Trying to find games like Thomas Was Alone? Try these 82 great games that are similar to Thomas Was Alone, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive list of best games like Thomas Was Alone that have been tried, tested and recommended.

  • The best games like Thomas Was Alone are:

  • arrow_rightBoxBoy! + BoxGirl!
  • arrow_rightGame study: Platform
  • arrow_rightibb & obb
  • arrow_rightSmash Hit
  • arrow_right64.0
  • arrow_rightShut Eye
  • arrow_rightFake/SuperSonia
  • arrow_rightNeverEnd

82 Best Games Like Thomas Was Alone:


1. BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!

BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! is an action game developed by HAL Labs. It was originally released in 2019. Nintendo published the game. The game is rated as "Recommended" on RAWG.
BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! is available on Nintendo Switch.
It was produced by Toyokazu Nonaka and Yasuhiro Mukae. Taku Koinuma directed the game. It was scored by Hirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa and Yuta Ogasawara.

Categories in common with BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!: Action

Platform: Nintendo Switch


2. Game study: Platform

This is my first game, created from scratch using native JavaScript and the HTML5 canvas markup.

Categories in common with Game study: Platform: Platformer

Platform: Web


3. ibb & obb

ibb & obb is a two player cooperative game set in a puzzle filled world where gravity goes both up and down. You can only succeed by working closely together.
Find a friend for some true local co-op couch fun or match up online.
Fall up and jump down through 15 levels filled with double gravity puzzles and discover 8 hidden worlds that will test your new non-Newtonian skills to the maximum.
All levels have their own unique music, composed by Kettel, known for his warm melodic electronica.Key Features

  • Local and online co-op
  • Warm electronic soundtrack by Kettel
  • Steam achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer, cloud saving and trading cards
  • Secret levels that will test your skills to the max

Categories in common with ibb & obb: Adventure | Action | Arcade | Puzzle | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux | PlayStation 3


4. Smash Hit

Take a surreal journey through an otherworldly dimension, move in harmony with sound and music and smash everything in your path! This experience requires focus, concentration, and timing to not only travel as far as you can, but also break the beautiful glass objects that stand in your way.
* Smash your way through a beautiful futuristic dimension, smashing obstacles and targets in your path and experiencing the best destruction physics on mobile devices.
* Musically synchronized gameplay: music and audio effects change to suit each stage, obstacles move to each new tune
* Over 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles, and realistic glass-breaking mechanics in every stage
Smash Hit is playable at no cost and free from ads. An optional premium upgrade is available through a one-time in-app purchase that will enable iCloud synchronization across multiple devices, detailed statistics, alternative game modes and the ability to continue from checkpoints.

Categories in common with Smash Hit: Action | Arcade | Casual

Platform: iOS | Android


5. 64.0

Beware! This game is really hard!
If you like challenges or you don't mind losing A LOT, this game is for you.One simple rule:
Shoot only the squares that have the same color as the background (the bad guys).One simple goal:
Survive 64.0 seconds.Shoot first, listen later:
Reflexes and memory are key to this game.
We use rhythm as hints in certain parts, but you should trust more in your eyes.A more formal description:
64.0 is a minimal fast-paced arcade game, where you shoot the squares that have the same color as the background, but since the background is constantly changing, everyone can be a bad guy!Features:

  • Fast-paced action.
  • Awesome chiptune soundtrack.
  • One unique mechanic each level.
  • Endless mode with leaderboards.
Trading Cards

Categories in common with 64.0: Action | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Nintendo Switch


6. Shut Eye

A childs mind can be quite innocent and yet troubling. Take control of a young child as she spends the week away from her parents in a place away from home.

Keep her safe and awake, as things there may go bump in the night. These toys are out to play, but the question is are they real or is this just the innocent mind of a child.

You play as a young child, who is away from her parents as they are on a much needed holiday. The young child has suffered from anxiety most of her life, which leads to confusion and an over active imagination.

Which leads to trouble for the character when the light goes out an the moon comes out.

You must survive the nights an keep your aniexty down, as through out the night you will experience the mind of an over active childs imagination.

Each night you may encounter different types of creatures. But don't let their cuteness fool you. As the higher you aniexty goes the harder things become.

Keep her calm. Keep her safe. Keep her in the light.

Categories in common with Shut Eye: Adventure | Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | iOS | macOS | Linux | Nintendo Switch


7. Fake/SuperSonia

Fake/Super Sonia is a relaxing platform jumping game. The biggest feature of the game is the freedom to customize your own level like Mario Maker and easy to share it with other players. This game is for the plantformer game fans ready, and the whole game includes every players' creativity.
The game screenshots are temporary materia. New screenshots and game videos will be uploaded in the near future.How to Play← → move
z jump
x throw propFeatures

  • 1 tutorial map.
  • 5 characters.
  • level maker
3 GamemodesNormal Mode
Just play one map, have a rest in the spare time.
Crazy Mode
Play all the maps in your collection, this prepared for the crazy man!
Creator Mode
Make your own level in this Gamemode, you can share it to others by one click.

