Trying to find games like Taz-Mania? Try these 100 great games that are similar to Taz-Mania, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive list of best games like Taz-Mania that have been tried, tested and recommended.

  • The best games like Taz-Mania are:

  • arrow_rightThe Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
  • arrow_rightThe Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
  • arrow_rightOne Finger Death Punch
  • arrow_rightHohokum
  • arrow_rightCossacks: Back to War
  • arrow_rightShovel Knight: Specter of Torment
  • arrow_rightTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989)
  • arrow_rightDonkey Kong 64

100 Best Games Like Taz-Mania:


1. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

In this modern re-imagining, players travel to the mysterious island of Koholint to guide Link on a perilous adventure.

Categories in common with The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: Adventure | Action | Role Playing

Platform: Nintendo Switch


2. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Don the Minish Cap to shrink Link™ down for his most massively microscopic adventure ever! Mere blades of grass will tower over your head as you explore Hyrule, conquering enemies, puzzles, dungeons and bosses as you go. Along the way, you’ll wield powerful items, fuse magic Kinstones and befriend the elusive Minish to stop the evil sorcerer Vaati.

The Minish Cap plays a pivotal part in the Four Swords storyline of the Legend of Zelda™ series, and is the first and only game in which Link explores the land of the Minish—a tiny, mysterious kingdom on the very surface of Hyrule. That makes this unique entry in the Zelda series a must-play for new and old fans alike. Inventive items like the Mole Mitts and Gust Jar give Link powers he’ll need to use wisely if he wants to save the puzzling world of Hyrule and the miniature land of the Minish. When there’s a princess to save, a bad guy to beat, and you’re THIS small, the stakes will never be higher.

This classic game is part of the Virtual Console service, which brings you great games created for consoles such as NES™, Super NES™ and Game Boy™ Advance. We hope you'll enjoy the new features (including off-TV play) that have been added to this title. See more Virtual Console games for Wii U.

Categories in common with The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap: Adventure | Action | Role Playing

Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Wii U | Game Boy Advance


3. One Finger Death Punch

This is a game in which the player has to withstand the waves of enemies on the right and left, using only the right and left mouse buttons. When pressed, the protagonist performs punches in the kung-fu style. The game has three levels of difficulty: Student, Master, and Grandmaster. The choice depends on how many enemies will attack the player, the duration of each round and the number of hit points in the main character has.

The story campaign consists of different levels, on which the player can use different types of weapons, which seriously change the gameplay. For example, when using Light Sword and Nunchaku, the enemies have only one hit point, but the duration of the round and the speed of their movement are increased. The game also features boss battles. This is a battle with a stronger monster, to win a player needs to execute a special key combination. The abilities of the main character can be improved with the help of upgrades, and there are a total of 21 of them. There are more than 250 stages and 13 game modes in the game.

Categories in common with One Finger Death Punch: Action | Arcade | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | iOS | Android


4. Hohokum

Hohokum is a platformer with a heavy focus on exploring the world and crafting your way through the levels with the help of artistic means. The title is developed by Honeyslug and is the only game within the corresponding IP.

Gameplay and features

One must navigate an unknown creature called Long Mover who looks very much like a worm through the 2D platforming sections composed of different-colored minimalistic objects and NPCs. 17 locations called worlds have no connection whatsoever and may be explored in any way one desires.
The player may affect only the speed of Long Mover — slow him down or speed him up. However, the game build interaction with an NPCs through the back-riding mechanics — all of the information about goals or secondary tasks is known from the locals who ride the player's back.
The purpose of almost every level is to wake the creature within its bounds by tickling its eyes.

Key features

It is both feature and philosophy of the game — highlighting no narrative or instructions the game lets the player move into and flow within its worlds. The absence of story, nonetheless, compensates with goals — each world has one primary and multiple secondary tasks. Meeting the requirements in all areas brings the player to “the end” — the credits meaning an apparent end of the gameplay. Namely, the play may be continued afterward.

Categories in common with Hohokum: Arcade

Platform: PlayStation 4 | PlayStation 3 | PS Vita


5. Cossacks: Back to War

To stand alone in war is extremely unpleasant. Extremely pleasant, on the other hand, is the stand-alone version Cossacks: Back to War. Containing all of the gameplay features of Cossacks: European Wars and Cossacks: The Art of War, this is a complete care package for all current and future Cossacks fans. This add-on contains 100 captivating missions taking place between the 16th and 18th centuries. In addition, two new nations, Switzerland and Hungary, are included. These countries waged war in the late Middle Ages and essentially influenced the development of European military strategies. This addition causes the second add-on of Cossacks to pass the threshold of allowed gaming fun.
Thrilling real-time strategy game with historical background.
Fascinating 3D landscapes.
Play takes place in Europe between the 16th and 18th centuries.
Stand-alone game, other Cossacks games not required to play.
A total of 20 different European nations to command.
100 new single missions.
2 new nations: Switzerland and Hungary with a total of 8 new units.
Spectacular real-time battles with up to 8,000 units.
4 different difficulty levels.
1 new camel riding unit for Algeria and Turkey: Bedouin.
This version with low system requirements is adapted for comfortable play on any hardware from low-end computers, laptops and netbooks, to high-end PCs (with Windows Vista/7).
Ad-Hoc multiplayer play (offline mode).
Infinite AI skirmishes on randomly generated maps.

