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38 Best Games Like The Tiny Bang Story You Should Try in 2022

The Tiny Bang Story icon

Category: Adventure , Casual, Puzzle, Educational, Family, Indie,

Platform: PC, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch,

Best Games Like The Tiny Bang Story

iOS Android

38 Best Games Like The Tiny Bang Story You Should Try in 2022 Lost Lands 3,Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business,Island Experiment,The Inner World,Escape Story,Dreamcage Escape,The Birdcage,Darkestville Castle,Infamous Machine,MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box

1. Lost Lands 3 

Lost Lands 3 game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Puzzle,

Platform:  Android,  macOS,

An exciting adventure of a brave girl who found herself in a fantasy world. She has to find a way to stop the cursed beasts awakened after sleeping for a thousand years and coming to life for reasons unknown.TRY THE FREE TRIAL VERSION, AND THEN UNLOCK THE COMPLETE ADVENTURE IN THE GAME!Lost Lands: the Golden Curse is an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games scattered through the boundless spaces of the fantasy world – from the volcano valleys to the Druid forest, from...

2. Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business 

Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Casual,  Puzzle,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  Xbox One,  iOS,  Android,  macOS,  Nintendo Switch,

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is a traditional 2D point and click adventure game that mixes the classic formula up with riveting action elements all weaved together lovingly by Rumpus Animation.

"It is quite possibly one of the finest point-and-click comedy murder mystery adventure games set in Victorian London you will play today" - Bertram Fiddle

Explore a quirky Victorian London inhabited by strange characters, with even stranger noses, as self proclaimed leading explorator, Bertram Fiddle,...

3. Island Experiment 

Island Experiment game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Casual,  Simulation,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Welcome to The Island that does not exist – The Island of mysteries, puzzles, quests, challenges and adventures. The Island of unique atmosphere, landscapes and fauna. The Island where the most impossible may come reality. Make it your own paradise place to escape always near at hand, but tame it first.And remember! The Island has The Secret.Island Experiment features:● Help two lost kids survive on The Island● Turn an abandoned beach into a flourishing farm● Grow food, craft equipment, build...

4. The Inner World 

The Inner World game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Family,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  Xbox One,  PlayStation 4,  iOS,  Android,  macOS,  Linux,  Nintendo Switch,

The Inner World – A 2D-Point’n’Click Adventure Robert is a novice, a bit clueless, but with a heart of gold. He lives a peaceful life as a court musician in Asposia's largest wind monastery. Contrary to the laws of physics, Asposia is an enormous, hollow space surrounded by an infinite expanse of earth. The world's air is provided through three wind fountains, but as one wind fountain after the other petered out and the wind gods came to Asposia, all of the sudden Robert found him in the middle...

5. Escape Story 

Escape Story game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Puzzle,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!We are happy to introduce you the first episode of the epic escape games series - Escape Story! In this episode you'll find yourself in the middle of the Egyptian desert. Let's see if you have what it takes to solve all the mysteries the story has for you.↗ Amazing puzzles!↗ Marvelous graphics.↗ Intuitive game-play!↗ Different locations.↗ Constant updates of new rooms!↗ ...it's FREE!Start your own Escape Story now!...

6. Dreamcage Escape 

Dreamcage Escape game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Casual,  Puzzle,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  Android,

Can you escape the Dreamcage?

Are you ready to solve puzzles and crack codes in this new and innovative room escape game?

A strange world full of different cages, each one trapping a miniature world inside. Beautiful and magical, but creepy and captivating at the same time! You find yourself inside Cage 28 with no idea of what's going on.

The Giant Caretaker, that was looking after the cages, seems to be long gone and everything is falling apart. Find a way out, or risk being locked inside...

7. The Birdcage 

The Birdcage game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Puzzle,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

The story spins around a heartbroken King who lost his young son in a climbing accident. He locks away that which his son loved most - the ocean-colored birds that populated their kingdom. In doing so, he stole the very wind from the sky. Release the birds and unleash the wind once more.Prepare yourself for intuitive touch controls, mechanical puzzles and thinking outside the box. In order to finish this puzzle game, you need to use all the room escape skills you have!AR MODEExperience another dimension...

8. Darkestville Castle 

Darkestville Castle game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Family,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  iOS,  Android,  macOS,

Like any decent demon Cid spends his nights performing all kind of evil deeds to the peaceful people of Darkestville. Little does he know that his old arch enemy is about to change his life forever.
Live the adventure of Cid, the demon of Darkestville, a laid-back being of pure darkness that will see his evil routine life disrupted by The Romero brothers, a group of demon hunters hired by Dan Teapot, Cid’s arch enemy. Follow CId through an epic quest full of danger, intrigue, and ridiculous premises.

9. Infamous Machine 

Infamous Machine game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Puzzle,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is a hilarious point-and-click adventure in which you stumble irresponsibly through history to help legendary geniuses complete their masterworks! Kelvin is the well-meaning research assistant of Dr. Edwin Lupin, an outstanding but tacky physicist who goes completely nuts when his life’s work, a shower-shaped time machine, is ridiculed by the scientific community. Bent on leaving his mark, Lupin launches himself into the past to prevent history’s greatest geniuses...

10. MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box 

MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box game icon

Genre:  Puzzle,

Platform:  Android,

The Mechanical Box is a device created with only one purpose: protecting what's inside at all costs. Every protection layer of it is a new unique puzzle. You’re the Tester, and your task is to hack and bypass the MechBox security system by cracking passwords and solving brain-cracking puzzles. You'll need your ability to think out of the box combined with ultimate attention to details. Are you ready for this challenge? It's your call.

Now it's our marketing expert's turn to speak (he threatens...

11. 100 Doors Adventure puzzle 👍 

100 Doors Adventure puzzle 👍 game icon

Genre:  Puzzle,

Platform:  Android,

100 Doors Adventure puzzle is a stunningly great game in the genre of 100 doors and escape the room from which you plunge into the whirlpool of amazing adventures, reveal the mystery of the Lord Kelly's Manor, learn about the treacherous betrayal and true love.

★ The plot.

England, 1893 year. Professor of Natural Sciences, Dr. Jimenez finds information about the location of a forgotten manor in which a lord Kelly conducted experiments with energy sources. Attracted by a thirst for knowledge...

12. Escape Puzzle: New Dawn 

Escape Puzzle: New Dawn game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,

Platform:  Android,

Join Samantha and Gordon in an all new adventure!

Obtain the vaccine from the New Dawn facility, claimed to be the only chance of protecting people from the devastating effects of the Torroto virus.

• Tricky and challenging puzzles!
• Gorgeous graphics!
• It's FREE!
• No signup's required, just download and install!

Enjoy this fun adventure escape game!
From the creators of Prison Escape Puzzle....

13. Escape Machine City 

Escape Machine City game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Puzzle,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Can you escape Machine City?- A next level escape game with stunning 3D graphics and visual effects!- 15 beautiful levels to explore! First 8 levels are available free of charge!- Dozens of challenging quests and original puzzles!- An escape game you will remember!An imminent destruction is facing the town, and you are the only one left behind...Discover a strangely unique machine world that is trapped on a high cliff in a desolated wasteland.If you think you have what it takes to escape Machine...

14. Spirit of the Ancient Forest: Hidden Object 

Spirit of the Ancient Forest: Hidden Object game icon

Genre:  Puzzle,

Platform:  Android,

In the world, where magic oppose technology, nature forces yield to machinery. In this fantasy adventure, make you way through clutter hidden object scenes and solve engaging sliding puzzles to protect the magic forest from the evil Dark Lord.

★ 90+ game levels
★ 10 hidden object modes and puzzle mechanics
★ Exciting and colorful fictional world
★ Beautiful slider and jigsaw puzzles
★ 3 difficulty modes to meet your preferred level of challenge
★ Amiable animal...

15. Dreamscapes: Nightmare's Heir 

Dreamscapes: Nightmare's Heir game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Wander through nightmarish locations full of deadly puzzles, search hidden object scenes for clues and defeat Sandman in this point and click adventure game.

