50 Best Games Like MiniDrivers You Should Try in 2022

Trying to find games like MiniDrivers? Try these 50 great games that are similar to MiniDrivers, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive list of best games like MiniDrivers that have been tried, tested and recommended.


Best Games Like MiniDrivers

50 Best Games Like MiniDrivers You Should Try in 2022 Mario Kart 64 (1996),The Ship: Murder Party,Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut,Flame Over,STAR WARS: Episode I Racer,ACE - Arena: Cyber Evolution,Turbo Dismount,Rise of Industry,Paranautical Activity: Deluxe Atonement Edition,Level 22: Gary’s Misadventure - 2016 Edition

1. Mario Kart 64 (1996) 

Mario Kart 64 (1996) game icon

Genre:  Racing,

Platform:  Wii U,  Wii,  Nintendo 64,

Mario Kart 64 (マリオカート64, Mario Kāto Rokujūyon) is a kart racing video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 video game console. It was the successor to Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and is the second game in the Mario Kart series. It was released first in Japan on December 14, 1996, and in North America and Europe in 1997. It was later released as a Virtual Console game for the Wii and Wii U in 2007 and 2016, respectively.

2. The Ship: Murder Party 

The Ship: Murder Party game icon

Genre:  Action,  Role Playing,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

The Ship: Murder Party is a first-person shooter video game made with Valve Corporation Source engine. The first playable concept of The Ship was released as a modification for well-known and famous video game Half-Life 2.
The year is 1920. The setting is a cruise ship where each player has the mission to secretly murder other player when nobody is watching. Also, despite the killing the player has to be aware of their own hunters.
The story is about a man called Mr. X, who has handed free tickets...

3. Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut 

Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut game icon

Genre:  Arcade,

Platform:  PC,  PlayStation 3,  GameCube,

Sonic Adventure DX is a three-dimensional platformer developed by Sonic Team. It is the sixth installment in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
DX Edition features
This edition was released as a Director's Cut. The game was ported on GameCube and Windows. The new game mode was added featuring 60 new missions that are scattered across the game's levels. This edition also features a collection of 12 mini-games ported from the Game Gear console.
Set in an Earth-like world, Sonic and his...

4. Flame Over 

Flame Over game icon

Genre:  Action,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  PlayStation 4,  PS Vita,

Now you’re playing with fire!Blending top down ‘squirt ‘em-up’ action with Roguelike RPG mechanics, Flame Over features fast-paced fire-fighting thrills, randomly generated levels and 4 deadly game zones.Guide fire-fighting hero, Blaze Carruthers, in a race against time and near-certain death! Squirt, splash and spray your way through all 16 floors of the deadly Infernal Industries building, combating ferocious fires in a red-hot adventure that changes every time.This game is ON FIRE!• It...

5. STAR WARS: Episode I Racer 

STAR WARS: Episode I Racer game icon

Genre:  Action,  Arcade,  Racing,

Platform:  PC,  Nintendo 64,  Game Boy Color,  Classic Macintosh,  Dreamcast,

Two Engines. One Champion. No Limits.

Climb on, strap in, and experience the pure adrenaline-pumping excitement of the Podracing sequence from STAR WARS™: Episode I The Phantom Menace.

Take the controls as Anakin Skywalker, or any one of over 21 Podracers, and feel the full-force blast of two massive jet engines at simulated speeds of up to 600 mph. Rein in a turbine-driven chariot through 8 spectacular worlds. Negotiate through flaming methane lakes, Tusken Raider assaults, ant-gravity tunnels...

6. ACE - Arena: Cyber Evolution 

ACE - Arena: Cyber Evolution game icon

Genre:  Action,  Strategy,  Sports,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

Arena: Cyber Evolution (ACE) is a futuristic physics-based sports game in which players confront each other in 3 vs 3 matches of wits and twitch reflexes.
By featuring a MOBA-like champion logic, ACE brings an unprecedented twist to the sports genre by allowing players to choose from a variety of super-powered heroes and what style of gameplay they prefer to build their own team strategies. Designed from the ground up around the mouse & keyboard, ACE was not envisioned only as a sport game,...

