, and most importantly: make it out alive.

  • An amiable automaton companion
  • Seductive spiders
  • Fire, RAD, and Purple flavours
  • A big door
  • Local Co-Op
  • Endless Mode

Thanks for reading.
However -
Actions speak louder than words.
Gun actions speak louder than actions.
And laser gun actions speak louder than gun actions.

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Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


36. Number Guesser

This is a game based on "Bulls and Cows", and I don't have much content to say, just give you a funny one!!

When a number and position are both correct, you'll get an "A", and when a number is correct, but the position is wrong, you'll get a "B". According to how many "A" and "B" you got in before turns, you'll guess the answer.

In the game, you can:
--play Bulls and Cows with 3, 4, or 5 digit numbers;
--a timer can record how long the time you use to success;
--a pace counter can record how many paces you use;
--make your success result to a local rankings save file;
--play while listening a classic music;
--with your friends, play the game one by one, and see who's the best and cleverest.

Who's Jether? He is just a different guy in China.

Categories in common with Number Guesser: Casual | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC


37. Shin Megami Tensei If...

Shin Megami Tensei If... is a Japanese role-playing video game developed and published by Atlus in 1994 for the Super Famicom. It is a spin-off from the Shin Megami Tensei series, itself part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise. Since release, it has been ported to mobile devices, the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows, and re-released digitally through Nintendo's Virtual Console service. The story follows a student of Karukozaka High School after their school is sucked into the realm of demons by a vengeful student's demon summoning spell going wrong.
Shin Megami Tensei If... was developed as a change from previous Shin Megami Tensei titles, focusing on a small-scale environment and threat rather than a large-scale environment as in previous titles. Upon release, If... received a positive reception from critics and fans, and inspired multiple tie-in print adaptations and a mobile prequel. Its well-received high school setting was the impetus for the creation of the spin-off Persona series.

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Platform: PC | iOS | PlayStation | Wii U | Wii | SNES


38. 4 for the Money Demo

4 for the Money is an 8-bit, action-packed platformer for 1-4 players. Join 4 anti-heroes in a heist against a corrupt organization in this demo showcasing the gameplay and banter of the 4 for the Money Kickstarter project, open January 11th through February 24th, 2018.

4 for the Money features separate level designs for the single and multiplayer modes, making for intense action whichever way you play. Play alone for rapid role-swapping action to overcome an onslaught of vicious robots, puzzles and big bosses. Or team up for outrageous teamwork that will leave friends and family laughing, shouting, throwing controls and everything else that makes for memorable co-op!

There are no heroes here! The unique color system requires the whole team to be on their A-game, using their mobility and skills to cover each other as greater challenges and enemies loom. Player characters feature exclusive colors that create a niche within the team where only they can succeed. Will you choose weapon versatility, aerial movement, or maybe body the opposition as the team shield?

4 for the Money features dynamic difficulty settings, allowing players to customize the difficulty. With 8 customizable difficulty variables including varying level designs, enemy health, damage received and checkpoint frequency, casual and hardcore players alike will enjoy the action, even while playing together. Your team can make the game ridiculously easy, or impossibly hard, or anywhere in between!

The 4 for the Money experience climaxes as the colorful characters and detailed, parallaxed backgrounds meet with snoopy, retro music from renowned indie game composer Souleye (VVVVVV).

So call some friends and get your gadgets around. You've got a big job tonight...

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Platform: PC


39. Hero Core

Flip Hero returns for the final battle against his nemesis, Cruiser Tetron - but can he really stop the reign of the machine warlord for all time? Like the first game, the graphics are black and white, the controls are simple and the gameplay is easy to learn. The nonlinear game world allows you to tackle the boss machines in nearly any order, or head straight for Tetron's headquarters if you're skilled enough.
The "Normal" difficulty is about as tough as the first Hero, while "Hard" features a different game world and enemy patterns that will tax even the veterans. You can also turn off the map, if you want to draw your own, and the optional language "Retro" mimics the English translations of older games.
Beating the game on either difficulty unlocks a bonus screen with additional game modes, maps etc. Getting 100% computers, bosses and exploration will only add dots to the end of your savefile, rather than unlocking more stuff.

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Platform: PC


40. Undertale Customs

This is Undertale Customs, a fangame series where you face off against monsters, and have the choice to either spare them or kill them.

Current Version (1.3.0)
Please check the included readme file in the game folder. If the current version of your game is outdated, download the current version on this website or on gamejolt, and replace the files previously downloaded with the ones you have just downloaded, in order to get the latest content for Undertale Customs.

Please check out my Gamejolt page for news on Undertale Customs:

Categories in common with Undertale Customs: Role Playing

Platform: PC


41. Undertale - Arrbor

A simple custom Undertale battle written in Flash.