Try it Free and then Buy the game if you like it
You were born with the ability to walk other people's dreams. But the blessing turns into a curse, if Sandman, the lord of nightmares, haunts someone dare to you. Years after saving your friend Laura from his evil grasp, you find yourself thrown into another thrilling adventure. Sandman decided...

16. Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice Hidden Object 

Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice Hidden Object game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Go on a chilling hidden object adventure to discover the legendary Inuit treasure. Find the lost expedition and solve thematic puzzles as a tale of terror unfolds.

TRY it first, then PAY once and PLAY this dark mystery adventure game forever offline!

Enticed by the legend of a secret temple of gold, your grandfather sailed to the icebound Arctic to never return. Follow his steps and find the hidden expedition as you collect coins and buy amusements for your penguin. Spot the beyond objects...

17. Dark Things - detective quest 

Dark Things - detective quest game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,

Platform:  Android,

Dive into the thrilling adventures of Mr. Doe!

Set off on a great journey in Dark Things!

These unforgettable adventures will take you places no ordinary human has ever been before! Or so it seems...
Unravel dark mysteries with the charming Mr. Doe and the gutsy journalist, Miss Cole. Dark Things is full of black comedy and sarcasm!

- Dive into the pixel-art noir atmosphere!

- Complete exciting, difficult quests! Help Mr. Doe and Miss Cole solve complex puzzles and uncover strange...

18. Lost Lands 1 (free to play) 

Lost Lands 1 (free to play) game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,

Platform:  Android,

Some creature has carried your son off into the portal! Set off for the search to the Lost Lands full of mysteries!

Lost Lands: Dark Overlord - an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games that tells a story about the stunning fantasy world full of unknown corners and mysterious inhabitants

Young mother with her son were about to leave their cottage located in the woods. Susan's son Jimmy was playing nearby when suddenly he heard strange voices... Susan had just stepped...

19. Find The Differences : Psychic Detective 

Find The Differences : Psychic Detective game icon

Genre:  Puzzle,

Platform:  Android,

Psychometrer: Someone who can read the history in objects and places.

Use your psychometry to spot differences in two identical pictures,

and use the clues you've found to solve various cases related to other espers!

◆ Spot-the-difference game with various levels

◆ Various background illustrations that appear as you progress through the story.

◆ Characters with special ESP powers and different stories

◆ Interesting memories are revealed every time you spot differences.


20. Picross Zenia - Nonogram 

Picross Zenia - Nonogram game icon

Genre:  Puzzle,

Platform:  Android,

Picross Zenia is the story of a princess and a knight who saved the world from the crisis
that might have destructed world in the distant past due to the core failure.
Solve the picross puzzle and enjoy the emotional story.

Features :
- Small map, large map
- Automatic map saving function
- Hint function
- Undo / Redo function
- Incorrect check function
- Automatic x display function of completed line
- Touch and keypad operation can be used at the same time
- Zoom function
- Stories...

21. Odysseus Kosmos: Adventure Game 

Odysseus Kosmos: Adventure Game game icon

Genre:  Puzzle,

Platform:  Android,

Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest it’s a traditional 2D point’n'click game with retro-pixel style graphics. You are the ship engineer Odysseus Kosmos; you and your service robot Barton Quest are stuck in deep space near a black hole, all by yourselves. Your shipmates are down on the surface of a planet where time moves far, far slower and you, along with your robot, have been waiting for years for them to return to your orbital station. You were used to your comfortable boredom, but then the...

22. Spotlight: the Last Hope 

Spotlight: the Last Hope game icon

Genre:  Card,

Platform:  Android,

Playing for a young, but promising agent you will have to solve the mystery penetrating the whole story. How can a young agent not fall victim to a cult and survive?

Collect stones in different combinations to successfully pass the levels and unravel the ball of puzzles.
Communicate with charismatic and drawn characters to get closer to the secret of this abandoned place.
Demonstrate your strategic skills in making powerful combinations and show how much you can think ahead.