7. Turbo Dismount 

Turbo Dismount game icon

Genre:  Action,  Simulation,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  iOS,  Android,  macOS,

Turbo Dismount is a kinetic tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the cars who love him. It is the official sequel to the wildly popular and immensely successful personal impact simulator - Stair Dismount.The highlights of this experience are multiple vehicles, an awesome replay system, level editing features, high-speed physics and an indiscriminate sense of style.The purpose of the game is simple - damage awards points. It is up to you to try different combinations of obstacles, vehicles, poses and levels...

8. Rise of Industry 

Rise of Industry game icon

Genre:  Strategy,  Simulation,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  Linux,

Rise of Industry is a strategic tycoon game that puts you in the shoes of an early 20th-century industrialist. Build and manage your growing empire in a living, breathing, and procedurally generated world that is constantly evolving and adapting to your playstyle. As a budding entrepreneur, you will build factories, construct efficient transport lines, move raw materials, produce finished goods, and arrange trade with the world's developing cities, providing them with the resources they need to flourish...

9. Paranautical Activity: Deluxe Atonement Edition 

Paranautical Activity: Deluxe Atonement Edition game icon

Genre:  Action,  Role Playing,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  macOS,  Linux,

Paranautical Activity combines the classic FPS action of games like Doom and Quake, with the randomness and difficulty of modern roguelikes like Binding of Isaac and Spelunky.-Unique FPS/Roguelike combination-Procedurally generated levels-Impossibly fast gameplay-Hidden levels-Over 100 items-40+ enemies-Ridiculous bosses‏-Kick ass Dubstep soundtrackThe Deluxe Atonement Edition includes the following-Developer footage & commentary, from prototype to pre alpha to full release! -The Seafarers...

10. Level 22: Gary’s Misadventure - 2016 Edition 

Level 22: Gary’s Misadventure - 2016 Edition game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Action,  Strategy,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  Xbox One,  PlayStation 4,  macOS,  PlayStation 3,  PS Vita,  Wii U,

THE FIRST STEALTH GAME SET IN THE MERCILESS AND FRENETIC WORLD OF WORK! Gary is an office worker who overslept after a drunken night out in town. Here's where it gets tricky, because this isn't the first time Gary's been late for work, and he could be fired if he's spotted arriving at his desk after everyone else yet again. So he’ll have to prove his smartness and slyness to make his way up the 22 floors standing between him and his office without being caught.Hide in closets, crawl through air...

11. Space Trader: Merchant Marine 

Space Trader: Merchant Marine game icon

Genre:  Action,  Strategy,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

In the far future, humanity is ruled by The Ministry of Accounts, an oppressive bureaucracy that tracks, records and taxes every transaction of daily life. From the depths of Red Tape, a new breed of marketeer arises to challenge the authority and make a profit: the Space Trader is born!
As a Trader, you will attempt to amass a fortune beyond your wildest imagination, buying and selling commodities and taking up arms against the oppressors or even accepting bounty missions, hunting down crime bosses...

12. The Wonderful End of the World 

The Wonderful End of the World game icon

Genre:  Casual,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

You can't save the whole world. It's going to be eaten by a mythological demon with the head of a fish. But as a puppet that absorbs all it touches, you can try to rescue as much of Earth's greatness as you can before the end arrives.
In the beginning, you roam the Earth, capable of absorbing only the tiniest of objects. A glass marble you collect becomes your head, and a pair of jellybeans becomes your hands. Small creatures overwhelm you, with rats kicking you around and golden retrievers threatening...

13. de Blob 

de Blob game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Action,  Casual,  Indie,  Platformer,

Platform:  PC,  Xbox One,  PlayStation 4,  Nintendo Switch,  Wii,

Don't know about art but you know what you like? Whether you are a master of the brush or a finger painting fool, just say no way to gray and join with de Blob and his pals as they launch a color revolution. A mischievous and unlikely hero, only de Blob can flip, bounce and smash his way past the all-powerful I.N.K.T. Corporation to ignite a revolution and save Chroma City from a future without color.
Battle against massive tank battalions, speedy I.N.K.T. racers and elite Inky soldiers on your...