[Arrows] - Move
[Z] or [Enter] - Confirm
[X] or [Shift] - Cancel
[ESC] (Hold) - Reset
[???] - Genocide Mode

Flash port and Arrbor by Serule Blue.
Undertale, BGM, and SFX by Toby Fox.

Categories in common with Undertale - Arrbor: Action

Platform: Web


42. Frogger II: ThreeeDeep!

Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! is a console and computer game released in 1984 by Parker Brothers. It is a sequel to the original Frogger arcade game from 1981 and features similar gameplay.

The goal of Frogger II is to maneuver each frog to a berth at the top of the screen. Once all of the berths are filled the player progresses to the next level. Unlike its predecessor, the game features three consecutive screens for each level rather than one screen per level, with berths at the top of each of the three screens that need to be filled.

Categories in common with Frogger II: ThreeeDeep!: Action

Platform: Apple II | Commodore / Amiga | Atari 5200 | Atari 2600 | Atari 8-bit


43. Jewel Master

Jewel Master (ジュエル・マスター) is a 1991 video game for the Mega Drive/Genesis game console. It took place in the country of Mythgard, where the protagonist, The Jewel Master must traverse the harsh lands ranging from scorching deserts to rugged mountains and through long forgotten ruins to collect the 12 elemental rings and save Mythgard from the clutches of the Demon King, Jardine the Mad.

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Platform: Genesis


44. The Uncanny X-Men

The Uncanny X-Men, sometimes referred to as Marvel's X-Men, is an action video game released by LJN for the NES in 1989. It is a licensed game based on the series of X-Men comics of the same name by Marvel Comics. The lineup of characters in the game is very close to those appearing in the 1989 animated pilot X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men.

The Uncanny X-Men is the only title by LJN that was developed by an undisclosed external developer. It has been speculated to be developed by Pixel, however. It is also the second-to-last game to be released under the Enteractive Video Games label and the last to be released before LJN was sold to Acclaim Entertainment.

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Platform: NES


45. Operation Thunderbolt

Operation Thunderbolt is a one- or two-player shooter arcade game by Taito made in 1988. It is the sequel to Operation Wolf. Like its predecessor, the game uses mounted positional guns as controllers. It also adds two-player simultaneous play. Versions of the game were released for Amiga, Commodore 64, and Super Nintendo. An arcade exclusive sequel to Operation Thunderbolt was released in 1994: Operation Wolf 3.

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Platform: SNES | Commodore / Amiga | Atari ST


46. RollerGames

Rollergames is a coin-operated arcade game by Konami, made in 1990, and based on the television show of the same name. This arcade game is faithful to the show unlike the NES version of RollerGames, which is a side-scrolling game. The game is for two players and features all the skaters and managers from the league:

Categories in common with RollerGames: Sports

Platform: NES


47. Warhammer 40,000: Assault Dice

WARHAMMER 40,000: ASSAULT DICE is the officially licensed Games Workshop® dice roller for use with Warhammer 40,000®. Custom made to simulate the unique mechanics of the game, ASSAULT DICE captures the hands-on feel of using physical dice. Rapidly add, subtract, or “set aside” dice instantly without slowing down your game.
ASSAULT DICE also features a dedicated Scatter Die roller to aid you in pounding your enemy to dust with artillery or psychic powers. The ASSAULT DICE Scatter Die includes an on-screen alignment ruler, allowing super-accurate precision when measuring distance with a tape measure or straight edge. No more debates over Scatter Die result discrepancies!
A must have for any serious Warhammer 40,000 player or ANY gamer that needs an easy-to-use, powerful, intuitive dice roller!
• AMAZING DICE: Gorgeous, realistic looking 3D dice in a variety of colors and textures
• ROLL 200 DICE PER PANE: Your Assault Phase just got faster by adding up to 200 dice per pane (Dice caps on older devices)
• RE-ROLL DICE: Choose specific dice or whole values (e.g.: all 1's and 2's) and re-roll just those dice. Twin-linked lascannons, anyone?
• ACCURATE PHYSICS: Top-notch physics, allowing natural rolls with quick resolutions (no more cocked dice!)
• DEDICATED SCATTER DIE PANEL: Misplaced your Scatter Die? One touch takes you to the Scatter Die Panel with built-in Scatter and Distance dice
• SCATTER DIE RULER: Generates a line in the exact orientation as your Scatter Die’s arrow, providing accurate results and reducing errors and cheating
• INSTANT RESULTS: Instantly know what you rolled at a glance (“How many 3’s did I roll?”)
• QUICK DICE CULLING: You know you need "4's" to Hit. Touch a single button to keep all "4's, 5's, and 6's" on the table. Roll again for Wounds. Rapidly move through the Hit, Wound, and Save sequence
• DICE SELECTION: Tap a die to select or tap the value in the Enumerator to select all dice of that value (for example, select all "1's")
• DICE CUP: Mimics separating the dice you need at the moment, but keeping the rest available to use
• DICE TALLIES: Know at a glance the number of dice on the table, total successes, and dice inside the “Dice Cup”
• CUSTOMIZABLE: Customize with unique panels for every unit in your army. Browse and choose wallpapers, dice colors and textures. Add titles and notes so you can prep your armies ahead of time
• MULTIPLE DICE PANELS: Add up to 30 dice panels with 200 dice apiece to support every unit in your army (that's for a total of 6,201 dice!). Navigate panes with a swipe or touch of a button
• ROLLING METHODS: Roll dice by using the Roll Button, double-tap the dice, shaking the device or any combination
***NOTE: Optimized for iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 2, iPod (6th generation) and newer. Requires iOS 8.1 or higher for full features. Older generation devices have reduced dice capacity per pane, with option to disable this feature.***