Categories in common with Fake/SuperSonia: Adventure | Action | Indie

Platform: PC


8. NeverEnd

NeverEnd is a Rogue-Like Dungeon crawler, where you, a simple adventurer suddenly wakes up in another dimension. Inside of this dimension there is no sun and the whole world is caved in. Enemies swarm you from left and right and you need to learn how to defend yourself.
The goal of the game is to escape this dimension. But in order to achieve that goal you'll need to upgrade your gear and become stronger. Use your powerful weapons and skill to beat hard enemies and the final boss. You are not alone in this dimension as strange men will help you achieve your goal along the way.
While playing NeverEnd you'll come across Shopkeepers selling different items. You can find anything from Fire Swords, Swift Blades, Bows, Hooks with many more items to buy. There are also Farmers who sell their animals for mounting but that's not the only thing they do, you can tame enemies and make them fight for you aswell, this way you can strategies and set up a team for beating enemy hordes easier and faster.
In order to beat NeverEnd you need to have good gear and a lot of skill, use your items and shield wisely. NeverEnd is a hard game so stay tough and enjoy the game.

Categories in common with NeverEnd: Adventure | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux | PS Vita



The fan-favorite puzzle series is back for the first time on Nintendo Switch with a brand new game! In addition to 270 new levels, two players can work as a team to solve puzzles in a new co-op mode. As a bonus, players who complete the game can access a new adventure starring Qudy.

Categories in common with BOX BOY! + BOX GIRL!: Puzzle | Platformer

Platform: Nintendo Switch


10. Grey Cubes

Grey Cubes is a modern variation on the brick-breaker-type game, based on real-time physics and three-dimensional gameplay (not just 3d look).
Minimalist in style, with clean graphics and deep, original soundtrack.
The game contains 60 levels, each one is unique, each one with new challenges.
- addicting mechanics based on classic idea mixed with real-time physics and three-dimensional gameplay,
- 60 highly diversified levels,
- a traditional system of power-ups incorporated into modern gameplay mechanics,
- multi-layered levels.

Categories in common with Grey Cubes: Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


11. Green Elephant 2D

-This game is based on russian movie "Green elephant" or "Zeleniy slonik". This is a platformer/shooter game with quest elements and a lot of humor and fun moments.
-The goal of the game is to find a key on diffent levels and run away from dangerous enemies and defeat powerfull bosses at the end of each level!
-Main characters are two officers that try to run from the military jail. They will fight with different enemies on a lot of locations such as: "Jail", "Forest", "Beach", "Hospital" and so on.

Categories in common with Green Elephant 2D: Adventure | Action | Indie

Platform: PC


12. Shootout on Cash Island

Bobby from Team has a job to locate and secure the legendary Money Tree, but as it always happens in this kind of nonsense stories - he's not the only one looking for it.
Use guns, helmets, grenades and jetpacks to find and collect the map pieces placed in the empty jam jars around the island.
Shootout in Cash Island it's an absurd action platformer and also a side story to HOT GUNS game.

Categories in common with Shootout on Cash Island: Action | Arcade | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | iOS | Android | macOS | Linux


13. Light

Not known what year it is, and in which galaxy everything happens. But one thing is known-you must to clear the space of dirty pirates, and their technique. For this, you will have to open the nearest space systems, improve your ship, and of course to shoot a pirate ships. Bе careful and keep light.

  • Dynamic levels
  • 6 kinds of your ship
  • Exciting battles with bosses
  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Juicy Art
  • Improvement system

Categories in common with Light: Adventure | Action | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


14. Magdalena

The mind dissolves in the surrounding darkness like pain dissolves in wine. Remains of memories crumble and rapidly leak like sand through fingers. And only one name stuck in the throat filled with fear. Magdalena... Minutes feel like days while waiting for something to happen. So the shadows become longer when the day dies.The light will direct your pathYou play as George, who got through bloodcurdling events. The light will help you to find out these events.Recall EverythingIn order to gather a complete picture, you need to find all the fragments of memories and piece them together. What’s hidden behind the room’s door you can’t open? Restore the chronology of events and find the last element of the picture — a key to the room that’s been locked for years.Explore the World AroundYou can move and view every object in the house and outside it. Search for the clues that will lead you to the truth.
We were inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe stories while developing this game. We tried our best to create the same oppressive atmosphere of desperation and horrifying plot.
When we were creating the game, we wanted to fill it not just with graphic, but the plot as well. That's why the game has that much of the text. In this case the game may be considered as visual novella, rather than adventure. But we have some gameplay here. To make the player easier to understand how to play this game, we put that disclaimer here. At the end of every note there's a short hint of where you should go to find the next note. It might be any item in any place. Discriminating reader will be rewarded by complete and chronological story. But the game does not force you to play linear. You are free to explore the map and to find the notes circumstantially. Enjoy.