You'll find carefully...

23. Grim Facade: The Artist 

Grim Facade: The Artist game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,

Platform:  Android,

Play the trial for FREE! Pay once & complete the adventure!

You receive a concerning message from the legendary inventor Leonardo da Vinci. His beloved town is under attack and you must help the fight against evil before the arts and sciences are lost forever!

You team up with a small group of ordinary citizens who have decided to stand up and fight. Overthrow the mysterious man who has taken over Florence!


24. Brownies - magic family game 

Brownies - magic family game game icon

Genre:  Simulation,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Brownies is a time management game about a family that ends up in a magical land. Try it, it’s free.

Mom’s life is in turmoil - first the granny goes missing, then mom finds herself in a magical land and the newly befriended brownie begs her to help find the missing ruler of the Brownies’ kingdom.

Embark on a journey to Brownieland, where the adventure, construction and noble friends await, as well as your most merciless enemy - time.

A captivating story for kids and parents who love...

25. Escape Logan Estate 

Escape Logan Estate game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Puzzle,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Can you escape Logan Estate?- Dozens of challenging puzzles to solve!- Beautiful, stylized environments to explore!-3 chapters to complete. First chapter is free of charge!- Story rich with music to enjoy!A visit to the Logan Estate leaves a family in pieces. Play as three different family members to explore and solve puzzles to reveal the mystery surrounding the estate.If you think you have what it takes to escape Logan Estate then go on and download this game now!...

26. The Last Dream - Puzzle adventure 

The Last Dream - Puzzle adventure game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,

Platform:  Android,

The Last Dream: Developers Edition is a fantastic casual puzzle adventure game which, despite having some classic casual elements, will also offer a greater challenge for more experienced adventure games players. This is an excellent love story with a paranormal twist!


Every night your beloved wife Elizabeth, who died in a car accident, comes to you in your dreams. She seems to be calling for you - why? One morning you find a...

27. Sonya The Great Adventure 

Sonya The Great Adventure game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,

Platform:  Android,

Sonya: The Great Adventure is a fantastic and colorful hidden object adventure game with animated cut scenes that are professionally voiced over. This is a touching story of the eternal struggle between the light and the dark. We offer three difficulty modes to suit gamers of the different experience.


The quiet morning of two sisters Sonya and Lily was destroyed by the barbaric attack on their home. Unidentified robbers took...

28. Mundus: Impossible Universe 

Mundus: Impossible Universe game icon

Genre:  Puzzle,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Match pieces of three or more to complete puzzle challenges. Completing a level gives you a star – you’ll need those to explore planets and unlock new characters. Collect enough stars to open new worlds and explore the entire Impossible Universe!

And, boy, are there worlds to explore! Planets populated by robots, worlds of endless night and worlds where beautiful flowers flourish all year round. We offer a lot of ways to entertain and engage. The goal is new on every level: collect gold, catch...

29. Wonder Valley: Enchanted Farm with Fairy tales 

Wonder Valley: Enchanted Farm with Fairy tales game icon

Genre:  Simulation,

Platform:  Android,

Attention! Wonder Valley fairytale farm is looking for a new owner! And we think that you are the best person for this job! Welcome to the world of fairy tales and adventures, where you can play with your family and friends.

Gingerbread man will show you around. He will help you sow some crops, fix the bakehouse and get a couple of very cute cows. Your farm will grow in no time! All this harvest of wheat, corn and strawberries and ripe apples and sweet cherries are waiting for...

30. Brain Teaser - Memory Limit 

Brain Teaser - Memory Limit game icon

Genre:  Puzzle,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Memory Limit is an addictive free brain teaser you can enjoy with your friends, get ready to take the the challenge and find out if you have a GENIUS brain or not!

Memory Limit is a whole new IQ game which will help you to train your brain and raise your IQ wiith a series of tricky tasks and absurd rules- the goal of this memory game is not to be tricked and to memorize all the rules.
Are you smart enough to beat your friends and get the highest IQ?
Take the challenge if you think you’re...

31. Amazing Breakout 

Amazing Breakout game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Puzzle,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Can You Escape - Deluxe - Out Now!Locked in a Museum - you'd better escape before you become an exhibit yourself...You've decided that evening is a great time to visit a museum. Being the only visitor in a huge building is really great, but chances are a guard will forget that you are in... And he did. You check the doors - but they are locked. Now you have to escape the museum, unlocking every single hall which presents the history of humanity from the darkest times to nowadays. Solve the puzzles,...

32. Isoland 2: Ashes of Time Lite 

Isoland 2: Ashes of Time Lite game icon

Genre:  Puzzle,

Platform:  Android,

- Nominated for IndiePlay Best Mobile Game 2017- GMGA Most Anticipated Game of 2018Isoland 2 - Ashes of Time is a truly artistic adventure puzzle game. Experience a unique fusion of captivating puzzles, a philosophical parable and lighthearted storytelling that will transport you to a beautiful hand-drawn island filled with wonders. Embark on a fascinating journey through time and space, discover traces of a lost civilization, and tinker with mysterious machinery to unveil long forgotten secrets.On...

33. Isoland 2: Ashes of Time 

Isoland 2: Ashes of Time game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Puzzle,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

- Nominated for IndiePlay Best Mobile Game 2017- GMGA Most Anticipated Game of 2018Isoland 2 - Ashes of Time is a truly artistic adventure puzzle game. Experience a unique fusion of captivating puzzles, a philosophical parable and lighthearted storytelling that will transport you to a beautiful hand-drawn island filled with wonders. Embark on a fascinating journey through time and space, discover traces of a lost civilization, and tinker with mysterious machinery to unveil long forgotten secrets.On...

34. Enigma: Super Spy - Point & Click Adventure Game 

Enigma: Super Spy - Point & Click Adventure Game game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,

Platform:  Android,

Love retro story mode point and click adventure games free? Love hidden object or escape from the room free games? Wanna be like Larry or the visitor? Want to play adventure games with story? Love riddles, puzzle games and mysteries? It's not another troll face quest story mode game! Want to start new adventurous journey into the times of WW2? Enigma: Point & Click Adventure is a new, atmospheric, completely free, point and click adventure game where you have to solve the mystery of Enigma machine...

35. Abandoned Mine - Escape Room 

Abandoned Mine - Escape Room game icon

Genre:  Puzzle,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Ever been trapped in abandoned mines? Buckle it up and get ready for the most adventurous escape of your life.! “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” is designed with thrilling abandoned mine scenes with killing 3D graphics and lots of stories hidden behind the old mines. Discover the hidden clues and solve the puzzles to find the only way out to escape from the abandoned mines. This is your only chance. Stay focused. Keep your eyes and minds open.!
“Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” gives the best...

36. Skyscraper: Room Escape 

Skyscraper: Room Escape game icon

Genre:  Puzzle,

Platform:  iOS,  Android,

Test your abilities. Are you able to cope with the complicated vital situation? You find yourself on the roof of the mysterious skyscraper and you know how you got here, but you cannot imagine how to get out of here. You have only one purpose – to escape from the roof of the skyscraper. The remains of the chopper, closed doors; it is incomprehensible who has built rooms on the roof of the skyscraper, a lot of secrets – these all are important details of the puzzle without which you will stay...


Life on Tiny Planet was calm and carefree until a great disaster occurred - Tiny Planet was hit by a meteor! The world fell apart and now its future depends only on you! Use your imagination and creativity: in order to restore Tiny Planet and help its inhabitants you will have to fix a variety of machines and mechanisms as well as solve puzzles in each of the five chapters of this game. Navigation is simple and intuitive. It doesn't distract you from the witty brain teasers, and you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the game.
  • There is no text in this game. It is fun for all ages and suitable for the whole family!
  • Five vastly different chapters and over 30 exciting brain teasers (minigames)
  • A bright, gorgeous world drawn entirely by hand
  • Absorbing game play and simple navigation
  • 10 enchanting musical themes