Trying to find games like Mad Dagger? Try these 78 great games that are similar to Mad Dagger, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive list of best games like Mad Dagger that have been tried, tested and recommended.

  • The best games like Mad Dagger are:

  • arrow_rightWargroove
  • arrow_rightSuper Mario Maker
  • arrow_rightDon't Die, Mr. Robot!
  • arrow_rightPrincess.Loot.Pixel.Again
  • arrow_rightThe Herbalist
  • arrow_rightSlap City
  • arrow_rightFruit Arranger
  • arrow_rightLocoRoco Cocoreccho!

78 Best Games Like Mad Dagger:


1. Wargroove

Wargroove is a high fantasy game that was strongly inspired by such turn-based tactics games as Advance Wars and Fire Emblem. It features minimalist pixelated visual style and a 2D top-down view. The game is made for Nintendo Switch and aims to recreate the retro atmosphere of the old games from the early 2000s handheld consoles.


The player assumes the role of one of the commanders. There are twelve unique commanders, each of them has a distinct personality, motivation, and a personal set of missions. The player navigates his or her commander on the map and fights the enemies. New commanders can be unlocked as the player progresses in the game. The commanders belong to four different factions: Cherrystone Kingdom, Felheim Legion, Heavensong Empire and Floran Tribes (the latter also featured in Starbound).


Wargroove includes a variety of modes, such as single player, cooperative multiplayer and player versus player, in both online and local modes. The multiplayer modes allow up to four players to participate in a game. The game allows the players to customize the rules and other options in this mode.

The game also includes a map editor that lets the players make their own campaigns. The editor features the option to interlink the various missions to create your own non-linear campaigns.

Categories in common with Wargroove: Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC | Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | Nintendo Switch


2. Super Mario Maker

The Mario experience of your dreams has arrived and is bursting with
creativity... including yours! Play a near-limitless number of intensely
creative Super Mario levels from players around the world. It’s easy
enough to create your own levels with the Wii U GamePad controller that
it may feel like you’re simply sketching out your ideas on paper, but
you can now bring enemies and objects into a playable course in ways you
could only dream of before. What was impossible in traditional Mario
games is now impossibly fun, so let your imagination run wild!

Bonus: All editions of Super Mario Maker come with a collectable
book that features:

Ideas from the Nintendo development team to inspire your creations

Special codes that you can enter into the online manual to watch
videos of creations from the development team

Concept art and level designs from the original Super Mario Bros

The book comes with all physical copies of the game. For digital
purchases, check your Nintendo eShop receipt for instructions on how to
request a copy. You can also download a free digital version of the book
on the official
microsite when the game launches. Offer only valid in US, Canada,
and Mexico.


Play a near-limitless number of Mario levels created by Nintendo and
players around the world.

Create your own Mario levels by using the Wii U GamePad controller
touch screen to add enemies, blocks, pipes and more.

Break the conventions of traditional Super Mario gameplay by blending
enemies, traps and items into unexpected twists, like Piranha
Plant-shooting cannons, power-up-tossing Lakitus, or even Hammer Bros.
riding on Bowser while bouncing on trampolines.

Touch control, instant editing and a robust online ranking and search
system makes creating, playing and sharing a seamless process.

Switch between four distinct themes, each with different art styles
and features: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario
World, and New Super Mario Bros. U.

Transform into different characters at random with the new Mystery
Mushroom item. Expand the roster of possible characters by completing
100 Mario Challenge mode or tapping compatible amiibo..

Transform into different characters at random with the new Mystery
Mushroom item. Expand the roster of possible characters by completing
100 Mario Challenge mode or tapping compatible amiibo.

Tap a 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo figure to the Wii U GamePad
controller to add a Big Mushroom power-up to your course!

Categories in common with Super Mario Maker: Platformer

Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Wii U


3. Don't Die, Mr. Robot!

It's Don't Die, Mr. Robot! The cute, colorful and blissfully frantic action game that arcade fans have been waiting for all their lives.
Mr. Robot loves fruit! But whenever he tries to eat one it explodes.
It’s not all bad though! Those explosions destroy the endless horde of robotic machines trying to squish, zap, stomp and bite him.
** Features **
- Remix Mode: Battle through 50 unique missions in Remix Mode which mess up the rules and push your skills to the limits
- Arcade Mode: A never ending, different every time arena based fun machine! Hit the global leaderboards and try and become the world’s best.
- Time Attack: Two and a half minutes of hyper-charged frantic action.
- Chill Out Mode: A more sedate and strategic but equally intense mode for when your nerves are just too fried to take on the game at full pace.
Some functions and features may not be available on PlayStation TV.
Purchasing this content entitles you to both the PS4™ system and “PS Vita” system versions!
1 player(s)
Network Features
1024KB Minimum
Rear Touch Pad
Dual Analog Sticks
Motion Sensor
Software subject to license ( Online activity subject to Terms of Services and User Agreement ( One time license fee entitles play on up to 3 PlayStation® Vita systems activated by this account.

Categories in common with Don't Die, Mr. Robot!: Action | Arcade

Platform: PlayStation 4 | iOS | Nintendo Switch | PS Vita


4. Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again

Get a beautiful Princess’ hand in marriage!
Use various equipment and artifacts!
Dodge from enemies attack and jump over the spikes!
Enjoy pixel retro stylistics!
Have you already done this before? Do it again!
PLPA is a dynamic platformer with a combo system and special strikes, there is also a bit of rogue-lite genre. The principal aim is to get through all floors of the Dark Tower and outfight the main antagonist a Evil Mage. That’s not easy due to a instant death which is followed by a full castle structure regeneration.
First of all, success in the game depends on player’s skills, not on random. The player learns the game mechanics, operation of certain artifacts, items, skills and also behavior of enemies and bosses. The keynote of this gameplay is for a gamer to learn from mistakes and pump his own skills, but not only the protagonist’s ones.
-The main thing about the game is having fun! No farming and excessive complexity.A gamer will face lots of fun things, unusual situations, easter eggs and references to other games. Self-irony also takes place.
-The total generation of location structure, objects, artifacts, traps, enemies and bosses.
-12 characters, different in performance and equipment.
-Create equipment and pump it with stones, runes and enchantment.
-Hidden features and events.
-All of this and much more are seasoned by hurricane-like action with various strikes, skills and spells!