14. Mashed 

Mashed game icon

Genre:  Racing,

Platform:  PC,

Mashed is a top down racing game that pits up to four players against each other.
Compete over 13 challenging and diverse environments using whatever means necessary
to batter and bruise your opponents into submission. Using a plethora of weapons or
just your driving skills unleash your fury, cause absolute carnage and send your
friends to a humiliating defeat!


13 tracks to race on, with a variety of cars waiting for you to master

Nine hi-tech weapons to pick up and unleash on your...

15. Urban Empire 

Urban Empire game icon

Genre:  Strategy,  Simulation,

Platform:  PC,

In Urban Empire you take control of a mayoral dynasty and lead your city and people through 200 years of history. Establish infrastructures, plan city districts, debate political decisions at the town council, bribe or blackmail your opponents, empower the democratic rights of your people or ignore them and reign supremely by yourself – the decision is yours!Beginning in the 1820s, establish your city through five different eras, each with its own threats and opportunities. Master the challenges...

16. Meow Motors 

Meow Motors game icon

Genre:  Casual,  Racing,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  PlayStation 4,  Nintendo Switch,

Meet kitties as the main heroes of the new go-kart racing game!
You will play as one of a dozen unique cats memorable for their characters and personality. Overcome difficulties of the tracks drifting through mines and bombs, stop
your competitors blasting them with bubble gum and other astonishing weapons. And don’t forget to gather power-ups to be the fastest on the track.
Tracks consist of three different modes: circle races, drifts and 'strike' mode. In order to win you should use the...

17. Grand Prix Circuit 

Grand Prix Circuit game icon

Genre:  Sports,  Racing,

Platform:  PC,  Classic Macintosh,  Apple II,  Commodore / Amiga,

Grand Prix Circuit is a sports-racing game developed by Distinctive Software, Inc., Distinctive Software and Random Access. It came out on 01-01-1988. It was published by Accolade. The game is rated as "Recommended" on RAWG. You can play Grand Prix Circuit on PC, Classic Macintosh, Apple II and Commodore / Amiga.


18. Mad Tracks 

Mad Tracks game icon

Genre:  Arcade,  Sports,  Racing,

Platform:  PC,  Xbox 360,

Single Player, Xbox LIVE Multiplayer 2-4, HD (High Definition). Admit it! You had fun playing the 2 challenges in the free version of Mad Tracks. The full game has a full 15 challenges -- some action packed, some intriguing, some just plain fast. You'll be able to see your name on the leaderboards and compare your Mad Tracks points with your friends. If that’s not enough racing action, the FULL version of Mad Tracks will also seamlessly accept future premium downloadable extension packs with an...

19. Rebel Cops 

Rebel Cops game icon

Genre:  Strategy,

Platform:  PC,  Xbox One,  PlayStation 4,  Nintendo Switch,

Rebel Cops is a spin-off game from This Is the Police, which exclusively features the series' turn-based tactical operations. Lead a rag-tag squad of cops in rebellion against their town's new criminal power, and see how long you can hold out when you're constantly short on supplies, and a single shot can cost a cop his life.
You’re not exactly the police, but you're the only ones on the side of justiceViktor Zuev, a sadistic crime boss new on the scene, has quickly taken the town...

20. 2002 FIFA World Cup 

2002 FIFA World Cup game icon

Genre:  Sports,

Platform:  PC,  Xbox,  PlayStation 2,  PlayStation,  GameCube,

2002 FIFA World Cup, sometimes known as FIFA World Cup 2002, was the second EA Sports official World Cup video game developed by EA Canada and Creations, with Intelligent Games assisting for PS2, Xbox, Windows, and Nintendo GameCube platform and Tose Software also assisting the GameCube version, the game was published by EA Sports in North America and Europe and published by Electronic Arts Victor in Japan.
An amalgamation between the game engines of FIFA Football 2002 and FIFA Football 2003, the...