Categories in common with Cossacks: Back to War: Strategy

Platform: PC


6. Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

Disclaimer: If you own Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, you will NOT need to purchase Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment separately. This title is included with all versions of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is the action-packed prequel to Shovel Knight! Take control of Specter Knight, servant to the Enchantress, in a quest to recruit a cadre of knights and create the Order of No Quarter. With his scythe and preternatural agility at the ready, he can glide across the ground, clamber up walls, and command an arsenal of curious weapons.
If he carries out his duties, Specter Knight may have a chance at regaining his lost humanity and breaking his chains of servitude. But what cruel tricks might the Enchantress have up her sleeve?Features:

  • Climb walls, leap over gaps, and dispatch enemies with the Dash Slash. Specter Knight’s playstyle brings motion and action to the forefront!
  • Collect and upgrade curios to unleash all new special attacks.
  • Test your scythe skills with Feats and Challenge Stages featuring boss rematches, platforming challenges, and more!
  • Yacht Club Games' beautifully authentic style bridges the gap between yesterday and today. Design, art, and audio hearken back to the days of 8-bit.
  • A somber tale told with a light touch to narrative with humor, levity, and heart.
  • Awesome soundtrack by Jake "Virt" Kaufman!
  • Balanced gameplay is a warm welcome to newcomers, and an old embrace for experts.
  • Lovable characters and bosses!
  • Take on a new challenge and uncover all of the world's secrets with New Game+!

Categories in common with Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment: Adventure | Action | Indie | Platformer

Platform: PC | PlayStation 4 | macOS | Linux | Nintendo Switch


7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a side-scrolling platform game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released by Konami (under the Ultra Games imprint in the USA and the equivalent PALCOM brand in Europe/Australia) in 1989. Alongside the arcade game (also developed by Konami), it was one of the first video games based on the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, being released after the show's second season.

Categories in common with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989): Action

Platform: PC | Xbox 360 | Xbox | PlayStation 2 | Wii | GameCube | NES | Commodore / Amiga | Atari ST


8. Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64 is a 1999 adventure platform video game for the Nintendo 64 console, and the first in the Donkey Kong series to feature 3D gameplay. As the gorilla Donkey Kong, the player explores the themed levels of an island to collect items and rescue his kidnapped friends from K. Rool. The player completes minigames and puzzles as five playable Kong characters—each with its own special abilities—to receive bananas and other collectibles. In a separate multiplayer mode, up to four players can compete in deathmatch and last man standing games.
Rare, who had previously developed the Donkey Kong Country games, began development on the 3D Donkey Kong in 1997. A 16-person team, with many members recruited from Rare's Banjo group, finished the game in 1999, when it was published by Nintendo for North America in November and worldwide by December. It was the first game to require the Nintendo 64 console's Expansion Pak, an accessory that added memory resources. The game had an exceptionally large marketing budget that included advertisements, sweepstakes, and a national tour.
The game received universal acclaim from reviewers and was Nintendo's top seller during the 1999 holiday season, with 2.3 million units sold by 2004. It won the 1999 E3 Game Critics award for Best Platform Game, and multiple awards and nominations from games magazines. Reviewers noted the game's exceptional size and length, but criticized its emphasis on item collection and backtracking. Some cited its similarity in gameplay and visuals to Rare's 1998 predecessor, Banjo-Kazooie, despite Donkey Kong 64's mandatory memory add-on. The game's camera controls also frustrated reviewers. Critics felt that the game did not meet the revolutionary potential of Donkey Kong Country, but remained among the best 3D platform games on the console.
Donkey Kong 64 is remembered as the emblematic example of Rare's "collect-a-thon" adventure platformers for the tedium of its collection tasks. A rap song from the game's introductory sequence—the DK Rap—is often cited among the worst songs to feature in a video game. The title was later released on Nintendo's Wii U Virtual Console in 2015.

Categories in common with Donkey Kong 64: Adventure | Platformer

Platform: Wii U | Nintendo 64


9. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is an arcade-platformer game developed by Eurocom, East Point Software, Disney Software and Virgin Games USA. It was originally released in 1993. It was published by Virgin Interactive. Most rawgers rated the game as "Recommended".
The Jungle Book is available on SEGA Master System, Game Gear, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance.
It was produced by Hugh Binns, Patrick Gilmore and Robb Alvey. It was scored by Marc W. Miller and Tommy Tallarico.

Categories in common with The Jungle Book: Arcade | Platformer

Platform: PC | Game Boy Advance | Game Boy | SNES | NES | Genesis | SEGA Master System | Game Gear


10. Greyfox RPG

Greyfox RPG is a role-playing game made with RPG Maker.


Greyfox centers around the theme of aging and loneliness. The game follows a 35 years old woman who decides to abandon her previous life.
She quits her job, her apartment and moves to the retirement community called Greyfox. Upon arriving, she meets local, explores the surrounding and then goes to sleep in her room. While sleeping, she dreams of a Mysterious Woman that she met earlier this day. She turns protagonist old and makes her live an episode of four old people lives and decide their fate.


Even though the game’s name presumes that this is a role-playing game, the gameplay shares more similarities with story-driven quests or adventure games rather than RPGs. There is no battle system or character advancement in Greyfox. The game mostly consists of interacting with NPCs and exploring the environments except for a driving sequence in the beginning. The game ends soon after you’ve lived all four days in other old people’s lives. However, there are some optional activities in the game. Upon arriving at the Grayfox, you get some free time before you can move into your room. During that sequence, you can earn money, talk with residents, explore the local area or even steal money from a sleeping person.

Categories in common with Greyfox RPG: Adventure | Action | Role Playing | Casual | Strategy | Sports | Simulation | Racing | Indie

Platform: PC


11. Windosill

Explore a dream-like world of impossible wonders...

  • Explore 10 different immersive, animated environments
  • Interact with dozens of physics-based creatures and objects
  • Solve brain-tickling puzzles to unlock new rooms and reveal new surprises

Categories in common with Windosill: Adventure | Casual | Puzzle | Family | Indie

Platform: PC | iOS | macOS


12. General Chaos

General Chaos is a 1994 video game developed by Game Refuge Inc. and published by Electronic Arts for the Sega Genesis. General Chaos is a satirical arcade/strategy game.

Categories in common with General Chaos:

Platform: Genesis


13. The Hex

In a creaky old tavern, in a forgotten corner of the video game universe, a storm is raging. The barkeep gets a patchy phone call. It's hard to tell what the caller is saying, but this much is clear: someone in this tavern is planning a murder.
There are six patrons of the tavern; all of them are video game genre protagonists gone astray. There's The Spacemarine, The Sorceress, The Platformer, The Fighter, The Apocalypse Survivor, and The First Person Perspective. By exploring their memories you may discover the identity of the murderer... or you may find a much darker secret.In The Hex you will... Control the six patrons to explore the dark and enigmatic tavern
Delve into the memories of these cast-aside game protagonists to learn the truth of their past
Learn the identity of the would-be murderer... as well as the victim
This game is about as indie as it gets.
Daniel Mullins - Programming, Art, Design, Writing
Jonah Senzel - Music, Sound Design

Categories in common with The Hex: Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


14. Teddy Floppy Ear - Kayaking

Send your kid onto an unforgettable journey with the world’s most charming bear.

Based on a famous Polish cartoon, Teddy Floppy Ear stands out as a great entertainment for children. Prepared by an experienced team, Teddy Floppy Ear – Kayaking mixes fun adventure game with a healthy dose of learning, perfect for young minds.

In this episode our main character takes advantage of beautiful, spring weather and goes on a kayaking trip with his friend Piglet. There he finds out that there is a problem with Mr. Catfish who acts a little too bossy, and needs to be taught a lesson in kindness. During his trip, our hero solves numerous puzzles testing child's mathematical skills, eye-hand coordination, logical thinking and perceptiveness.

Beautiful hand-painted graphics, soothing music, entertaining and violence free story keep your child occupied for hours.


- A dozen of colourful locations
- Educational value
- Great for even the youngest kids
- Absolutely no violence
- Numerous mini-games for variety
- Soothing music
- Famous Teddy Floppy Ear

Categories in common with Teddy Floppy Ear - Kayaking: Adventure | Casual | Educational | Indie

Platform: PC | iOS | macOS | Linux


15. Disney's The Jungle Book

Get down to the bare necessities of life…
Play as the man-cub, Mowgli, an orphan raised by a pack of wolves in the jungle. No parents. No school. No problems. Great life, huh?
Except, there’s a rumour that Shere Khan, the man-eating tiger is coming after you. So now you’ve got to sneak, swing and swoop your way through the jungle, catch the tiger by the tail and reach the safety of the man-village.
To do this, you have to get the hang of incredibly tricky vines, neutralize venom balls, dodge coconut-throwing monkeys and fire off bananas at any scorpion, vampire bat or crazy ape that gets in your way. So eat your bananas and get ready – it’s a jungle out there!
●Relive Mowgli’s classic adventure as you travel through over 10 levels – all weird, all wild and all totally different
●Encounter characters straight from the classic Disney movie, including Bagheera, Kaa, Shere Khan and many more!
●Jump, swing, climb and banana-throw your way through this adventure, collecting gems along the way

Categories in common with Disney's The Jungle Book: Adventure | Action | Arcade | Platformer

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux | NES | Genesis


16. Gauntlet (1985)

Gauntlet is a fantasy-themed hack and slash 1985 arcade game by Atari Games. Released in October 1985, Atari ultimately sold a total of 7,848 Gauntlet video game arcade cabinets. It is noted as being one of the first multi-player dungeon crawl arcade games. The core design of Gauntlet comes from Dandy, a 1983 Atari 8-bit family title, which resulted in a lawsuit.

Categories in common with Gauntlet (1985): Action | Role Playing

Platform: PC | Xbox 360 | Game Boy Advance | NES | Classic Macintosh | Apple II | Commodore / Amiga | Atari 8-bit | Atari ST | SEGA Master System


17. Landstalker

Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole (ランドストーカー 皇帝の財宝, Landstalker: Kōtei no Zaihō) is an action-adventure game that was developed by Climax Entertainment originally released for the Mega Drive/Genesis in 1992 in Japan and 1993 elsewhere. A follow up game called Lady Stalker: Challenge from the Past was released in Japan for the SNES in 1995. The Sega Saturn game Dark Savior (produced by the same company) is considered its spiritual successor. The main characters from Landstalker, Nigel (Ryle in Japan and France, Niels in Germany) and Friday, reappear in the Dreamcast game Time Stalkers.

In 2005, it was announced that Landstalker will be remade for the PlayStation Portable, but the release date was canceled. This game was added to the Wii's Virtual Console in North America on September 3, 2007, and in Europe on October 5, 2007. The game was released on Steam in January 2011.

Categories in common with Landstalker:

Platform: PC | Wii | Genesis


18. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (1990)

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is a 1990 platform game developed by Sega and released for the Sega Genesis. An 8-bit version of the game was later released for the Master System and Game Gear. The game follows Mickey Mouse on a quest to save Minnie Mouse from the evil witch Mizrabel. It was the first game in Sega's long-running Illusion video game series starring Mickey and was also a part of the second wave of games initially released for the Sega Genesis which helped seal the console's reputation within the period until the release of Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991.

Castle of Illusion was very well received by critics, especially the original 16-bit version. It was re-released in 1998 in Japan as part of the Sega Ages: Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck for the Sega Saturn, which features both Castle of Illusion and QuackShot. A remake of the game by Sega Studios Australia was released for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and PC in September 2013.

Categories in common with Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (1990):

Platform: Genesis | SEGA Master System | Game Gear


19. Monster Island

Monster thugs are on the loose harassing the inhabitants of the colorful world of Monster Island. Now, it's up to you and your arsenal of mini-monster bombs to get rid of this plague of unwanted visitors. Can you stand against such mischievous foes?
Unlock five different monster bombs, each with its own abilities: Rocko, Sticky, Xplode, Blui and the fearsome Don Tonator! Toss them at enemies over 3 worlds and 200 reactive puzzles which will dazzle you for many hours of unparalleled fun.
Change your character in the store to get new and cool looks.
• 315 levels over 5 different islands (and more to come!)
• Choose one of 16 unique heroes
• Amazing retina graphics
• Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
• Game music, which automatically switches itself off at start when playing other music on your iPod/iPhone
• Interactive tutorial to learn how to play
Try also the free web version of Monster Island on our website:

Categories in common with Monster Island: Action | Puzzle

Platform: iOS | Android


20. Vanguard Bandits

Vanguard Bandits, known in Japan as Epica Stella (エピカ・ステラ), is a tactical role-playing game (RPG) for the PlayStation. The game was developed by Human Entertainment and originally released in Japan on July 30, 1998. It was published in North America by Working Designs.
Vanguard Bandits is a support-centric strategy RPG featuring tactical combat in a medieval fantasy world in which knights and soldiers pilot mecha. This game takes place on the Continent of Eptina where numerous battles have taken place over territory, goods, and beliefs. In the midst of the conflict archaeologists in the Pharastia Kingdom discovered giant armored mecha that they called ATACs, or All Terrain Armored Combatants, that could be controlled by the thoughts of the pilot seated inside the unit's head. The Kingdom used the power of these ATACs to assume control of the entire continent, and then decided to use them to keep the peace in their new territories. Pharastia soon began to lose control as Coup d'etats and civil wars erupted which left it in a defeated state, with only their standing army remaining.

Categories in common with Vanguard Bandits: Role Playing

Platform: PlayStation 3 | PlayStation | PS Vita | PSP


21. Toki

Toki, known in Japan as JuJu Densetsu (JuJu伝説) is a 1989 shoot 'em up platformer arcade game, or a "run and gun" developed and published in Japan by TAD Corporation and published in North America by Fabtek. It was designed by Akira Sakuma and features elements of tongue-in-cheek humor combined with the action. The player takes control of an enchanted ape who must battle hordes of jungle monsters with energy balls from his mouth. The ultimate goal is to destroy the evil wizard who cast a spell on the title protagonist; thereby transforming him from an ape back into a human, and rescuing the kidnapped princess. The game was ported to several video game consoles and home computers.

Categories in common with Toki:

Platform: iOS | NES | Commodore / Amiga | Atari ST | Atari Lynx | Genesis


22. Bloo Kid 2

Bloo Kid 2 is a classic 2D retro-style platformer experience with lovely designed pixel-graphics and a full chiptune soundtrack. Run, jump and swim your way through five huge worlds with twelve levels each. Master brutal bossfights and discover lots of secrets in the world of Bloo Kid 2.
After rescuing his girlfriend from the hands of the evil wizard, Bloo Kid and Pink Girl enjoy life with their newborn "Pink Kid". But then, a whole new adventure starts just out of the bloo...
Originally released as a mobile game, Bloo Kid 2 now makes it's way to the world of Desktop Gaming. The STEAM version includes 15 challenging bonus levels that can be unlocked ingame when you have collected enough stars.
Bloo Kid 2 features:

  • five worlds with twelve levels each
  • handcrafted, colorful pixel-graphics
  • a full chiptune soundtrack
  • epic boss battles
  • tons of secrets

Categories in common with Bloo Kid 2: Action | Arcade | Indie

Platform: PC | iOS | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo 3DS


23. Story Of the Survivor

What will you do when world collapse? Follow the story of Thomas, one of last humans on earth as he try to survive in zombie infested the world. Use robust crafting system to create whatever you may need on your journey. But don't forget zombies aren't the only thing you should watch out for.
If you're a fan of The Walking Dead or other zombie-related media, then this is the game for you!

Categories in common with Story Of the Survivor: Adventure | Action | Role Playing | Simulation | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


24. Age of Zombies

From Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash comes their newest and biggest adventure yet! Lock and load through the history of time as a tough-as-nails commando named Barry Steakfries, who is looking for nothing more than to shoot some zombies and make it back in time for a hearty dinner!
"Age of Zombies is an excellent pick." -- Touch Arcade
"The bite-size level play offers good pick-up-and-play value and is a ton of fun." -- 4.5/5 AppSmile
"Halfbrick has yet again delivered an enjoyable and memorable gaming experience." -- IntoMobile
"A time travelling, zombie shooting, wise cracking good time." -- GameZebo
The evil Professor Brains has sent hordes of undead to the furthest reaches of time to destroy mankind, but Steakfries won’t be taking that lying down. He’ll take it with a gun, a Zombie T-Rex and a whole repertoire of cheesy one-liners!
Shoot up ninjas, mummies, cavemen and massive bosses with a huge variety of weapons and explosives!
Bonus Survival mode to take your zombie-blasting skills to the next level, with Game Center leaderboards and achievements!
Age of Zombies is the definitive action-comedy experience for the iPhone and iPad!
This game may contain:
- Promotional material for Halfbrick products and trusted business partners.
- Links to external social networking sites intended for users over the age of 13.
- Direct links to the internet which may open the default web browser on your device.
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

Categories in common with Age of Zombies: Adventure | Action | Arcade

Platform: iOS | Android | PlayStation 3 | PS Vita


25. Pinkman

Pinkman is a fast-paced, action platformer about a lost man with pink skin and an incredible skill to fart.
Pinkman is set in deadly fantasy world called "The Mind", where many traps will try to cut your body in half when you struggle to discover what happened, and keep yourself alive. Run, jump and fart throught a minimalistic and colorfull enviroument to find the truth.

  • 100 levels - Play 100 lovelly hand-crafted levels filled with deadly traps!
  • Tight controls - Jump over missiles, climb walls and avoid mines with ease, optmized controls for gamepads and keyboards!
  • Hardcore difficulty - There's no fighting in Pinkman, so you'll have to rely on your speed, reflexes, and farts to survive!
  • Deadly traps - There are 20 types of traps ready to cut you in half, keep running and farting!
  • Cool soundtrack - Your thumbs may hate you, but your ears will love you!

Categories in common with Pinkman: Adventure | Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC



This time, the fate of the villain brought a little green dragon Dino into the wild jungle! You will have to help the unfortunate Dino get out of there. Run along the grass, overcome the abysses, break the laws of gravity, avoid monsters and collect berries. Soothing melody, nice landscapes, joy, when you beat your own record - everything in this funny game, which you can play with your friends in a lampshap. The adventures of the green Dino are waiting for you!

- Great musical accompaniment,
- Wonderful gameplay,
- A fascinating ending,
- Evil enemies.

All this you will experience on yourself!

Categories in common with G-DINO'S JUNGLE ADVENTURE: Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


27. Crazy Fun - FootRock

He's a striker. Help rocky to finish first.

★ 150 exclusive levels
★ Spectacular physics
★ Dazzling visuals
★ Epic mission
★ Сlever opponents
★ Rain, falling leaves, fire, meteor rain

Trading Cards


Categories in common with Crazy Fun - FootRock: Adventure | Action | Casual | Sports | Indie

Platform: PC


28. Only One


Only One - is a beautiful 2D platformer in which you have to fight with skeletons and bandits, beat the lands in which they settled, overcome obstacles, avoid the trap and find the enchanted keys to pass to the next level. The game uses intuitive controls, on levels there are several ways to overcome obstacles and even secretly bypass opponents. At each level, collect exactly 3 enchanted keys so that they kill the enemies and open the way to the next level. The difficulty in passing will grow with each level, so use your abilities, skills and ingenuity to defeat all enemies and reach the very end!


-Easy to learn hard to master the gameplay

-Beautiful 2D graphics

-Inspiring music

-Varied levels

Categories in common with Only One: Adventure | Action | Role Playing | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | iOS | Android


29. Eternal Champions

Unjust deaths were dealt upon nine of history’s greatest and most influential warriors, and the future now stands at the brink of chaos.
The Eternal Champion has summoned the souls of the nine and placed them in competition. The winner will be rewarded a second chance to prevent their own death, and in doing so restore balance to a desperate world.

Categories in common with Eternal Champions: Action

Platform: PC | Wii


30. Carrier (2000)

Carrier (キャリアー) is a survival horror video game for the Dreamcast, notable in part for being fully 3D - then still a rarity for survival horror games, which mostly displayed 3D characters over pre-rendered backgrounds. In Carrier, players assume the separate roles of an investigation team that was split up from a surprise attack.
A cancelled sequel for the PlayStation 2 titled Carrier: The Next Mutation was once planned for release.

Categories in common with Carrier (2000): Adventure

Platform: Dreamcast


31. bit Dungeon III

bitDungeonIII: A 2d action adventure game with rogue-lite elements. Randomly generated overworld and dungeons. Make allies with other players or kill them for their precious inventory items. Discover random items that greatly enhance and affect your character. Save a world, that can't be saved.

  • Permadeath You get one soul, and only once chance to retrieve it when you die.
  • Randomly generated overworld, dungeons, secrets, items, and humanoid npcs.
  • Online play through the steam network, co-op and pvp. Join games through Steam Friends List or in game through an invasion crystal.
  • Invade and kill other players to obtain their unequipped inventory items and soul.
  • Forgo your extra life, abandon your soul to play offline.
  • Each weapon type has a unique power attack and stat scaling.
  • Level up based on which weapon you use. Change weapons to start leveling up that weapon type going towards your general level.
  • Powerful weapon enchants dropped from bosses.
  • Augment your character through changeable stat runes collected throughout your adventure.
  • Boss & quest weapons.
  • Giant difficult dungeon bosses.
  • Original soundtrack by Houzatosis & Stress_TN.
  • Controller Support.
  • New game plus

Categories in common with bit Dungeon III: Adventure | Action | Role Playing

Platform: PC


32. Mad Dagger 2

The second part, about the Mad Dagger. This time Mad Dagger was stolen by his favorite moccasin. Nobody knows who this villain is. Mad Dagger became very angry, took his big gun, went to look for his favorite red moccasin. On the way Mad Dagger will have to fight with a lot of villains and bosses. Find the main villain and save your love.

* Many levels with a unique biome
* Several bosses
* Multiple weapons
* A hilarious adventure

Colorful platformer with many levels. Kill enemies, collect moccasins and buy new weapons. After each level, the player is given access to the weapons store.

You need to show zeal and dexterity to win.

Categories in common with Mad Dagger 2: Adventure | Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


33. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1991)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a video game released in 1991 by Taito, for the NES based on the film with the same name. There was also an NES game with the same title released by Ubisoft in 1993 that was a completely different game in itself, but also based on the movie.

Categories in common with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1991): Action

Platform: NES


34. Big Mutha Truckers

Screw your family, truck other road users, and swindle your way to a fortune! Ma Jackson, owner of Big Mutha Truckers Inc., has announced to her four kids that she's planning on retiring. Choosing the new owner of the company will not be easy, as Ma's kids are a difficult bunch. The solution? A Trial by Truckin' - whoever makes the most money trucking through Hick State County in 60 days takes control of the company.

Categories in common with Big Mutha Truckers: Arcade | Racing

Platform: PC | Nintendo DS | Xbox | PlayStation 2 | GameCube | Game Boy Advance


35. Bug!

Bug! is an arcade game developed by Beam Software and Realtime Associates. It came out on 01-01-1996. SEGA published the game. Most rawgers rated the game as "Exceptional".
Bug! is available on SEGA Saturn and PC.

Categories in common with Bug!: Arcade

Platform: PC | iOS | SEGA Saturn


36. Aaargh!

Aaargh! is an action-arcade game developed by Sculptured Software and Binary Design. It came out on 01-01-1987. It was published by Melbourne House. The game is rated as "Recommended" on RAWG.
You can play Aaargh! on Atari ST, Apple II, Commodore / Amiga and PC.

Categories in common with Aaargh!: Action | Arcade

Platform: PC | Apple II | Commodore / Amiga | Atari ST


37. Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk

Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk is an adventure video game published in December 1991 by Codemasters for the Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, MS-DOS, NES and Amiga. It was the sixth game in the Dizzy adventure series. Initially it was only released as part of the Dizzy's Excellent Adventures compilation.
The creators of the series, the Oliver Twins outsourced the video game company Big Red Software to design and develop this game.
The game in November 1992 was enhanced and re-released with the illfated Aladdin Deck Enhancer under the title, Dizzy The Adventurer. The title was then released in 1993 as part of The Excellent Dizzy Collection.
The game interface and mechanics resemble those of Magicland Dizzy, discarding changes introduced in the fifth game.
In November 2011, it was announced that the game was being released on the Android and iOS platforms with an HD remake of the game.

Categories in common with Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk: Adventure

Platform: PC | NES | Commodore / Amiga | Atari ST


38. Spark the Electric Jester

Spark the electric jester is an action/platformer video game heavily based on best classics from the 16-bit era from both sides of the aisle.
You play as Spark, an electric jester frustrated by the loss of his job! On one beautiful day, robots decided to take over the world. Seeing as Spark’s job was taken by a robot, he decided this was the perfect opportunity for his revenge! Spark will have to travel through the world and be engulfed in high-speed thrills and tons of action against the robots and the one who has taken his job.

Categories in common with Spark the Electric Jester: Action

Platform: PC


39. Wrecking Crew (1985)

Wrecking Crew (レッキングクルー, Rekkingu Kurū) is a 1985 action game developed and published by Nintendo. It was designed by Yoshio Sakamoto and released as a launch title for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Categories in common with Wrecking Crew (1985): Action | Puzzle

Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Wii U | Wii | Game Boy Advance | NES


40. Versus World

Welcome to Versus World!
Shoot, stab, snipe, and 'splode your opponents to victory in this fast-paced multiplayer FPS. Here, the afterlife of a respawning immortal is seasoned by an up-down crouch.
Spin the reel!
Collect item boxes on the map to give you a random power-up or grenade.
Get Locked In

  • Play classic deathmatch game types, or choose Siege to tug-o-war over capture points.
  • 3 unique maps: Rogi Park, Web Island, and Happy Little World
  • 7 weapon types, 4 grenade types, and 6 power-up types
  • Thrust movement ability
  • Basic character customization

  • Assault Rifle (Burst fire)
  • SMG
  • Sniper
  • Shotgun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Assault Rifle (Full auto)
  • Pistol

  • Frag Grenade
  • Sticky Spike Grenade
  • Tesla Grenade
  • Rogi Ball

  • Grenade Cloud
  • Big Heads
  • Six-pack of Thrusts
  • Damage Boost
  • Damage Resist
  • Speed Boost

Categories in common with Versus World: Action | Indie

Platform: PC


41. Time in Time

Time in Time
Time in Time is a side scroller puzzle-platformer game where you control platforms and other functionals with timers. Each functional connected to a unique timer, basically functionals will run X seconds later after you spend X seconds on timers. You will start with specific seconds for each level and must spend your seconds wisely..
Time in Time is a hard game, you have to spend minimum amount of seconds and complete the levels under specific times to unlock next levels and achievements..
Time in Time includes level and shader editor integrated with Steam Workshop. You can create your own levels, customize shaders, add your own music and even sync shaders with your music..

Categories in common with Time in Time: Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC


42. The Pawn

The Pawn is a text-based interactive fiction game by Magnetic Scrolls, first published for the Sinclair QL by Sinclair Research in 1985. It was then released for other platforms in 1986 by Rainbird. It is remembered for its excellent graphics (on some versions) and the opening music available in some game versions. Also the game itself—story and parser—got mostly positive reviews. The story takes place in the fairy land of Kerovnia, from which the player must escape.

The game is written in 68000 assembler. Later versions use a cut-down 68000 virtual machine even on less powerful machines like the Z80-based Sinclair Spectrum. The Amiga version uses digitized instrument samples in its title music early in that computer's lifecycle. The peaceful title music was composed by John Molloy and it features guitar and flute sounds .

Categories in common with The Pawn:

Platform: PC | Classic Macintosh | Apple II | Commodore / Amiga | Atari 8-bit | Atari ST


43. James Bond 007: Goldfinger

The player must stop Auric Goldfinger from taking the world's gold supply, stop the destruction of Kentucky, deal with Pussy Galore and even a fight with Oddjob. Not much for old 007 to do actually - it's all in a day's work (or is it adventure)?

Categories in common with James Bond 007: Goldfinger: Adventure

Platform: PC | Classic Macintosh | Apple II


44. Abalyte

Abalyte is a 2D-roguelike metroidvania that focuses on the player's skill and inventiveness. While other games have crutches or progression systems that help the player beat the game, Abalyte does the opposite and throws you in a spike-pit.

Categories in common with Abalyte: Adventure | Action | Role Playing | Indie

Platform: PC


45. Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It

Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It is an interactive fiction computer game written by Jeff O'Neill and published by Infocom in 1987. It was released simultaneously for several popular computer platforms of the time, such as the PC and Commodore 64. Nord and Bert was unique among Infocom games in that it used the game engine to present wordplay puzzles rather than an adventure story. It was Infocom's twenty-seventh game.

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Platform: PC | Classic Macintosh | Apple II | Commodore / Amiga | Atari ST


46. Countdown to Doom

Countdown to Doom is a text adventure computer game, more recently termed interactive fiction, written in 1982 by Peter Killworth. Its setting is the planet Doomawangara, which is coyly said to be shortened to "Doom". The game also has two sequels, Return to Doom and Last Days of Doom.

The game was first published for the BBC Micro in 1982. It was ported to the Acorn Electron in 1984 but only released as a ROM cartridge for the Plus 1 expansion. This was the only game released exclusively as a ROM cart for the Electron. The game was later re-released in 1987 by Topologika (who also published the game's sequels).[1] This version was expanded by about 50% and as well as being released for the BBC and Electron (on disk only), the game was ported to many other systems including ZX Spectrum (+3 disk only), PC, Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW, Atari ST and RM Nimbus. It was also available for Acorn RISC OS computers as a compilation with Return to Doom and Philosopher's Quest.

In this game, the player's spaceship crash-lands on Doom's inhospitable surface and they emerge from the wreckage to realise that, unless they can locate the necessary spare parts, their ship will corrode away in a mere 400 time units. There are many ways to be killed in this game.

Categories in common with Countdown to Doom:

Platform: PC | Atari ST


47. Kokotoni Wilf

Kokotoni Wilf is an arcade adventure game released by Elite Systems in 1984 for the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum home computers. The game was inspired by Jet Set Willy.

Categories in common with Kokotoni Wilf:

Platform: Commodore / Amiga


48. Sabre Wulf

Sabre Wulf is a video game for the Game Boy Advance starring Sabreman from the ZX Spectrum series of games. A combination of platforming and puzzle game elements, Sabre Wulf encourages the player to think before they progress as they use Sabreman's unique menagerie of animals to make their way to Sabre Wulf's many lairs.

Categories in common with Sabre Wulf:

Platform: Game Boy Advance | Commodore / Amiga


49. Adventure Time: Finn and Jake's Epic Quest

Team up as Finn and Jake in a 3D adventure of epic proportions! The Land of Ooo has been transformed into a giant video game, and BMO has been kidnapped. Brawl your way through the Witch's garden, Ice Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, and even the Land of the Dead itself to rescue BMO and uncover the evil mastermind!Key Features:

  • 28 Levels of Mayhem: Slash and bash your way through the Witch's garden, Ice Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, and the Land of the Dead!
  • Butt Tons of Enemies: Battle four terrifying bosses and loads of nasty enemies from the show, including Hug Wolf and Tree Witch!
  • Epic Powers: Collect secret spells to unleash algebraic attacks, like NEPTR, Jake’s Puppies, Knife Storm, and many more!
  • Tag Team Combat: Bust up some bad guys! Level up to unlock new swords for Finn and stretchy attacks for Jake.
  • Extra Spicy VO: The game features a brand-spanking-new story with original VO from Finn and Jake!
  • Turbo Rad Graphics: Sparkling hi-res graphics for your eyeballs to enjoy.

Categories in common with Adventure Time: Finn and Jake's Epic Quest: Adventure | Action

Platform: PC


50. Moonmist

Moonmist is an adventure game developed by Infocom. It came out on 01-01-1986. It was published by Infocom. Most rawgers rated the game as "Recommended".
You can play Moonmist on PC and Commodore / Amiga.

Categories in common with Moonmist: Adventure

Platform: PC | Commodore / Amiga