Categories in common with Magdalena: Adventure | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS


15. Alteric

You are alone. Are you lonely? You're lost. Or stuck? Somewhere...but where? And most importantly, who are you?Only Yesterday You Were A Man.Today Everything Has Changed.You Died.
But your soul is still there. It’s a piece of light energy trapped in the alien space between two worlds.Alteric

  • A single player 2D-platformer
  • Bright minimalistic graphics
  • "Roast your ass" gameplay with physics, gravity and logic
  • 2 interconnected parallel worlds
  • A variety of obstacles and dangerous bosses
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • In-game achievements
  • Trading cards and badges
  • Support "Steam Cloud" for your save files
  • Full support for XBox 360 controllers, so you can play as comfortable as possible!

According to the developers - "We tried to develop a game in such a way that the player realized: here, Thomas meets with Dark Souls"
We Love You, You Love Games and Everyone loves Emoticons:

Categories in common with Alteric: Adventure | Indie

Platform: PC | Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | macOS | Nintendo Switch


16. Your Quest

You awaken to the dawn of a new world.
It's streams are clean, the forests lush and the local wildlife is hungry.
You're cold and in need of shelter as you hear other voices on the wind. You are not alone.
Your quest: Establish civilization and secure their safety in this new world.
Your Quest is a casual 2D Strategy/RPG with progressive gameplay where you gather resources to construct a village, craft new weapons and armor, and try to survive the depths of a procedurally generated dungeon under the surface.
If you would like to support development, you can "name your own price" on

  • Turn-based Combat
  • Village Building
  • Craftable Armor and Weapons
  • Village Raids
  • Procedurally generated dungeon

W/A/S/D: Movement
Enter: Interact and Menu Selection
Esc: Main Menu and Cancel
Ctrl + W/A/S/D: Turn in that direction
Ctrl + A/D when managing jobs: Increases/Decreases jobs by 10
I: Inventory
Xbox 360 Controller
Left Stick/D-Pad: Movement
A: Interact and Menu Selection
Start: Main Menu
B: Cancel
Left Shoulder + Left Stick/D-Pad: Turn in that direction
Left Shoulder + Left/Right on the Left Stick/D-Pad when managing jobs:
Increases/Decreases jobs by 10
Y: Inventory

Categories in common with Your Quest: Role Playing | Casual | Strategy | Simulation | Indie

Platform: PC



Every house is haunted.

Explore a suburban house, collect cassette tapes, study the physiology of domestic architecture.

CW: Distorted/flashing images, body horror, strong horror themes

Estimated running time: 30-45 minutes

This game has multiple endings, be sure to play it multiple times for the complete experience

CONTROLS: WASD + Mouse to move, Left-click to interact, Space to jump, C to crouch, Esc to exit game

"It doesn't aim to startle you with a big monster or a loud noise. It's anything but predictable. And that's exactly what horror should be."

"I don't sleep in my house anymore, because I'm afraid of what it's going to do to me. [... Anatomy] scared me in a way that no video game ever has."

"If your heart holds any childish fear of the familiar, any primal terror of the unseen and unheard, any discomfort at how much of ourselves we project onto our surroundings, any curiosity at our relationship to the edifice of our daily lives, then ANATOMY has something for you"

"Anatomy goes all in for the scary bits, turning comfortable everyday spaces into weird, strange, unsettling beings."

"Whereas a lot of videogame horror lets you walk into a room and then have a monster spring out on you unexpectedly—a cheap scare—ANATOMY whispers in your ear that there's probably a monster in a room before you enter it, letting your own expectations grind you down to a tense wreck of a person. That it does this again and again draws the debilitating effect out, masterfully building up the terror but constantly denying you the begging release of a scream."

"ANATOMY offers a sequence of adroitly molded experiences which exactly produce that horror while simultaneously commenting on the mechanisms of its own production. It becomes a genre of playing which is capable of examining its own existence, meaning that, even while the game is ostensibly "domestic", it also becomes the most complete and unreal horror that Horrorshow has so far released."

"Skillfully raises the tension as it lures you into the deeper recesses of the house, laid out in a way that makes you dread turning every corner and opening every door."

For more strange, experimental games every month, support me on Patreon

For updates on my latest projects as well as incessant stream-of-conscious esoterica, follow me on Twitter

Categories in common with ANATOMY: Adventure

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


18. 1328.1 23.16

1328.1 23.16 is a small game session about an abstract catastrophe and the power of choice.

Categories in common with 1328.1 23.16: Adventure

Platform: PC


19. Gravity Ball

Test your reflexes!
Gravity Ball is a game where you aim to make the best score. To do this, avoid obstacles on the path of your ball.
You will only need your mouse, just click once so that your ball moves from one wall to another. Each click gives you 1 point.
It is an arcade-style game that allows you to relax while watching a video or to entertain yourself while loading another game for example.

Categories in common with Gravity Ball: Indie

Platform: PC


20. Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare

A free original version of IMSCARED.