Categories in common with Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again: Adventure | Action | Role Playing | Indie | Platformer

Platform: PC


5. The Herbalist

"The Herbalist" is a calm and meditative logic puzzle game from the creators of "Everlasting Summer". Along with Slavya you will need to recreate magical potions recipes. The game features colorful anime style graphics, pleasant soft sounttrack and fruity plot scenes.Plot:One day Slavya came to spend summer at her Grandma's place, but nobody was there to greet her — the hut was empty. Slavya found an old book containing barely readable alchemy recipes. She decided to restore the knowledge lost — maybe she would be able to find out why did her Grandma disappear.Game features:

  • Searching and gathering magical and normal herbs
  • Scores of unique potions and items
  • Lots of rich and spicy plot scenes
  • Game modding with new recipes, locations, events, etc.

Categories in common with The Herbalist: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


6. Slap City

Slap City is a streamlined platform fighter with characters and locations from the Ludosity universe! Slap your way through multiplayer modes like Battle and Slap Ball either locally or online, or take on a bunch of single-player challenges!
Play with up to four players locally or online with a variety of game modes, options, and computer controlled opponents, or play for points in online 1 on 1 ranked battles.
Save replays of your greatest moments!
Want a break from fighting? Try Slap Ball! (Note: there will be no breaks from fighting.)
In this team-based game mode, players slap the ball into the opponent's basket to score. The more the ball gets juggled in the air without touching the ground, the more points it'll be worth, allowing for some serious plays and comebacks. Don't forget to rest near your goal to recover some damage, or each hit from your opponent will soon send you several laps around the court!
Here's a quick look at what is already implemented, and what is coming in the updates ahead!

Categories in common with Slap City: Action | Indie

Platform: PC


7. Fruit Arranger

Fruit Arranger is a fun puzzle game where you have to place fruits on a 9x9 table. When you match 3 in a same row or column the last fruit placed will transform into another fruit. Your goal is to place as many fruits as possible without getting stuck.
Trading cards pending approval.

Categories in common with Fruit Arranger: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


8. LocoRoco Cocoreccho!

Play as a butterfly and guide the cute little LocoRoco™ to safety. The LocoRocos respond to the environment, interact with each other, and sing along to the music. Running at 1080p, LocoRoco™ Cocoreccho! brings all new gameplay, use of the SIXAXIS™ wireless controller technology, mini-games, and online rankings.
• New Gameplay – Control the butterfly to guide the cute little LocoRoco™ to safety! LocoRoco™ will try to follow the butterfly wherever it goes!
• Full HD at 1080p – Fly around a richly detailed environment to wake up and rescue up to 200 LocoRoco™!
• SIXAXIS™ Wireless Controller – Use the SIXAXIS™ controller to rock, launch, and bounce the LocoRoco™.
• Additional Mini-games – Discover three addicting mini-games.
Software subject to license ( Online activity subject to Terms of Services and User Agreement (
LocoRoco is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. © 2006 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. SIXAXIS is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Categories in common with LocoRoco Cocoreccho!: Action | Puzzle | Platformer

Platform: PlayStation 3


9. My Coloring Book: Animals

You do not need to have a piece of paper and bright felt-tip pens anymore - just run "My Coloring Book: Animals" and dive into the virtual world of coloring magic! We are sure the young artists will appreciate this virtual coloring game.Features:

  • Simple operation
  • Bright, colorful visuals
  • Clean interface

The goal of the player is to paint over elements of the drawings to their tastes. In order to help the children, we placed hints representing the right colors in the form of a small painted silhouette. Do not let this feature to limit your imagination though, as the virtual marker allows you to perform miracles! Coloring books for children helps them to observe and learn all about the world around them, introducing them to all the varieties of colors, shades, shapes of objects and their magnitudes. Coloring the pictures will make sure both you and your children will have fun while educating them on the way.

Categories in common with My Coloring Book: Animals: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


10. DBA Online

DBA Online is a strategy game developed by It came out on 01-01-1999. published the game.
DBA Online is available on PC.

Categories in common with DBA Online: Strategy

Platform: PC


11. Moomintrolls: The Quest for Hobgoblin's Ruby

Moomintrolls: The Quest for Hobgoblin's Ruby is an educational puzzle game developed by Norsk Strek AS. It came out on 01-01-1999. It was published by WSOY.
Moomintrolls: The Quest for Hobgoblin's Ruby is available on PC.

Categories in common with Moomintrolls: The Quest for Hobgoblin's Ruby: Puzzle | Educational

Platform: PC


12. Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

As a loveable chocobo, players will tap, swipe and slide their way through fables from the Final Fantasy world as they journey to rescue their lost friends and restore peace to the land.

Developed exclusively for Nintendo DS, Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales features a fun and enchanting world filled with trademark characters from Final Fantasy. Featuring innovative stylus and touch screen functionality, the game invites players to engage in dozens of minigames and microgames as they turn pages on the next chapter of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Once upon a time, there was a small, peaceful island protected by the crystals of fire, earth, water and light. On this island lived Shirma, Croma and a farm full of cheerful chocobos. Just when it looked like they were all going to live happily every after, Croma brought back a mysterious book from his latest journey. Without thinking twice, he opened the dark tome and inadvertently invited misfortune upon the island. Every nearby chocobo was sucked into the magical pages of the wicked book.