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Platform: iOS


48. Ghoul Patrol (1995)

Ghoul Patrol is an overhead action video game produced by LucasArts for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994. It serves as a sequel to Zombies Ate My Neighbors. It was re-released digitally on the Wii Virtual Console in 2010. A Genesis version was under development as well, but was never released.

The game stars Zeke and Julie, the characters from Zombies Ate My Neighbors, who must travel through five worlds to save their town from a horror exhibit come to life.

According to Toshiyasu Morita, a programmer and technology manager at LucasArts during the mid-1990s, this sequel was made by a third party that licensed the use of the Zombies Ate My Neighbors engine for this purpose.

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Platform: Wii | SNES


49. Whisper of a Rose

Melrose is trapped in a life of hardship. Her parents are mean to her and she gets bullied at school. She can find no one who understands her. To cope with her sorrow, Melrose turns to her imagination. She dreams up a world of unimaginable beauty and happiness, but sadly -- like all dreams -- it ends, and Melrose must return to real life.
Today is different, however. Melrose is about to meet her godmother and discover that the land in her dreams is real and in trouble.
On her journey with the sparky ladybug Diamond, a warmhearted witch and a sassy secret agent, Melrose becomes the main player in an escalating battle between light and darkness that stretches beyond the world of dreams.
This game features:

  • Over 40 magical lands in an open world
  • 25+ hours of story-driven adventure
  • Summon dream creatures and craft items
  • 45 beautiful original music tracks
  • Numerous side-quests, secrets and puzzles
  • Loveable, unique characters
  • Customizable skills
  • Supports mouse, controller / gamepad and keyboard controls

Whisper of a Rose features a wondrous, intricately detailed world. Take your time to explore, relax and have fun!
The 2014 Version of Whisper of a Rose with Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.Other Games by RosePortal Games on Steam:
  • Sweet Lily Dreams
  • The Princess' Heart
  • Unraveled

Categories in common with Whisper of a Rose: Adventure | Role Playing | Indie

Platform: PC


50. Lonely Wolf Treat

LONELY WOLF TREAT is the heartwarming story of a wolf who moves into a town full of rabbits that are all very afraid of her, so she can't make any friends... until one little bunny bursts into her home, and decides to make her some delicious curry!

Main Cast

it's a 15-20 minute little game made in about 3 weeks. there are no branching paths and it only has one ending. it's my first experience using rpgmaker, and also my first time doing the music!

if you'd like to support me in making more games like this, check out my patreon!

thanks, please enjoy! <3333


  • art+story+music - NomnomNami
  • special thanks to tryph and Kayla Grimes for letting me borrow their OCs!

translations: KyleHeren (korean), Dimirah (french), black board (thai), Marcel Weyers (german), npckc (japanese), Kiba Chi (russian), Ron (ukrainian), iwai (chinese), Nam Hoàng (vietnamese)




  • DATE TREAT (april fools VN)
  • Dress Treat! (flash dressup game)
  • another piece of candy (webcomic)
  • delicacy (18+ comic)


  • 6/22/2018 - added vietnamese translation, and added little character profiles to the game page
  • 6/7/2018 - added chinese translation (updated 6/10)
  • 7/6/2017 - added ukrainian translation
  • 3/13/17 - added russian translation
  • 2/26/17 - part 4 is out! i also updated the soundtrack to be a bit higher quality.
  • 11/27/16 - added japanese translation
  • 9/1/16 - added german translation
  • 8/14/16 - added thai translation (updated 8/24)
  • 6/1/16 - small aesthetic update to match the sequels
  • 3/14/16 - the french translation is finished, too!
  • 2/22/16 - the korean translation is now available for download! (last updated 8/4/16)

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