Categories in common with Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare:

Platform: PC


21. Season Up

You play with a ball, the goal of which is to reach the top platform. Jump over the protruding buttons you take off higher and you need to direct the ball to not fall down. Total in the game are 12 platforms, each corresponds to the months of the year, and is highlighted in color. The higher you climb, the higher the jumps and the harder it is to stay on the platform. Good Luck.

Categories in common with Season Up: Indie

Platform: PC


22. Color Zen

Color Zen is a new kind of puzzle game. One that invites you to put on your headphones, relax, and find your way through an abstract world of colors and shapes. With simple, intuitive controls, the game invites you to relax and immerse yourself. There are no points or penalties for failure just an abstract world of color to move through at your own pace. So put on your headphones and find your way, with Color Zen.
Game features:
- Meditative puzzle-cracking flow: just match the colors to win the level
- Immersive soundtrack keeps you in the groove
- 460 levels to solve
- Music by Steve Woodzell
1 player
Software subject to license ( Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy ( & One-time license fee for play on account’s designated primary PS4™ system and other PS4™ systems when signed in with that account.
(c) 2016 Cypronia and Large Animal.

Categories in common with Color Zen: Puzzle

Platform: PlayStation 4 | Android | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo 3DS | Wii U


23. Neon Beats

Neon Beats is a 2D side view platformer game in which the player will evolve in different levels that are rhythmed by catchy musics.
Complete levels as quickly as possible!
Gather several hidden collectibles!
Brave different challenging obstacles!
In Neon Beats, you will find :

  • 4 different levels with it's own music
  • Rhythm based gameplay
  • A character with smooth and responsive controls
  • Simple and elegant neon ambiance
  • Several challenging level elements
  • Hidden collectibles adding instruments to the music
  • A score system based on your time, collectibles and deaths

Categories in common with Neon Beats: Indie | Platformer

Platform: PC


24. Knot

Have you ever heard about Chinese wood knots? If you’re not familiar with them, I’m sure you know the Magic Cube. We all went crazy handling the Magic Cube, and it was our source of inspiration for making Knot.

Knot is a 3D mechanical puzzle game with realistic graphics that will fully immerse you into its world. Each puzzle is composed of blocks that are mechanically interlocked. Your mission is to find a way to solve it by moving and rotating the correct block in order to disassemble the puzzle.

Some puzzles are easy while others are quite challenging. But don’t worry, we created the perfect atmosphere that will allow you to relax and complete your mission. You will need to be focused, because the more puzzles you solve, the harder it becomes to move a block.

These interlocking puzzles are composed of multiple materials including wood, copper, stone, etc.

We hope that you will enjoy the brain teasers as much as we did designing them. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or question. We will be happy to answer as much as we can.

-- 40 unique brain teasers
-- 20 unique materials
-- Many achievements to unlock
-- Gorgeous graphics

Categories in common with Knot: Casual | Simulation | Puzzle | Indie

Platform: PC | PlayStation 4


25. Apartment 666

Life is an endless cycle of loops with only one way out.
You are 12 years old and after some events, your father and uncle have left you in your new apartment. One day you wake up and nobody is home. Play as Julian an unexpecting 12 year old who discovers what happend to his family. You try to exit your Apartment only to find yourself waking up back in your room. However, nothing is the same, some rooms are opened, furniture is moved, there is somebody else with you.
Find out what happened to you, your family and discover who is with you or within you.
Featuring narration from Julian's perspective. Get inside the mind of a 12 year old and see the world the way he does.
Experience a frightening atmosphere game
The realistic audio, graphics, and atmosphere of the game lets you experience the game as if you were there. The experience will change you forever.
Open the door, behind it is where the true horrors lie
Narration done by Julian McVey.

Categories in common with Apartment 666: Adventure | Action | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS


26. Box Life

First person metroidvania. Gain abilities, find secrets, escape from the box.

Press escape to toggle fullscreen in menu.

Game by tequibo

Follow tequibo on twitter

Categories in common with Box Life: Adventure

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


27. 1,000 Heads Among the Trees

Visit a quiet town in the Peruvian desert at night searching for spirits and taking photos, then sharing these pictures with locals who tell improvised stories about them. This game is based on time I spent with a brujo (sorcerer) in the desert suburb of Cachiche, a town that was founded by witches during the Peruvian Inquisition. Here descendants of witches still live and continue to practice traditional healing and fortune-telling.

  • Explore a 3D world with ambient sounds, voices and textures from the Peruvian desert, a living environment at night.
  • Use your photography as a means of conversing with non-player characters, revealing what they see as well as what they imagine.
  • See yourself as an outsider, lurking in alleys, eavesdropping on conversations, going where you're not supposed to go.
  • Watch the forces of tourism at work and the conflicts rumbling beneath the surface of a small town.
  • Discover that your camera is not just a passive recorder, but that its act of observation can change the environment.
  • Complete progressively more abstract quests and delusional journal entries.
  • Export and share your photos.