Unbeknownst to all, Bebuzzu, who had once nearly laid waste to the entire world, was imprisoned inside the pages of the book. Luckily for the good guys, his strength was not fully restored…at least not yet. Taking the role of a chocobo, players must rescue their friends while stopping Bebuzzu from regaining his full scope of abilities.

As of May 20, 2014, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for Nintendo DSi and Wii systems has been retired. Online features of this game are no longer available after this date but this game still provides an entertaining experience in offline mode.

To learn more about this service change, please visit To learn more about this service change, please visit

Categories in common with Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales:

Platform: Nintendo DS



Experience the rush of battle with the fan acclaimed videogame "SUGURI" - one of the most unique side-scrolling shooter titles ever created by doujin game developer Orange_Juice. Showcasing beautifully rendered designs and backgrounds, innovative weaponry, captivating gameplay action, and a cool techno-trance soundtrack, "SUGURI" is a must-have, must-play doujin game.
SUGURI is equipped with an automatic lock-on targeting system and equipped with a unique arsenal of hyper weapons, power shields, and more. Sure, she may look cute, but when it's time to fight, it's all business. So, get ready to focus and concentrate like never before, because you're about to fight your way through seven insanely challenging stages, all while going up against overwhelming bosses with deceptive and distracting weapons that fill up the entire screen. You're outnumbered and outgunned, but use your target-locking control system and fire-power wisely and you might just dodge the hundreds of missiles, laser spears and beams coming at you from every direction. Inflict as much damage as you can and you'll have a fighting chance, but get careless for just one split-second and that's all it takes between exhilarating victory and brutal defeat!
Suguri Features:

  • Side-scrolling shoot-’em-up with fighting-game-like boss battles
  • Mix and match multiple unlockable weapons
  • Charming story with endearing characters
  • Steam Cards

Categories in common with SUGURI: Action | Indie

Platform: PC


14. Bejeweled Twist

Spin, match, explode... WOW! It's a brilliant new way to play Bejeweled! Get set for a vivid sensory rush as you spin and match explosive gems for shockwaves of fun. Rotate jewels freely to set up electrifying combos, outwit surprising obstacles like Locks and Bombs, and create high-voltage Flame and Lightning gems. When you need to dial up the intensity or fine-tune your skills, turn to Challenge mode or five-minute Blitz. And if relaxing is more your style, kick up your feet with stress-free Zen. No matter the mode, you'll discover new strategies, improve your moves, and find endless ways to win!

  • Use the revolutionary Gem Rotator to move gems around and make matches anywhere on the board
  • Relax, rev up, refocus or recharge in four game modes — Classic, Zen, Challenge and Blitz
  • Clear away Locks and Bombs for magnificent bonuses
  • Create Flame and Lightning power gems, then blast them to smithereens just because you can
  • Relive your best moves with Instant Replay and see where you rank on the high-score list
  • Start playing quickly and easily with in-game tips
  • Enjoy eye-popping graphics and special effects... you've never seen Bejeweled like this before!

Categories in common with Bejeweled Twist: Casual | Strategy

Platform: PC | Nintendo DS


15. Kaboom Monsters

KaBoom Monsters is a revolutionary fantasy strategic card game!

The game takes place against a backdrop of rich details and terrific graphics – in a fantasy world that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The intuitive gameplay is backed up by a rich and immersive gaming experience. You create your own cards, develop your deck and jump into an epic single player campaign with a series of battles. KaBoom Monsters offers a unique card/object crafting system allowing you to pimp up your weapons, shields and add different objects to boost your deck.

-More than 100 cards and constantly increasing!
-Crafting-cards, sacrifice three of your cards to get a stronger one.
-Rich recipe system to create weapons, shields and special abilities!
-2 Maps with 25 epic quests.
-So much fantasy-humor!
-Detailed and addictive graphics
-A lot of secrets to discover!

Categories in common with Kaboom Monsters: Adventure | Casual | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC


16. Vinyl

Vinyl is a dynamic indie music game created by graduate students at the University of Utah EAE program, that experiments with the aesthetic distance between gameplay and music.

Every Song is Unique:
- Load your own music.
- Your music procedurally generates the world...
- The way you play changes the music!
- Pick a music genre and let Vinyl remix your song how you choose.

Arcade Styled Runner:
- Dodge all of the obstacles to see your music in vibrant neon synesthesia.
- Make mistakes and your music will be taken back in time.
- Rewind to undo your mistakes, and your score.
- Collect audio filters to manipulate your music even more, and score more points!
- Too easy to dodge obstacles? Boost to increase your multiplier and gain the ultimate score!

Score Attack:
- Use all of your abilities to rack up points.
- Challenge the online leaderboards.
- Enter your initials to claim the number one spot!

Vinyl: Play Your Music

Categories in common with Vinyl: Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


17. 12 Labours of Hercules VIII: How I Met Megara

Do you want to learn how Hercules looked like in his youth? How did he earn Megara’s love and become a hero?
What was his very first adventure? Play terrific Time Management game “12 Labours of Hercules: How I Met Megara”!On this way there are waiting for you mummies and minotaurs, Egyptian Pyramids and the ruined town of Thebes, glass labyrinth on the island of Crete and… lots of cats!One day Hercules saw a girl who sobbed upon the shore.
She told the young stranger that her sister and beloved cat had missed after the evil Cretans attacked Thebes. The only clue was a message on the wall… Hercules fell in love with that girl named Megara at the first sight. So, our future hero starts his investigation and a long journey to the unknown lands for the sake of love!

  • Terrific Time Management;
  • Three modes of difficulty;
  • Fascinating and different tasks on each level;
  • Challenging achievements;
  • More depth with sub-levels;
  • Romance & cute kittens;
  • See how Hercules looked before becoming a Hero;
  • Easy to learn, hard to master: many ways to complete a level;
  • Mummies & Pyramid.

Categories in common with 12 Labours of Hercules VIII: How I Met Megara: Adventure | Strategy

Platform: PC | macOS


18. Black Sand Drift

For over 300 years, the five planets of the Kotiro galaxy and its citizens have struggled under the heavy hand of maniacal, mechanical bots called Spiral. As the metallic army's relentless pursuit of the resource Black Sand begins ramping up exponentially, a few brave heroes decide to fight back.
Enter Black Sand Drift: A wholly unique shooter built from the ground up with the PC in mind. So what makes this SHMUP stand out from the crowd? Well, to begin with, there is a heavy emphasis on characters and story; and through the 25 levels spanning 5 different locals, the dialog driven narrative will play out with lots of interesting and strange revelations culminating in a spectacularly whimsical finale.
Created with the keyboard in mind, using the WASD in combination with the SPACEBAR feels tight and responsive; a must for any game challenging you with leaderboards. And because there are 25 separate local and online boards to tackle, you will appreciate the smooth controls. The ARROW keys and CONTROLLER support are also available as alternatives!
The music consists of 25 tracks—1 for each level—featuring guitars, bass, drums and vocals; a rarity for such games of the same creed. Every aspect of Black Sand Drift has been intentionally tweaked to present you with something wholly unique from anything you've played before.
Between the music, controls, graphics, breadth of story and overall experience, I hope you find something here that truly inspires and evokes the emotions we all crave as dedicated gamers. Thank you for checking out Black Sand Drift!
The Tilda’s default weapon's system fires an automatic stream of bullets, giving the player a means to fight the deadly Spiral forces. However, this is not the only weapon at your disposal; there are also 15 powerful Special Weapons spread out among the 25 levels.
For every level you beat (without cheating), you will unlock a special image accessible from the main menu; everything from concept art to alternate versions of characters and more, all straight from the pages of our sketchbooks.

Categories in common with Black Sand Drift: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


19. Wuxing Master(TCG)

"Wuxing Master 五行师(CCG)" is a Collectible Card Game(CCG) whose rules and numerical value have been honed for ten years. Both the appearance and content are pursuing a strong Chinese style.
Compared with other CCG, there are some unique rules: You have to sacrifice a card from your hand if you want to raise your upper limit of mana, there are six attack routes on a battlefield and any cards can be matched without the restrictions of professions.
The rules and numerical value of "Wuxing Master 五行师(CCG)" originated from an independent game which was launched ten years ago. This independent game have gained many fans based on its playability even without promotion funds, and its combat rules and numerical value have become mature and balanced after a lot of people’s long -term playing. Now "Wuxing Master 五行师(CCG)" is striving to become a high-quality product of CCG after two years’ efforts.

Categories in common with Wuxing Master(TCG): Strategy | Massively Multiplayer

Platform: PC


20. Mega Man Xtreme

Many years ago, Mega Man X--a blue robot possessing a high intelligence, a kind personality, and formidable power--was found and studied by Dr. Cain. The scientist attempted to create more in the likeness of the robot, calling them "Reploids". However, some of the Reploids began to malfunction, and these were called "Mavericks". The "Maverick Hunters", a group of capable Reploids like Mega Man X, Zero and Sigma, was assembled to fix the situation. However, one day, Sigma revolts and hacks into the Mother Computer, causing the Mavericks to grow in power.

With chaos brewing on the horizon, Mega Man X must join forces with Middy, a genius hacker, and his partner Zero to restore peace. Blast through the past, defeat strong robotic enemies and obtain new abilities as you clean up crime in this action-packed platformer!

This game is only playable in 2D.

This classic game is part of the Virtual Console service, which brings you great games created for consoles such as NES™, Super NES™ and Game Boy™ Advance. See more Virtual Console games for Nintendo 3DS.

Categories in common with Mega Man Xtreme:

Platform: Nintendo 3DS


21. Purble Place

Purble Place is a Puzzle game, developed by Oberon Media and published by Microsoft Game Studios, which was released in 2006.

Categories in common with Purble Place: Puzzle

Platform: PC


22. Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House

Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House is a puzzle game developed by Friday's Games. It was originally released in 2008. Alawar Entertainment published the game. Most rawgers rated the game as "Exceptional".
You can play Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House on PC.

Categories in common with Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House: Puzzle

Platform: PC


23. Plastiland

Plastiland is a charming handmade puzzle-platformer based on the Lemmings classical gameplay and inspired by The Neverhood’s art style.Description
Guide our lovely clay characters through 48 levels of three worlds. Save as many of plastiballs as you can, reach far corners of each level by transforming them into one of eight roles, like cruncher, crusher, builder, and others.
All you need is clay!
Each level has its own goal to reach and different mechanics to use, like sleeping bombs, scattered additional roles, nullify zones, and portals. Build your way through each level avoiding its deadly zones like chasms, seas of lava or acid and dead ends.
Plastiland is accompanied by pleasant sound effects and atmospheric music you will surely remember long after playing the game. Explore the worlds of Plasticinia, Plastipolia and Plastidonia!Key features
3 handmade plasticine worlds - Plasticinia, Plastipolia and Plastidonia!
Funny clay handmade characters
Lemmings-style mechanics
48 most challenging and beautiful levels
8 funniest roles to change plastiballs into
Different challenging environmental effects
Bonus levels with unexpected mechanics

Categories in common with Plastiland: Adventure | Action | Casual | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC


24. Fermi's Path

In this action-loaded arcade game you play the role of Fermi, a particle on a terrific trip through subatomic space. Driven by the music you have to avoid obstacles and eliminate incoming particles on ever-accelerating levels to crack the top score!
After mastering each level you can play it in infinity mode to compete with your friends and the Steam Community in an open-end highscore. If you are not satisfied with navigating Fermi over the many preset tracks, use the integrated level editor to create entirely new challenges and share them in the Steam Workshop!
Key Features

  • many levels with increasing difficulty and speed
  • infinity-mode and Steam Leaderbord
  • Level editor with Steam Workshop integration
  • secret paths with special challenges and even more bonus points
  • various obstacles and hostile particles
  • many weapon upgrades
  • catchy electro soundtrack

Please also take a look at our Game Quantum Rush here on Steam

Categories in common with Fermi's Path: Action | Casual | Simulation | Racing | Indie

Platform: PC | Xbox One


25. Millennium 5 - The Battle of the Millennium

Marine has less than a week to get her friends (and herself) ready for the incredible showdown in Mystrock.
But as tempers flare and time runs out, isn't the whole enterprise in danger of failing from the start?
Is Marine's vision a glorious quest... or a sinking ship? And how can peasants face martial artists and their hordes of fans in their own arena?
Find out what happens... if you dare to be a part of the Battle of the Millennium! Details
Millennium 5 is the final episode of Aldorlea's flagship series (the makers behind The Book of Legends, Moonchild, Dreamscape, 3 Stars of Destiny, Asguaard, Undefeated etc.).
Featuring an immersive story, this game is a fantastic chapter to a series greenlighted by the Steam community that spans over 5 episodes and features more than 20 characters in total.
Key Features

  • 35+ Achievements to unlock - can you get them all?
  • 19 playable characters to manage - build your dream team and defeat Mystrock
  • 4 levels of difficulty - choose your difficulty and enjoy replaying the game at its most challenging
  • Choose visible or invisible monsters - cater to the encounter style you prefer
  • Optional guiding arrows - enjoy the game without the worry of having to look up a walkthrough or guide
  • Dozens of secret rooms - for those who like to explore and discover every secret
  • 18 quests - easy request from a villager or very tricky riddle to solve, help people as you progress in your adventure
  • Battle superb monsters including 9 Animal Kings - they are the most dangerous and feared creatures out there, so beware
  • Get help from Jeanne - your magically-gifted fairy friend that you can summon when you really need that little something extra
  • Gorgeous retro graphics and musics - Millennium features high production values in its genre, all for your enjoyment Best-Selling Games by Aldorlea Aldorlea Useful Links
    • Official Website (contains 100+ games including all 15+ Aldorlea Games released to date)
    • Aldorlea Community (join it to receive help and info about the games)
    • Aldorlea Facebook Page (become a member to get up-to-date news about us)
    • Millennium Help Forum (tons of info to be found there for the aspiring adventurer)

Categories in common with Millennium 5 - The Battle of the Millennium: Adventure | Role Playing | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


26. Mr.Jezko

"Mr.Jezko" is a small hedgehog adventurer that collects fruits on numerous levels, full of dangers and predatory creatures. Solve the puzzles to collect all fruits and avoid traps.Climb on the ledges and switch on portals to succeed.Collect stars to get higher score.

- Platformer with puzzle elements
- 4 different locations
- 40 cunning levels
- Cute hedgehogs

Categories in common with Mr.Jezko: Adventure | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


27. Evolution VR

Dive into an alien world, and evolve a creature of your design to be the top of the food chain. Precisely guide your creature to attack smaller prey and avoid predators with motion controls. Fully customize your creature’s body parts and abilities, unlocking more as you grow. Explore beautiful and dangerous worlds with larger predators around every corner. Become the most fearsome creature on the planet!GAME FEATURES

  • Customize your character
  • Explore immersive underwater worlds
  • Evolve and grow by eating other creatures
  • Room-scale VR experience
  • Low-poly art style
  • Full motion controller support

Categories in common with Evolution VR: Action | Casual | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC


28. Mind Games

Mind games is a great set of extremely hard brain twisting puzzles!
Perfect choice for those who like brain teasers, riddles and puzzles or people seeking a challenge!
There is 20 different types of puzzles in 255+ levels of varying difficulty. You definitely should rack your brain to pass them. Among the most interesting puzzles, there are great variants of well known childhood game Fifteen and Reversi.
With well thought-out levels, good graphics and really intriguing music and sound effects this game will definitely grab the interest of children, teens and adults!
According to statistics, 9 out of 10 players are unable to solve the title page's puzzle.Features

  • Well-designed User Interface
  • 20 different types of challenging puzzles
  • More than 255 levels of varying difficulty
  • Mysterious and evocative music and sound effects
  • Complex and visually-pleasing graphics
  • Includes inspirational quotes

Categories in common with Mind Games: Puzzle | Indie

Platform: PC | Android


29. Doodle God: Mighty Trio

United together, three fellows became ingenious, so creative, that could invent really anything!
Unleash the power of amazing colorful elements to perform a miracle of creation! Blast these gems of elemental magic and fill your very own world with wonders and marvel! Create the flourishing life full of color, joy and sweetness!
- Connect colorful elements in chains and progress on the map!
- Combine base elements, such as fire, earth, air and water to create the entire new world!
- Play 100+ levels.

Categories in common with Doodle God: Mighty Trio: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


30. Knight Terrors

A blood-curdling, demon-slashing dash of death! Witness the horrifying adventures of a mysterious suit of armor known only as “The Knight.” Armed with a mighty sword and equipped with blood-red wings that allow flight, the Knight desperately races through the countryside, never stopping for any respite or consideration. He must face and vanquish a never-ending onslaught of bloodthirsty ghouls, flaming skulls and unspeakable horrors while jumping over spiked pits and flying through small gaps. If he takes three hits or allows three enemies to pass, it’s “Game Over”!
Knight Terrors goes straight for the jugular: It’s a lurid mash-up of side-scrolling gameplay styles that will remind you of runners that are endless and birds that are flappy. Special effects like screen shaking and time stopping magnify the impact of every enemy interaction. Once you’re hooked, the game keeps pulling you back in to increase your high score and unlock more features. What’s more, the procedurally generated levels ensure unlimited replayability—it’s a different game each and every time you play.

  • Bone-chilling procedurally generated levels!
  • Unlockable power-up drops!
  • Four unlockable game modes!
  • Retina-searing sprite graphics!
  • Frantic neo-classical chiptunes!
  • Simple two-button control scheme!
  • High score tracking!

Categories in common with Knight Terrors: Action | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Nintendo Switch


31. Swap This!

You may have matched colors before, but never like in Swap This! To
master this puzzle game you need real skills, quick wits and tactical
thinking. In no-time you’ll orchestrate screen-clearing chain reactions
and use super-charged power-ups.

There’s a lot to do! You can choose from 4 varied modes: Minute Match,
Wave Mode, Fish Fight and Puzzle. Combined with surprisingly smart
gameplay systems, Swap This! really offers oceans of depth.

• Unique arcade-style take on matching puzzle games

• Hone your skills, start chain reactions and master power-ups

• 4 varied game modes: Minute Match, Wave Mode, Fish Fight and Puzzle

• Play on the touch screen for maximum velocity

• Exclusively available on Nintendo Switch™

• Super affordable - why are you still reading this?!

Categories in common with Swap This!: Puzzle

Platform: Nintendo Switch


32. My Coloring Book: Food and Beverage

Do you like painting pictures? Then this exciting coloring book is perfect for you! Offering a few dozen pictures of various food and drinks, you will be able to experience how a real artist works. In this game you can not lose at all: drop all standards, use any colors you can imagine and paint the objects in the drawings in any way you want to. Creativity is all that matters!Features:

  • Simple yet awesome!
  • Many different pictures for you to color!
  • Educational!
  • Support for all main platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)

If you are tired of the boring, unimaginative and gray everyday life and you are looking for an outlet for creativity, then this game is all you need. Featuring drawings of various food and drinks, you must draw them yourself by following the rules, or inventing them yourself by coloring them in the way you would like to, or by using special samples. This coloring book is not just an entertaining way to spend your freetime, but also a great opportunity for your child to develop skills and educate themselves in a fun and creative way.

Categories in common with My Coloring Book: Food and Beverage: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


33. Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday is a RPG game developed by Strategic Simulations and Strategic Simulations, Inc.. It was originally released in 1990. Strategic Simulations published the game. Most rawgers rated the game as "Recommended".
Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday is available on PC, Commodore / Amiga and Genesis.

Categories in common with Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday: Role Playing

Platform: PC | Commodore / Amiga | Genesis


34. Black Room

"Black Room," is a browser-based, narrative game about falling asleep while on your computer, on the internet. You play as an insomniac on the verge of sleep, moving through shifting states of consciousness. Hallucinatory, pixelated visions of landscapes filled with sprites ripped directly from the arcade/NES/SNES video games of your childhood appear and disappear as you click through fragile internet spaces. Point-n-click mini games are scattered throughout the narrative. Often interrupted, you continually return to the Black Room, a meditation technique your mother taught you for falling asleep, visualizing black flowers in a black vase on a black table in the center of a black room.
This game, conceived as a feminist dungeon crawler, features a majority female cast of video game sprites from the 1970s-current day. This work seeks to bring these characters together to form new narratives: Chun Li reposes elegantly in a desert oasis filled with flamingos; Catwoman languidly cartwheels across the nighttime beaches of Coney Island; Jennifer Simpson, the lead character from Clock Tower, runs endlessly through the brightly pixelated fantasy landscapes of the Oregon Trail. These narratives appear as “Strange Visions,” to the player, induced by shifting stages of wakefulness.

Categories in common with Black Room: Adventure

Platform: PC


35. Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare '95

Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare '95 is an arcade game developed by Digital Dimensions. It was originally released in 1995. Epic MegaGames published the game. Most rawgers rated the game as "Exceptional".
Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare '95 is available on PC.

Categories in common with Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare '95: Arcade

Platform: PC


36. Gauntlet 2

Gauntlet 2 is an arcade game developed by Atari Games and Tengen. It was originally released in 1989. Mindscape Entertainment published the game. The game is rated as "Recommended" on RAWG.
Gauntlet 2 is available on PC.

Categories in common with Gauntlet 2: Arcade

Platform: PC


37. Abstractions

In the beginning there was only darkness.
Glimmers of light began forming.
The world was in disarray.
Patterns started emerging.
The process was not complete yet.
Everything began congealing into light.
Pure radiance enveloped the world.
Everything started fading into nothingness.
And thus the circle of life would begin anew...

Categories in common with Abstractions:

Platform: PC


38. Taiko No Tatsujin – Drum Session

Taiko No Tatsujin is finally here for the PlayStation®4 platform!
◆Well-known mainstream songs with more than 70 latest hits! You can now enjoy that all so familiar game center experience playing Taiko No Tatsujin at the comfort of your home!
◆All essential gaming elements are catered for in the PS4™ Taiko No Tatsujin! Simply register your friend or family member's Sony Entertainment Network account as a friend allows you to have a causal game session with their Ghost data even if they are not around!
Perhaps playing with a popular character through the Game Session with Guest would be equally appealing♪
And for those with great ambition, the Taiko Ranked Match provides you the opportunity to put your skills to the test and compete against online players from all around the world! You will be matched up automatically against other online Ghost data befitting of your current skill level.
Savour the VS battles as you win your way through the ranks aiming for the top spots♪
※Game session with friend, Taiko Ranked Match feature requires a Sony Entertainment Network account.
※PlayStation®Plus subscription is not required.
※Internet connection is required for the PlayStation®4.
※Content and design may be changed without prior notice.
Purchase or use of this item is subject to SEN Terms of Service and User Agreement.
Purchased content or services are not refundable or transferable, and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.

Categories in common with Taiko No Tatsujin – Drum Session: Simulation

Platform: PlayStation 4



A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY is a short love story told between two files.
Due to system restrictions this is a forbidden love.
As a system administrator, you are the only one that can help them.


  * Files with feelings.

  * Musical interludes.

  * Emotional computers.

How to play
* Follow the instructions they give you.
* Do not rename files.
* The way it should work is that they give you a file to deliver. You put that file in their folder. They see it and react... If that doesn't happen then it's broke, and please lmk.
* You should run this as admin (sorry, I tried my best. this is safe).
This is very experimental. It's built to play out entirely on your desktop. I hope it runs for you. It should.
For those interested, this devlog has a lot more information, and technical notes.

Categories in common with A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY:

Platform: PC | macOS


40. The Wizards Who Fell In A Hole

The Wizards Who Fell In A Hole
When two of the most magically gifted wizards on this (or any other) planet set out on a quiet stroll one evening, neither of them are aware of the terrifying adventure that awaits them.
They only have themselves to blame for bringing it on, however, as they fail to see a giant hole in the ground and take an absent-minded wander straight into it, leading them to a cave of unspeakably horrible monsters. Their only way out is to navigate through 100 deviously dangerous levels...
...which is where you come in! The Wizards Who Fell In A Hole is a one- or two-player platform game in which each player controls a wizard who can jump and shoot at a variety of monsters, with the aim being to kill all monsters on a level before progressing.
There are special items to give you various power-ups and help you along the way, and lots of tasty food to be eaten to rack up the high scores and extra lives.

Categories in common with The Wizards Who Fell In A Hole: Adventure | Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


41. Law Mower

A man's strength comes from his power to change the world around him.
Law Mower is a game about one man's epic journey to achieve his life's purpose - to cut every blade of grass in the world. From America's suburbia to the Russian tundra, nature and society will do everything in its power to stop you. Crack open your garage, grab a gas can, and get ready to mow down your enemies!
A mow a day keeps the HOA away
A man's home is his castle, and every house needs maintenance. Sometimes your neighbors don't keep up and ruin your home's value. Mow their yards in the dead of night and destroy their flowerbeds. When the police come, just leave town and mow somewhere else. If anyone tries to stop you, show them your blades.Key FeaturesCampaign

  • Law Mower comes with a 45 map campaign split into three episodes: Knee Deep in the Crud, The Moors That Smell, and Thy Grass Exhumed. Each episode takes place at a different time of year. Mow every level while fighting off dogs, infantry, and other home owners. Choose the difficulty appropriate to your skill level, and complete each level under the time limit and without dying to get 3-star perfection.

  • Fight your neighbors and friends to the death in online multiplayer. Multiple game modes are available and include Coop, Classic, DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, and Domination.

Maps and Mods
  • Not satisfied with the official maps? Create your own with our included map editor. Then create a server in the game to share your masterpiece with strangers and friends. Join other servers and automatically download required map and mod files.

Grass grows when the blood flows
So tell your wife you're mowing the lawn today, and hop into your chair with a cup of joe, because today you are known as the Law Mower.

Categories in common with Law Mower: Adventure | Action | Indie

Platform: PC


42. Jelly Escape

Categories in common with Jelly Escape: Action | Casual | Racing | Indie

Platform: PC


43. Gem Forge

Very addictive puzzle game where you need to move and merge items of the same type. The game is similar to the games like Threes! and 2048, except there is no numbers here, but gemstones.
How to play: move the gems by pressing left, right, up or down. When two gems of the same type touch, they merge into new one gem of higher grade. Join the gems and get to the most precious gem and earn maximum score!
* glossy gems of different grades: amethyst, emerald, ruby, and brilliant
* beautiful soundtrack
Check other games here:
Connect with Gem Forge on Facebook:

Categories in common with Gem Forge: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS


44. Food Mahjong

Food Mahjong is the perfect game for the casual player looking for fun and extensive gameplay.
The goal of this game is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board. The game is finished when all pairs of tiles have been removed from the board.

Game Features:
- Undo,
- Hint,
- Shuffle,
- Highlight
- Food icons
- Many levels

Categories in common with Food Mahjong: Adventure | Casual | Strategy | Sports | Indie

Platform: PC


45. Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Rhapsody Clash

Experience the battles of Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode 1 Tides of Fate and Episode 2 War of The Abyss in this dynamic rhythm-based combat game.

  • Four difficulty modes, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Chaotic. Completing one mode unlocks another.
  • Up to 31 Levels available to complete, including a special Level for those that seek to conquer Chaotic Mode.
  • Enhanced cut-scenes from both games with the option to skip scenes you've already viewed.
  • HD Resolution Options.
  • Jukebox so you can listen to all of the tracks you've unlocked as you progress.
  • Featuring fan-favorite tracks like "Dark Mistresses", "Genesis of Destruction: Act One", "Glory of The Abyss", "The Anathema of Life", and much more from both soundtracks!

Categories in common with Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Rhapsody Clash: Role Playing | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


46. ClockwiZZZe

ClockwiZZZe is a casual puzzle game. It's up to you to lead a sleepwalking dwarf back to his bed while trying to take as much gold as you can. Gold is needed to access new maps. Both the enemies and the dwarf turn clockwise when they hit an object, wall or door, and by opening and closing doors you can affect their path.

Maps are procedurally generated, so each playthrough is different.
You can solve each level in multiple ways. When you feel confident about your solution, you can press fast forward to speed things up.
Enjoy and welcome to the ClockwiZZZe addiction! :)

Categories in common with ClockwiZZZe: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


47. A Day in the Woods

Goodness, what big teeth you have, Grandma!
Sneak past the big bad wolf, avoid massive spiders and distract bears to solve each puzzling level and get Little Red Riding Hood safely to Granny’s house.
In A Day in the Woods – a stylish re-imagining of the traditional sliding puzzle game – you plays as Little Red Riding Hood’s wispy winged sprite friend. It’s up to you to solve each hexagon-tiled level in the shortest number of moves possible and get Little Miss Red safely to Granny’s house. You’ll be collecting flowers and berries and making friends with bunny rabbits, beehives and the local woodcutter along the way.60 Challenging Levels to Explore!
With each new hexagon-title swapping level you unlock, you’ll be progressively introduced to more interesting and difficult challenges in getting Miss Red across the board to Granny’s cottage. Adding an extra layer of difficulty is the “par” rating, indicating the minimum number of moves each level can be completed in.Unlock Levels, Seasons, Wings and More!
Deliver the piping hot basket of baked goods, flowers and berries to Granny’s cottage in as few moves as possible to earn a full star rating and unlock new levels. You’ll also be able to unlock season backgrounds for your game as well as loads of sprite upgrades. There are a host of different wings, trail details and flares for you to choose for your fairy sprite – in your favourite colour too!Beautiful Graphics!
The delightful wood-cut art style of A Day in the Woods adds to the storybook charm of the game and creates a wonderful world for adults and children alike to explore.

Categories in common with A Day in the Woods: Casual | Strategy | Puzzle | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


48. Spencer

Description:Spencer is a classic Jump´n Run with challenging levels and enemies. Find missing items, destroy enemies, collect coins and diamonds. 3D graphics packed in a nice graphics style, great 2.5D levels and proven gameplay gives you hours of fun.
Spencer is an intergalactic traveler who crashed his spaceship on Earth. Alien monsters, stowaways, have broken out and stole important parts to repair the spaceship.
Help Spencer to get the missing items for his ship. Destroy enemies, collect coins and diamonds to cover all tracks on earth.
Gameplay:You have to collect all Coins to open the exit machine and finish the level.
When all Coins are collected, bonus diamonds appear. Be fast, the house ghost is following you and will steal all your bonus diamonds. Use special items carefully to trick the ghost and get more diamonds and enemies for a great highscore.Features:

  • Classic Jump´n Run (Platformer)
  • Collect coins, jewels and special items
  • 80 Levels
  • 5 different environments
  • Many unique enemies
  • Specials like dash and double jump for more fun
  • Traps and obstacles for a challenging gameplay
  • Full controller support
  • Comic style 3D graphics

Categories in common with Spencer: Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | Xbox One | Android | Nintendo Switch


49. Semi-Sweet Tofu

Semi-Sweet Tofu is a 2D side scrolling platformer game where players have to eat fruit to survive along with using the color you change while eating the fruit to defeat the enemies you are faced with. We took things from other games and modified them such as “Don’t Starve” when you have to eat to survive and added another mechanic too that he fruit you eat to survive also give buffs to the player as well as useful to survive and progress. You have to jump on platforms and use certain fruit such as the apple which gives you a higher jump height to reach certain platforms or the banana fruit which gives you movement speed so you can jump further or run away from the magician. The core of the gameplay relies on the fruit and the ability to use them in a unique way. You can throw fruit at enemies to stun them as well as collide with them to destroy them. If you’re not the same color as the enemy you’ll take damage but if you are the same color you’ll destroy the enemy without taking damage.

Categories in common with Semi-Sweet Tofu: Adventure | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


50. Hexed

Hexed is a logic puzzle game. Each level is made out of unique combination of grids of hexagonal cells and colors.

  • Do you like to relax while playing easy to understand visual mind games?
  • Do you like to solve colorful puzzle games, level after level?
  • Do you like to be in control of which level you play, how often you play it, or when you play it?
  • Do you like to play games with very clean, positive, relaxing and fresh interface?
  • Do you like to either be challenged by more difficult levels, or are you sometimes bit lazy to think too much and just want to relax by simple enough levels?
  • Do you like to unlock achievements?
  • Do you like to compete against your friends or family members by seeing who gets the most levels completed with the least tries or moves?

If you answered YES (or OH, YEAH!) to any of these questions, Hexed is just the right game for you. You can decide which level you want to play, and if you can't solve it, you can easily choose to re-play (restart) each level over and over, until you solve it .. and once you do solve it, you guessed it - you can still play it, there are no limits.
Hexed includes:
  • Very clean, modern, light, and positive game interface backed by a selection of relaxing background music tracks to relax your mind while you play
  • 164 colorful unique levels ranging from easy to really challenging ones
  • 92 Steam Achievements
  • Re-playable tutorial level
  • Steam Cloud automatic game saves - you won't lose progress of your game even if you swap computers connected to your Steam account - plus you don't have to remember to save your progress as Hexed does it all for you automatically
  • Level grids shaped as animals, aliens, plants, items and tools, transport devices, and other shapes (including abstraction)
  • Zoom in and out of each level's grid - provided to help you with more challenging levels and bigger grids
  • Fine-move and centre grids easily
  • Restart levels with ease, play any level you like whenever you like as many times you like, even after its marked as COMPLETED
  • View unique HEXED grids of colourful hexagons in the intro scene every time you launch the game
    I hope you will enjoy relaxing while you play Hexed.

Categories in common with Hexed: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC