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4 Best Games Like New kind of adventure for SNES | Games Similar to New kind of adventure 2020

Trying to find games like New kind of adventure? Try these 4 great games that are similar to New kind of adventure, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive list of best games like New kind of adventure that have been tried, tested and recommended.

New kind of adventure

New kind of adventure is a 3D adventure game with RPG elements.
Mary hides in a wardrobe after her parents had a fight...Read More

New kind of adventure game is a fantastic and fun game that will offer you the time of your life filled with excitement and enjoyment and lots of content elements. There are numerous features that you will enjoy all the way. After you play it, you may feel some boredom because you had enough and to try something different but in the same style that you love.

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List of Best New kind of adventure Alternatives | Games Like New kind of adventure for SNES

So, here are the highly recommended best and effective similar games like New kind of adventure in 2020. If there is something missing from the New kind of adventure , then it should definitely be in these other games we have found for you.

Games Like Disney's The Lion King of 2020 - Disney's The Lion King Alternatives


#1. Disney's The Lion King - Games Like New kind of adventure

Games Like New kind of adventure

Disney The Lion King brings to life the majesty and mystery of Africa through the tale of Simba, a lion cub faced with the challenging transition to maturity. Now, you too can be part of the adventure!
Driven into the wilderness by his evil uncle Scar, Simba finds salvation and Hakuna Matata with Pumbaa the warthog and Timon the meerkat.
Tackle heinous hyenas in the elephant’s graveyard, avoid the trampling hooves of stampeding wildebeest as you battle through 10 levels to ensure Simba claims his rightful place as The Lion King.
●Join Simba through 10 levels on his journey from cub to king
●Enjoy adaptations and orchestrations from the award-winning soundtrack, including “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” and “Hakuna Matata”
●Jump, climb and fight your way through this adventure, collecting bugs along the way

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Games Like Cannon Fodder of 2020 - Cannon Fodder Alternatives


#2. Cannon Fodder - Best Alternative to New kind of adventure

Games Like New kind of adventure
Don't wait till you see the whites of their eyes...
Don't kid yourself it will be over by Christmas...
Don't try to shut out the screams...
And don't forget to wash your hands afterwards...
From a queue of some 360 "eager" conscripts waiting to go to war, a team of up to six will "volunteer" for each new mission. Encourage your soldiers to shoot anything that moves, throw grenades, fire bazookas, drive tanks, fly choppers, split up and do their own thing... and die... Guide your no-hoper's troop straight through deadly missions. And if you lose some of them? There's more where that came from...Action-driven, fast-paced classic arcade gameplay A mix of tactical insight and fast reflexes required, a good micro would be a plus War has never been so much fun! ...
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Games Like Super Strike Eagle of 2020 - Super Strike Eagle Alternatives


#3. Super Strike Eagle - Games similar to New kind of adventure

Games Like New kind of adventure

Super Strike Eagle is a combat-oriented arcade video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was later released in Japan as F-15 Super Strike Eagle (F-15スーパーストライクイーグル, F-15 Supa Sutoraiku Iguru)

The game involves flying airplanes that tests the player's Sidewinder missile and machine gun firing skills against various non-aligned nations that were historically notorious for housing extremist leaders during the Cold War. The game was released in North America, Europe, and Japan approximately simultaneously. In the Japanese version, real political flags are not used unlike the North American version.

Despite the game's title, it is unrelated to the similarly named F-15 Strike Eagle series.

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Games Like Pac-In-Time of 2020 - Pac-In-Time Alternatives


#4. Pac-In-Time

Games Like New kind of adventure

Pac-In-Time is an arcade game developed by Kalisto Entertainment and Kalisto. It came out on 01-01-1994. It was published by MINDSCAPE.
You can play Pac-In-Time on SNES, Game Boy, Classic Macintosh and PC.
Frédéric Motte scored the game.

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New kind of adventure game is one of the best Adventure games around, but if you want to enjoy in something different but in the same style, you have to choose one of these 4 games that we have presented. Some of them are combinations of different game styles and modes, but you will still be able to enjoy because all of them are interesting especially if you are a fan of Adventure games.

More About New kind of adventure

New kind of adventure is a 3D adventure game with RPG elements.
Mary hides in a wardrobe after her parents had a fight. She falls asleep. When Mary awakes, she discovers that she is in a beautiful, magical world with giant strawberries and magical druids!
With her new friend Aquarius, Mary must find a way back to the real world!Features:

  • Use Mary's new found powers and Aquarius' magical abilities to solve puzzles and complete quests.
  • Collect Artefacts to unlock new magical powers and abilities.
  • A huge vibrant world, with colourful wildlife and environments.
  • Gather items and resources to trade with Druids.
  • Original folk jam soundtrack.