Categories in common with 1,000 Heads Among the Trees: Adventure | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS



REALITY is a FREE short First-Person horror game, it uses a graphical style to represent the present mood of the game. It gives the player the ability to choose and get slightly different results. The game has many mysteries you might want to uncover.
The game is free with no in-game transactions. All assets are made by the developers. The play-time can last up to 15-25 minutes, depending on individuals.FAQ:
Does This Game Contain Screamers?

  • While it is best for you to find out yourself, There is nothing that is extremely considered a "screamer".

Does this game have weapons? A survival horror game?
  • Not a survival horror game. No weapons.

Are there Saves?
  • There is no save system due to it being a fairly short game.

Epilepsy Warning?
  • Theres a extremely low chance you can get your epilepsy triggered from this. So it is fine. Though we do not take responsibility for any individual damages caused to you.

I want to know more or support the developers.
  • Check Our Contact Details.

Categories in common with REALITY: Adventure | Indie

Platform: PC


29. Go Home - Rage incoming

Do you love to wriggle through tricky situations?
Do you stay calm despite nerve-wracking situations?
Then Go Home is just right for you.
The goal of Go Home is to get home without dying.
Sounds simple, if there wasn't a variety of enemies and traps, which will make it difficult for you to reach your home before the time runs out.

    Many levels
  • Defeat the longing for the warm home and beat the 25 lovely designed levels.
    Mean enemies
  • A multitude of traps and enemies will stand in your way. However, this shouldn't be a problem, right?
  • Collect all the collectables and reach your home in time. Can you do that?
  • Play alone or together to defeat the world of Go Home [Soon]
    Home Sweet Home
  • When the goal is near, reach your home before the time runs out, if possible without dying.

Categories in common with Go Home - Rage incoming: Adventure

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


30. Funny Fingers

Funny Fingers is an instant-restart action game that is influenced by games like River Raid, QWOP, and Frequency, and that features

* No customization of any kind
* No feelings
* No personal experiences
* No lore
* No story
* No cutscenes
* No screenshake
* No particle effects
* No loot
* No XP
* No unlockable abilities
* No controller requirement (or support)
* No tutorial (ok, almost no tutorial)

What it does have is

* A unique semantic control scheme to puzzle out
* Movement-based scoring and combo systems
* A constant stream of tricky decisions to make as you control 1-5 ever-shrinking avatars that will get too tall to duck between enemies if they collect too many growth pickups, but that need to collect at least some of those pickups to survive

Categories in common with Funny Fingers: Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS


31. Popap

Popap - is a simple puzzle game. Your task is to get the green cube, avoiding the traps, to the finish line.

- Minimalistic graphics
- 35 levels
- Minimum price
- Does not require the translation and language skills, only logical way of thinking

Categories in common with Popap: Casual

Platform: PC


32. You Are Not A Banana

You Are Not A Banana is set in everyday life and has a sprinkle of imagination and humor. The audiovisuals seek to evoke nostalgia for the 80s and 90s. This short form experimental game unfolds as a sequence of thought provoking events and surprises. This game also comes with a free catchy chiptune soundtrack.
By supporting this debut game you are supporting the development of Mayhem In Single Valley (demo for Win, Mac, Linux) a new and improved spiritual successor to You Are Not A Banana.
• Rebuilt the entire game from the ground up : )
• 25 unique Steam achievements
• Autosave, manual save options, and instant checkpoint loading
• Revamped menus and UI (such separate music and sfx volume controls)
• Lots of secrets and hidden story events
• Improved minigames
• More fluid movement and interactions
• New dynamic lighting system
• Revamped animations and graphics (pixel AA filtering and widescreen assets)
• Revamped controls and new moves - such as run and search inventory : )
• 50% funnier jokes
• Free original soundtrack (7 chiptune mp3s plus a remix by German techno maestro Remute)
• HD pixel art graphics
• Dynamic Fmod sound and music
• Sound based puzzles
• Surreal mini games[/list]
• Play as a banana!
• Don't get lost in the infinite graveyard!
• Avoid dying in your sleep!
• And for the love of Hades, find your way home before the milk turns sour!

Categories in common with You Are Not A Banana: Adventure | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


33. One Person Story

One Person Story is an indie minimalist 2D puzzle game about difficulties and friendship.
This game is a personal story. The story in which elements represent life situations. Sometimes we feel pain like the game character destroyed by spikes. Friends always help, the doors stop our movement, and we must think and resolve all difficulties. Hmm ... am I talking about the game or real life now? Try to play and find out!
Open doors, teleport and make your own way through the levels! You’ll never know what new mechanics will appear next!
100 interesting levelsEach will challenge you with a puzzle or introduce you new mechanics on the go.
Intuitive controlsJust one button. Indirect control. Discover something really special.
Atmosphere...Meditative soundtrack and minimalistic graphics will follow you along the way.