21. Office Battle 

Office Battle game icon

Genre:  Action,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

Welcome to Office Battle! Many workers will lose their job because a layoff is happening very soon in your office. That is why "Big B" decided to organize a competition and the winners gets to keep his job. But don’t think that it will be easy. "Big B" will test the worthy office champion himself from time to time.Features: 60 colorful levels 40 items that you will never see in other games 11 skills that you can improve Level Editor Partial Controller Support Global player ratings...

22. STAR WARS Episode I Racer 

STAR WARS Episode I Racer game icon

Genre:  Action,  Racing,

Platform:  PC,

Two Engines. One Champion. No Limits.

Climb on, strap in, and experience the pure adrenaline-pumping excitement of the Podracing sequence from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.

Take the controls as Anakin Skywalker, or any one of over 21 Podracers, and feel the full-force blast of two massive jet engines at simulated speeds of up to 600 mph. Rein in a turbine-driven chariot through 8 spectacular worlds. Negotiate through flaming methane lakes, Tusken Raider assaults, ant-gravity tunnels...

23. Galaxy of Pen & Paper 

Galaxy of Pen & Paper game icon

Genre:  Role Playing,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  iOS,  Android,  macOS,  Linux,

*** Pay once and play the complete game forever! ***


Galaxy of Pen & Paper is a turn-based meta RPG about a group of players rolling dice in the year 1999! Create your own game master and RPG party, as they roleplay, explore distant planets in their imagination, fight weird aliens and save the galaxy in the era of dial-up internet and floppy disks!

Assemble the party of your choice,...

24. Ford Racing 3 

Ford Racing 3 game icon

Genre:  Racing,

Platform:  PC,  Nintendo DS,

Ford is without doubt one of the biggest brands in the world, with one of the most famous product ranges ever. Ford Racing 3 takes this amazing range of vehicles, from the
Model T Ford through to the latest concepts, and pits them against a huge variety of courses, cars and challenges.


• Compete in Ford vehicles past, present and future. Race 46 beautifully modeled vehicles from the Ford line-up, including a ’49 Ford, the F150 and the latest 2005 Mustang GT!

• 26 detailed and diverse...

25. rFactor 2 

rFactor 2 game icon

Genre:  Sports,  Simulation,  Racing,

Platform:  PC,

SummaryrFactor 2 is a realistic, easily extendable racing simulation from Studio 397. It offers the latest in vehicle and race customization, great graphics, outstanding multiplayer and the height of racing realism. rFactor 2 features mixed class road racing with ultra realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment and stunning graphics.You can race against a field of AI cars, or in multi-player mode against others. The simulation supports a full day-night cycle as well as dynamically varying...

26. VCB: Why City 

VCB: Why City game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Action,  Racing,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

You will walk in shoes of usual guy named Vano that returns to his hometown to conquer it again and help his old friends with their many problems. Haters make an attempt on Karina the streamer's life, genius rapper MC Heck still doesn't have a girlfriend and the game called VCB, made by legendary Kirill and Mihan, is littered with bad feedbacks on Steam. All these problems are yours now.There will be a whole city at your service, with its surprising sights and precious transport. There will be a...

27. Dude Simulator 

Dude Simulator game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Action,  Simulation,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

Dude Simulator is an open world sandbox game. This is a life simulator. The main objective is to enjoy what you are doing. You can do whatever you want. You can explore the town, find money and spend it to buy something, kill someone, enter any building – just everything that can be done in real life. You can live a regular life of an ordinary person or you can do any crazy things, play jokes on other people, and so on – it is all up to you....

28. LocoSoccer 

LocoSoccer game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Action,  Role Playing,  Casual,  Strategy,  Sports,  Simulation,  Racing,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  Linux,

LocoSoccer is a fun, crazy physics-based soccer game where you must do a lot of goals to win cups and accesories for your team. Your objective is easy: win all cups with your goals.How awesome is that?First, choose a difficulty to start playing with. Start playing as the blue team.In your team, there are 5 players. 3 groups. The first group is the goalkeeper, the second the defenders and the third the midfields.Use your numpad/numbers from 1 to 3 to control the groups of your team. The main ability...

29. 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin’ 

18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin’ game icon

Genre:  Simulation,  Racing,

Platform:  PC,

Haul Some! Kick Some!Life on the road is filled with obstacles. Do you have the juice to go from gearjammer to boss man in the trucking business? Climb in the can and find out!You're steering the whole operation, from choosing the trucks to hiring the drivers in your fleet. Avoid the hazards and you'll be hauling it in. But, make too many wrong turns along the way and it could be a lost cause.That fire in your belly is gonna take you straight to the top. Take risks, cash in and upgrade your rig....

30. F1 2002 

F1 2002 game icon

Genre:  Sports,  Simulation,  Racing,

Platform:  PC,

F1 2002 is a simulation, sports and racing game developed by Image Space Incorporated. It came out on 01-07-2002. It was published by Electronic Arts. The game is rated as "Skip" on RAWG. You can play F1 2002 on PC.


31. FootRock 

FootRock game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Action,  Sports,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

“The main hero is a cool and modest guy with a big heart whose name is Rocky. Rocky has won a lot of victories in sport. He has been an outstanding football player but got a heavy injury. After a rough patch, Rocky meets a beautiful girl who inspired him again. Now he wants to give her an unforgettable evening, but he needs to earn a bit of money to do that. He decides to put everything on the line and goes to a closed-door sports arena to participate in a very dangerous and violent game. Only...

32. FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 

FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 game icon

Genre:  Sports,

Platform:  PlayStation,  Nintendo 64,  Game Boy,  SNES,  Genesis,

FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (commonly abbreviated to FIFA 98) is an association football video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. It was the fifth game in the FIFA series and the second to be in 3D on the 32-bit machines. A number of different players were featured on the cover, including David Beckham in the UK, Roy Lassiter in the USA, Mexico and Brazil, David Ginola on the French cover, Raúl on the Spanish cover, Paolo Maldini on the Italian and Andreas Möller on the...

33. F1 

F1 game icon

Genre:  Sports,  Racing,

Platform:  PC,  Commodore / Amiga,  Atari ST,  Genesis,  SEGA Master System,  Game Gear,

F1 is a sports-racing game developed by Lankhor. It was originally released in 1993. Domark Software published the game. The game is rated as "Skip" on RAWG. You can play F1 on SEGA Master System, Game Gear, Atari ST and Commodore / Amiga.



FLASHOUT 2 game icon

Genre:  Action,  Casual,  Simulation,  Racing,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  iOS,  Android,  macOS,  Linux,

NOW WITH FREE ADDITIONAL CONTENT - MP3 music tunes and wallpapers (refer to game manual for details)!FLASHOUT 2, the sequel to the highly-acclaimed anti-gravity racer FLASHOUT 3D is finally here! Get into one of many ultra-fast ships and use your arsenal of rockets, guns, bonuses and upgrades to fight your way to victory!FLASHOUT 2 offers a fresh and addicting racing experience featuring a redesigned and enhanced Career Mode with story elements, massive improvements in matter of steering, physics,...

35. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Action,  Role Playing,  Strategy,  Simulation,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  PlayStation 4,  Nintendo Switch,

Oversee the development of your hero school, build structures, upgrade facilities, and manage the day-to-day activities of your students
Train your warrior, mage, and ranger students to hone their abilities and unlock powerful sub-classes such as paladin, scholar, harlequin and more!
Deploy students on timed errand missions across the world or head out to take on quests with your own squad to experience the adventure...

36. Synth Riders 

Synth Riders game icon

Genre:  Action,  Casual,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

Synth Riders is a challenging VR rhythm game with a cyberpunk twist. Fly through breathtaking retro-futuristic landscapes to Synthwave music perfectly attuned with every level. Players hit colored notes and note streams that fly by to the beat of pulsating retro synthesizer music. Blue notes can be hit with either hand, pink notes must be hit with one hand only, and orange notes must be hit with both hands at the same time. There are four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard and expert.FeaturesUnique...

37. F1 2001 

F1 2001 game icon

Genre:  Sports,  Simulation,  Racing,

Platform:  PC,

F1 2001 is a simulation, sports and racing game developed by Electronic Arts Sports. It came out on 01-10-2001. It was published by Electronic Arts. The game is rated as "Recommended" on RAWG. You can play F1 2001 on PC.


38. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 game icon

Genre:  Sports,

Platform:  Xbox,  PlayStation 2,  GameCube,  Game Boy Advance,

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 is the 2001 successor to Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX and was developed by Z-Axis and Full Fat and published by Acclaim Entertainment under their Acclaim Max Sports label. It was released for the PlayStation 2 in August 2001, and in the following months it was ported to the GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and Xbox video game systems. Both the GameCube and Xbox ports featured two extra levels that were not present in the PS2 version.
In the game, players can take on the role of...

39. MotoGP 09/10 

MotoGP 09/10 game icon

Genre:  Simulation,  Racing,

Platform:  PlayStation 3,

MotoGP™ 09/10 is a multiplayer racing game that recreates the popular seasonal MotoGP™ motorcycle racing event with riders, tracks, and sponsors as true to the real life sport as possible....

40. Tony Hawk's American Sk8land 

Tony Hawk's American Sk8land game icon

Genre:  Sports,

Platform:  Game Boy Advance,

Tony Hawk's American Sk8land is the handheld version of American Wasteland, the seventh entry in the Tony Hawk's series. It is the first entry in the series for the Nintendo DS, and the fifth to appear on Game Boy Advance.
American Sk8land uses cel shaded visuals and it was developed by Vicarious Visions, the developer of the Game Boy Advance Tony Hawk games. The game is based on its console counterpart, American Wasteland, featuring the same soundtrack, many of the same environments and characters.

41. MiniBikers 

MiniBikers game icon

Genre:  Sports,  Racing,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  macOS,

MiniBikers is the craziest race to reach your hands! The animated series that has captivated millions of people around the world has a new star: You! Create your own stories or change the racing rules and become a World Champion.

If anything characterizes MiniBikers it is the unique competition style. Who said races are boring? Surprises await you at every turn with power-ups based on the popular animated series. Cause opponents to skid on butter, using the chicken of the...

42. Looney Rally 

Looney Rally game icon

Genre:  Sports,  Racing,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  iOS,  macOS,

Get behind the wheel of a racing rally car or a truck and go head to head against other rival AI racers in gorgeous locations, from the hot unforgiving desert, to the icy mountains or volcanic island. Climb hills, race down slopes, speed through obstacles and beat the other AI players. Do you have what it takes to win all races, become first and unlock new locations and vehicles?

Each race earns you points, which you can spend on cars and tracks. Try to collect the most pickups to increase your...

43. Making History: The Great War 

Making History: The Great War game icon

Genre:  Strategy,  Simulation,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  macOS,  Linux,

Making History: The Great War offers a game filled with historical events and challenges of the WW1 era. Playing as the Head of State, you are responsible for managing all facets of your nation's economy, diplomacy and military. Your actions will influence world events as you lead your armies in the most in-depth WWI grand strategy game ever made. Play as any independent nation during the World War 1 era.Choose how best to control your conquests: colonies, protectorates or puppet states.Build trenches...


GOCCO OF WAR game icon

Genre:  Action,  Casual,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

Enter the studio, and join a make-believe war — the kind said to have been played by children almost a hundred years ago.Up to 32 people can be in a lobby at once, and up to 8 players can join up to take on quests together.Go to war in the guise of an adorable avatarAddictive shooting gameplay with easy controlsYou can enjoy short sessions of casual single playerStory spanning 21 quests, 3 difficultly settingsIncludes online/offline modes (teams of up to 8)Features over 200 characters, over 30...

45. Chainless 

Chainless game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Action,  Casual,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

Escape from prison and swing your way through the city, avoid various obstacles, don't get caught and try not to fall.Compete with friends and rise to the top of the leaderboard!VR Fitness Insider review: 4/5Features:Realistic swinging-physicsGlobal leaderboard & personal statisticsAchievementsFrequent updatesRandomly generated environment every new run!Comfort settings ("anti-motion sickness")Bonus:Humor & easter eggsFeel (and look) like TarzanSore armsPlanned features:Multiplayer mode!...

46. Drift86 

Drift86 game icon

Genre:  Casual,  Racing,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

Get in the mythical 86 and prove you're worthy of this car!In Drift86 you will have to master the art of Drift. Try to make the biggest combo on music that will make you want to press the accelerator."Driving technique is not something you can get in a few days"Features :■ The mythical AE86 car!■ A great unique circuit!■ Addictive drift system!■ Transmission system and speedometer in km/h of the car!■ Eurobeat !...

47. Crashbots 

Crashbots game icon

Genre:  Action,  Arcade,  Casual,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  Xbox One,  PlayStation 4,  iOS,  macOS,  Linux,  Nintendo Switch,

Take control of the latest line of robots and test their fighting capabilities, agility, and endurance in various arenas filled with dangerous obstacles, booby traps and enemies.
In this game mode you have to reach the finish line of each level before your battery runs out. World Mode takes you through 5 different wolds that each have their own unique contraptions and enemies that will try to destroy you. The final level of each world is a big boss fight.
In this game mode...

48. OBEY 

OBEY game icon

Genre:  Action,  Strategy,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  macOS,  Linux,

OBEY is a highly asymmetrical multiplayer game. We've all played games where you send commands to AI units or teammates. OBEY instead puts you in the position to command your enemies (human opponents), and to be commanded by them. Players are always free to obey/disobey. It is always up to players to deal with the consequences of their decisions in the game.You win by bribing and coercing your opponents to do things against their own self interest (and in your interest).If you are being coerced...

49. Recourse 

Recourse game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Casual,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

Recourse is a puzzle game with unprecedented puzzle variety.Please visit http://recourse.cloudsandblue.com for high quality videos and more in-depth information on how to play the game.You are kindly invited to try out the demo to discover the unique gameplay features as well as to see how it runs on your system.Journey to a scenic arctic planet that is solely inhabited by experimental AI units and discarded robots. Play as Sleet, a sentient robot confronted with a series of puzzles and has little...

50. Police Patrol 

Police Patrol game icon

Genre:  Action,  Casual,  Racing,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

Police Patrol In Police Patrol your mission is to bust the bad guys fleeing away. You must be fast and furious while using your driving skills to catch up the criminal within a small time.It's a racing, arcade and simulator game with amazing graphics and sound effects. You can easily immerse yourself in this world of car chases. Get the job done before the enemies reach their destination.How to Play:W or Up - AccelerateS or Down - BrakeAD or Left/Right - Turn the CarFEATURES :- 4 different tracks.-...

What is the plot of MiniDrivers?

Developer: Ivanovich Games

Publisher: Ivanovich Games

Platforms:PC, macOS,

Genre: Sports, Simulation, Racing, Indie,

The craziest races are now on your hand with MiniDrivers! The animated serie which is loved by millions of people around the world has a new main character: You! Create your own stores or change the rules becoming World Champion.

If something is peculiar with MiniDrivers is their way to see the sport. Who said races are boring? Surprises will be in every corner with the power-ups that you’ve seen on the animated series. Freeze your rivals with the Freeze-o-Kimi, throw a boomerang as the Australian drivers or smash your rivals as the most “shocking” driver does in real life.

Enjoy three different game modes, like the Tournament that will make you show that you’re the best driver. The season mode will allow you become the 2015 MiniDrivers World Champion and the online tournament that will allow you to show everyone that you’re the best driver with the weekly challenges against your friends around the world. Also you can enjoy the chapter of your favorite cartoons and see all the chapters from our app.

Race on the 20 most known tracks of the series full of details and surprises that will shock you with the full grid for this 2015 season of MiniDrivers. Will you be able to beat Minicedes with your favorite driver? Now you can do it! Change the story and specially… Change the rules!

Realistic graphics adapted to the retina display of your Mac's. Also you will be able to change the amount of detail. You will see everything!

Realistic physics for the most exigent drivers with an arcade handling for the little ones. All the people can race at MiniDrivers the videogame! But don’t forget to upgrade your car if you want to be on top and beat your rivals.