Categories in common with One Person Story: Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Nintendo Switch


34. Rogue Contracts: Syndicate

Be Stealthy. Be Fast. Be Tactical. Be Lethal.
Enter a dark, dystopic world of advanced organized crime, and prepare to take on a highly militarized and dangerously ambitious syndicate.
Your enhanced reflexes, your fists, your katana, your shuriken, the custom made weapons your team has provided you with, and even the guns of your enemies will not be enough to take down such an enemy.
In Rogue Contracts: Syndicate you'll need to both act and think fast, use stealth and the layout of your enemy's buildings to your advantage, strike surgically, and kill swiftly. You'll need to utilize the intelligence provided to you by your support team, and learn to flow with the fast pace the frantic action calls for.
The exhilarating soundtrack, and unique visuals will be there to accompany your every lethal move. Even your death(s).FEATURES:

  • Expansive single-player campaign, designed to test both your reflexes and tactical thought.
  • Frantic Survival mode against increasing numbers of enemy agents.
  • Smart, fast, responsive enemy agents that will constantly test your combat, strategy, and stealth skills.
  • 3 unique boss battles, 16 progressively challenging levels.
  • Exhilarating action-focused soundtrack designed to enhance your play.
  • Procedural enemy spawning. No level ever plays the same way again.
  • Includes a levels section unlock after completing the game. Try to beat your best level score and time.
  • 2 levels of difficulty: normal and hard mode.

Categories in common with Rogue Contracts: Syndicate: Action | Indie

Platform: PC


35. Electric Circuit

Logical game, where you have to connect all the light bulbs to the power supply.

  • Four levels of difficulty, differing not only in size playing field, but also the possibility of passage of electricity from one end of the field to the other end of the field.
  • Completely random generation of the playing field, not based on any templates and patterns. Each new game will be unique.
  • Saving the top ten results.
  • Convenient controls: moving, scaling.

Categories in common with Electric Circuit: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


36. Mr. Hopp's Playhouse

Every kid has that one toy that scares them. Imagine if it came to life.

You play as Ruby, a young girl who has a fear of her handmade toy called Mr. Hopp, given to her by her late grandmother. Things take a dark turn when Ruby sees that Mr. Hopp, who usually sits motionless in the corner of her room, is gone.

Make your way through the house while running and hiding from Mr. Hopp to try and uncover the mystery involving her toy rabbit. Jump over the toys Ruby has left laying around, if you touch them, the sound could draw Mr. Hopp right to you. Make sure you take your time, one wrong move could be dangerous.

Can you survive this dangerous game of hide-and-seek? Don't let Mr. Hopp catch you.

A fun but tense 2D sidescroller with unique mechanics. So, come play, Ruby.

Categories in common with Mr. Hopp's Playhouse: Adventure | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC


37. Infinity Escape

Infinity Escape
This 3D arcade game with beautiful graphics where you need to blow up the pyramids and obstacles.
You need to go through the levels, blow up the pyramids and clear your way from various obstacles.
The game comes with plenty challenging levels that will push your gaming skills to their maximum, in a world full of obstacles such as multiple cube and objects to destroy.
You need to blow up the pyramids to get enough energy to go through the levels.
*10 differents levels to unlock
*3d futuristic environnement
*Quick and fun gameplay
*Steam Leaderboard
*use your mouse to aim
*left click to shoot.

Categories in common with Infinity Escape: Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


38. Call of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency monsters attack civilians, mining farms, which used to bring huge incomes to people, are out of order, opening portals to the world of crypto-currency monsters. All the coveted Bitcoin became the main cause of economic collapse and apocalypse on Earth. Call of Bitcoin - Challenge the cryptocurrency world, pick all the bitcoins, kill the monsters, stop hellish chaos and restore balance in the universe.
An exciting platformer, with many levels and dangerous monsters all over the place.
Kill the enemies, collect coins, open all the secret rooms, but just stay alive.
- The most unusual hero
- Atmospheric music
- Mining-farm, if you do not want to collect Bitcoins
- Steam Achievements

Categories in common with Call of Bitcoin: Adventure | Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


39. Settled

Settled is a 2D pixel horror/adventure game that takes the player through the mind of a man whose sanity dwindles, through the loss of a loved one.

A simple toy or a mundane item triggers memories and nightmares that plague the player, as sadness, fear, loneliness and guilt takes over the individual's life.

As the player continues to witness events unfold, the truth to a darker conclusion reveals what being in another person's shoes, may cost one's sanity.

Categories in common with Settled: Adventure | Indie

Platform: PC


40. Unicorn Dungeon

Unicorn Dungeon is an absurdist comedy point & click adventure game set in the strange (and often silly) magical land of Artovya, but actually just in a dungeon.
This is the first in a series of games which follow the adventures of the brave knight Sir Typhil of Creulor on a quest to bring a unicorn to the castle and be crowned king.

As with all of the games in the series, Unicorn Dungeon is mainly a point & click adventure, but with elements of other types of games present as well. In this episode, a section of the game is a rogue-like dungeon crawler.

Categories in common with Unicorn Dungeon: Adventure | Indie

Platform: PC | Linux


41. Inside a Star-filled Sky

Inside a Star-filled Sky is an infinite, recursive, tactical shooter by award-winning designer Jason Rohrer (Passage, Between). What if you could enter an object in a level and find a level inside of it? What if you could enter an object in that level and find another level inside of that?

What if you could change an enemy or a power-up from the inside? What if you could enter and change yourself? What if these levels inside levels inside levels went all the way down---and all the way up?

Inside a Star-filled Sky is a hard, procedurally-generated shmup built around this core concept.

Key features:
  • Unique recursive gameplay
  • Enter things---enemies, power-ups, and even yourself---to alter them for your tactical advantage
  • Procedurally generated levels, along with a massive bullet combo system, offer limitless tactical variety
  • Dozens of ways to approach each challenge---reflex your way through, blast your way through, or think your way through
  • Dynamic soundtrack is procedurally generated based on moment-to-moment gameplay
  • Plant your flag throughout an infinite level space to mark your discoveries, and see flags planted by others via a global flag server

Categories in common with Inside a Star-filled Sky: Action | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS


42. Darkland

Darkland is a challenging platform game with one touch controller from indie developer. In this game, there is no moving buttons, no jumping button like others. Just touch to move and that is what you need to play. Be careful and prepare your finger. It is a quite hard platform game that you’ve never seen before. You might die many times before you complete the level. But don’t worry about the death, you won’t waste your time to wait a very boring game over scene. If you die, you can try again immediately so you can focus on your playing.
You will meet Billy who is a white block. In some ways, he is lost into Darkland. That is a very dangerous place. He didn't know why but he needs to escape. He is not a ninja or a warrior but now he has to fight alone and find the way out. The only way to get out is the gate. Of course, there is no easy life, he has to avoid the spikes, or the light blocks if he doesn’t want to start again. It means the dark platforms are safe for him.
- Simple gameplay with one touch controller.
- Minimalist art style with beautiful color and dynamic shadow system in a dusky atmosphere
- More than 50 challenging levels to play: move forward, fall down, go up or play in a unstable gravity environment, find the way to go or just challenge your timing.
- Enemies: light blocks and spikes
- Safe objects: teleporter, gravity switcher, black land
- Touch and hold to move forward
- Hit the wall to turn back
- Avoid enemies
- Try to get into the gate to complete the level
Enjoy the game!

Categories in common with Darkland: Adventure

Platform: Android


43. Dangerous Level

Game reaction speed, vigilance and a bit of logic! In the game You have to control a little man with a big head, who moves from one portal to another. But not everything is so simple! This black and grey world filled with many different obstacles: Sharp peaks of different sizes, and acute mechanical wheels that can be pushed out from the level with the boxes! Two types of guns who want to shoot You. In some levels there are doors that open with buttons
- Suitable for children
- Not demanding on the hardware of the computer
- Nice design
- Works fine on older computers
Move - arrows
Push boxes: Left - A Right - D

Categories in common with Dangerous Level: Adventure | Indie

Platform: PC


44. Deluded Mind

In Deluded Mind, you take on the role of Dean Catrall, an FBI agent whose daughter was murdered by a criminal organization looking for revenge. In spite of the tragic loss, you continue to work as an FBI agent and will be incapacitated and kidnapped during an operation.
You wake up at the psychiatric institution "Hillstone Asylum" and find that you have been given a potent hallucinogen. Your kidnapper's note tells you that your FBI partner Robert Page is also inside the institution.
As you cross the corridors of Hillstone Asylum, you notice that there's something wrong with you: The hallucinogen shows its effects and literally puts you in hell on earth.
How can you tell reality from illusion?Features

  • Extreme horror: Due to a hallucinogen, you literally experience hell on earth. Feel reality and fantasy merge into an unforgettable experience.
  • Stunning graphics: High-quality graphics offer you an incredibly detailed yet terrifying environment.
  • Overwhelming story: Uncover your past and confront things beyond our imagination.
  • World-class sound effects: Every sound will freeze the blood in your veins.
  • Ruthless punishments: The longer you need to solve a puzzle or solve it incorrectly, the harder the hallucinogen will punish you.
  • Random generator: Randomly generated events provide a diversified gaming experience.

Categories in common with Deluded Mind: Adventure | Indie

Platform: PC


45. Aya's Journey

Aya's Journey

Aya Helplessly wanders around this dark and sinister world searching for a way out, but there are a lot of dangerous situations awaiting her. Help her survive this hostile environment.

Aya’s Journey is a 2D sidescroller puzzle game with many different interactive mechanics. Each puzzle is difficult, but not impossible. In this game you have to control the character through various obstacles, for example jumping over sawblades, avoid spikes, bullets, lasers and many more things that might kill you. The controls are easy, use Spacebar to Jump and the Control Keys to move the character left and right. Aya’s biggest fears are constantly haunting her and she will eventually have to face them.

Categories in common with Aya's Journey: Adventure | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC


46. Kilcount

Galactic war has ended in the complete annihilation of both sides. Makeshift communities made up of displaced species were pushed to the outskirts of the warzone. Now, these hovels are uninhabitable. Orphans, old folks and animals hitch rides on ghost ships, bound for nowhere. Last night, you and a convoy of strangers boarded a scuttled Dominion warship. Home is far away.
Kilcount is a sci-fi comedy game that plays out through conversation and exploration. All of the stowaways aboard the vessel have interests and desires, which you may or may not choose to entertain. There are five possible endings to the scenario, all of which are based on your interactions with the people around you. An average playthrough will last between one and two hours. There are absolutely no secrets in this game, and you should not seek them out.
-Thirty-two interactive characters with diverse personalities and specific interests
-Six optional quest chains
-Five completion-based endings
-One lovingly-written script

Categories in common with Kilcount: Role Playing | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


47. Light Fantastik

Light is fantastic isn't it? but what if you can jump higher in the dark with inverted controls.
There is a strange sickness in your village and all you can do is to find an old wise man and ask for help.
Light Fantastik is a puzzle platformer set in a maze on one side and its reflection on the other side. You play as a small, square-shaped man and when you pass to the other side, the world become inverted where you can jump higher but see less. These two worlds force you to make decisions about your path to the old man.
During your journey you will go through some portals, run from strange creatures and search for that old wise man. Will you choose to see the entire maze on one side or to jump higher on the other side? As you progress through the game, you will see some strange effects of your sickness. Listen to story that old man tells. There is an end awaits you.
Key Features:

  • 60 levels
  • 10 extra (hard!) levels
  • 5 strange characters with new mechanics
  • Level editor
  • Controller support
  • Relaxing music from the creator of the game

Categories in common with Light Fantastik: Indie

Platform: PC


48. Kautic

Kautic is an action platform game where villagers from a little Town have been petrified and now Kautic, the Bald Wizard, has the hard mission of saving them, but he will need to venture into a world controlled by evil creatures.

  • High difficulty like in the classic games of Super Nintendo
  • Boss battles
  • 27 Different enemies
  • Pixel art
  • Easter eggs
  • Choose your way through the game
  • Different biomes
  • Full controller support

Categories in common with Kautic: Adventure | Action | Indie

Platform: PC


49. Marlene Betwixt

The BETWIXT UPDATE released on the 6th of December adds graphical enhancements, more gameplay and more surprises!
Marlene is a tense and immersive psychological horror story in which you star as the protagonist Ewan Brody. Ewan is on his way to visit his estranged sister at her remote cottage after hearing the news that his Niece Marlene has gone missing or possibly something worse!
As you uncover the mystery by completing environmental tasks and puzzle solving you are relentlessly pursued by a mysterious figure who's motives are unclear.
Enter an interactive horror story that immerses the player in it's supernatural setting and piece together what has been happening around the estranged family.
Now playable without a VR headset. Joypad or mouse/keyboard supported.
Built for VR as a room scale experience for the HTC Vive & Oculus Touch
Environmental tasks, puzzle solving and object manipulation
Psychological horror visual and audio elements *Headphones are advised for the best audio experience*
Marlene is an indie game produced & developed solely by one individual with a goal to bring an 80's horror movie vibe to VR and PC gamers.

Categories in common with Marlene Betwixt: Adventure | Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


50. Aura of Worlds

Aura of worlds is a creative tactics rogue-lite platformer.
Explore multiple worlds where you must utilise your creative abilities to twist adversity to your advantage. You'll need planning, wits and reflexes to make a way through these ever-changing death labyrinths.
Escape flooding passages, outrun toxic pollen, face off against gargantuan bosses that have made entire mazes their home. Do you play defensively with the spear and energy shield, or swing into the fray with a boomerang and grapple hook? Do you scour the levels for potions and runes; or do you dive headfirst into the chaos?
There are multiple solutions to every problem. For example, if there is a chest on the other side of a lava pit; do you...?:

  • Grapple across:
  • bend time and bounce off enemies
  • Use a boomerang to fetch the item:
  • Blow up the pit with a grenade; setting everything nearby alight!:
  • ...
  • Over 70 unique enemies and traps
  • 8+ randomized level themes. Such include tidal corridors filled with mines, rising lava, caverns lined with toxic and carnivorous plants...
  • 3 Primary world types (grotto, gardens, temple) each with their own traps, enemies, boss and special theme layouts.
  • A plethora of creative abilities ranging from parkour to cloaking to warping time itself!
  • Every object has multiple uses E.g. you can grab that lantern from the ceiling, and carry it around to use as a portable light source or improvised flaming molotov...
  • Hand crafted pixel art and animations by Jessica Turner and Lachlan Cartland
  • Regular updates (about once every 2-5 weeks)
  • A unique musical score.
  • Permanent progression: allows you to start from any world that you've unlocked.
    Whilst functionally complete; the game is under active development and more content is being added. Significant work is currently underway with unlockables, for the next major update set.
    This project was Greenlit by the community back in 2016.

Categories in common with Aura of Worlds: Adventure | Action | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC