100 Best Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie of 2020 - Little Adventure on the Prairie Alternatives

Trying to find games like Little Adventure on the Prairie? Try these 100 great games that are similar to Little Adventure on the Prairie, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive list of best games like Little Adventure on the Prairie that have been tried, tested and recommended.

Little Adventure on the Prairie


Venture through 12 levels of pure slaughter and mindlessly try to kill all the monsters that are facing you.

Want to finish the last level from the first time without dying? Try using the different items throughout the levels to overcome all the monsters and obstacles easier...Read More

Little Adventure on the Prairie game is a fantastic and fun game that will offer you the time of your life filled with excitement and enjoyment and lots of content elements. There are numerous features that you will enjoy all the way. After you play it, you may feel some boredom because you had enough and to try something different but in the same style that you love.

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Infinite Madaa

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List of Best Little Adventure on the Prairie Alternatives | Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

So, here are the highly recommended best and effective similar games like Little Adventure on the Prairie in 2020. If there is something missing from the Little Adventure on the Prairie , then it should definitely be in these other games we have found for you.

Games Like LOTR: Conquest of 2020 - LOTR: Conquest Alternatives


#1. LOTR: Conquest - Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
(Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) This game supports English, French, and Spanish. Download the manual for this game by locating the game on and selecting “See Game Manual". Middle-earth stands on the brink of destruction. You will unite to save it or destroy it. Each race is bound to this one fate. Choose your allegiance There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see ...
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Games Like Tiger Woods PGA TOUR06 of 2020 - Tiger Woods PGA TOUR06 Alternatives


#2. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR06 - Best Alternative to Little Adventure on the Prairie

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
This is Championship Sunday. You're one shot up on Tiger Woods as you approach the 18th tee. The gallery buzzes-anticipating another historic Tiger comeback. He unleashes a perfect 320-foot drive. The crowd's roar can be heard in neighboring counties. Your shot. Nervous? This is championship golf. Are you a champion? ...
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Games Like 8-Bit Bayonetta of 2020 - 8-Bit Bayonetta Alternatives


#3. 8-Bit Bayonetta - Games similar to Little Adventure on the Prairie

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

SEGA’s favourite Umbran Witch climaxes her way onto PC in pixelated retro glory – for free!
Double jumping!
Wicked chip-tune Bayonetta theme song!

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Games Like The Culling Of The Cows of 2020 - The Culling Of The Cows Alternatives


#4. The Culling Of The Cows

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Addictive gameplay of tower defense genre is a simple selling point that carried a lot of games over the line of an impulsive purchase. Some people would buy the game for the design or the setting. Some will get the game to play with friends. But in the case of The Culling of the Cows, it’s the atmosphere and style of the game. Story-wise, players are taking the role of Sammy, unstable and schizophrenic farmer that thinks that only he is capable of stopping the epidemic that spreads over the farm and the city, with the prophetic obsession and validation from God.
The game is a short but challenging 2D tower defense game, where players will have to use several guns, and God spells in order to not let the infected cows and other monsters into his barn. The game consists of 40 levels accessed through the world map, that shows what kind of threats are waiting on the level and what kind of assists will be available to the player. For the players that want to get something else from the game after beating it, they can access the Cheat Console.

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Games Like The Lord of the Rings: Conquest of 2020 - The Lord of the Rings: Conquest Alternatives


#5. The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Play as the heroic forces of good and, in an all-new evil campaign, as the legions of Sauron’s evil army, including Cave-trolls, Oliphaunts, the Balrog and Sauron himself.

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Games Like GRAV of 2020 - GRAV Alternatives


#6. GRAV

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

GRAV is an indie action sandbox exploration title developed by BitMonster, Inc.


The game does not feature any plot whatsoever. The players start the game by creating their own character, after which they are put onto a procedurally generated planet. The in-game worlds are highly dependent on environmental events.

The game does not have any objectives, as the developers focused on creating a true sandbox experience. The players are given the opportunities to do whatever they like. Using these opportunities, the players can create their own stories and even characters to role play.

The game features a sophisticated crafting system. Anything the player finds or kills can be used as a crafting material. There is no need to know the recipe, as they are suggested to the players by the game itself. Anything can be crafted, from armor and weapons to vehicles and buildings. GRAV features an advanced building system, which allows the players to use a basic base they are spawned next to as a starting point to expand on and build massive cities.

The players can come into the game's dungeons, which are also procedurally generated, where they can find new crafting materials, weapons, or even vehicles.


The game supports up to 64 players per server. The players can create alliances between themselves or engage in an all-out war. The game is highly moddable, and a number of community created mods are up and running on several game servers.

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Games Like Chrome of 2020 - Chrome Alternatives


#7. Chrome

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Chrome is an action-shooter game developed by Techland. It came out on 17-09-2003. Strategy First published the game. The game is rated as "Meh" on RAWG.
You can play Chrome on PC.

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Games Like Chip of 2020 - Chip Alternatives


#8. Chip

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Chip is an isometric puzzle game with robots, electricity and fancy dress! The player must help recharge Chip - a plucky little red robot - who has been imprisoned by the nefarious villain, Rust.
The player will interact with a wide variety of objects such as cannons, mirrors, and magnets in order to direct a blob of energy to Chip and save him from his grisly fate! Players must utilise their whimsical puzzle-solving prowess by tapping, moving, and rotating these objects to achieve victory.
As the player progresses through the game they will find presents hidden amongst the many puzzles in Rust’s lair, containing a variety of Rust’s fancy dress costumes. These can be used to customise your little robot avatar, for bragging rights on the leaderboard and because everybody loves a new pair of fuzzy slippers!Features:
  • 75 levels across three exciting level packs
  • 3 loveable characters that are fully customisable with dazzling array of accessories
  • 20+ achievements, do you have what it takes to earn them all?
  • Beautiful visuals accompanied by entertaining animations
  • Original music and sound effects from the award-winning composer Vince Webb
  • Steam achievements, leaderboards and trading cards
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Games Like Racer 8 of 2020 - Racer 8 Alternatives


#9. Racer 8

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

The game with the "racing" name, but combines the race, and a logical puzzle.

It’s not enough to get to the finish line - you still have to build a route to it

At your disposal are fifty different levels of the game and five classic car models (but they are depicted in the game’s own style).

Winter and summer, night and day - all conditions are present among the options of racing.

The main thing - in addition to racing, you have to build the track yourself right in front of the bumper of your car. And you need to put each next parcel on time - because your car is always in motion.

Goal of the game

The road sections on the map need to be integrated into one and you must do this so that your car can drive to the finish line.

There are three checkpoints on the way, but it's not so easy to get to them - you need to monitor the presence of gasoline. In addition, in the game you have rivals.

Pleasant surprises

Different power-ups will help you, allowing you to fill up a tank, slow down the course of time, get extra points, etc. They meet on the way.

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Games Like Harvest Moon 64 (1999) of 2020 - Harvest Moon 64 (1999) Alternatives


#10. Harvest Moon 64 (1999)

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Harvest Moon 64, released in Japan as Bokujō Monogatari 2 (牧場物語2), is a farm simulation video game developed by Victor Interactive Software and published by Natsume for the Nintendo 64 video game console, and the third game in the Story of Seasons series (following Harvest Moon GB). It was first released in Japan on February 5, 1999, and was later released in North America on December 22, 1999.

Natsume initially stated bringing it to Wii U Virtual Console was not possible due to unknown technical issues, despite the Wii proving the task to be possible through homebrew emulation. However, in celebration of the series' twentieth anniversary, the game abruptly saw release on the Wii U Virtual Console on February 23, 2017. This also marked the game's debut in the PAL regions (the original had been cancelled due to time constraints), as well as the game's first official re-release (as well as the first time digital) in nearly two decades.

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Games Like Hill Climb Racing of 2020 - Hill Climb Racing Alternatives


#11. Hill Climb Racing

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving game ever made! And it's free!
The Original - Play now!
Meet Newton Bill, the young aspiring uphill racer. He is about to embark on a journey that takes him to where no ride has ever been before. With little respect to the laws of physics, Newton Bill will not rest until he has conquered the highest hills up on the moon!
Face the challenges of many unique hill climbing environments. Gain bonuses from daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances. Watch out though - Bill's stout neck is not what it used to be when he was a kid! And his good ol' gasoline crematorium will easily run out of fuel.
- Upgradeable vehicles
- Garage mode - Customize your vehicles
- Lots of stages with levels to reach in each
- Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation
- Designed to look good on low resolution and high resolution devices (incl. tablets)
- Real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine! ...
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Games Like Elven Legacy of 2020 - Elven Legacy Alternatives


#12. Elven Legacy

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
The shadows of destruction begin to loom on the horizon once a human mage uncovers a dark and powerful secret dating back to the remote past of the Elven race.
However, the Elves cannot allow this forbidden knowledge to fall into the hands of others and thus imperil the world. For the first time in countless years, this ancient race must venture forth and interfere with events transpiring in the lands of man. With the renegade mage in their sights, the sorceress Gilwen and ranger-lord Seagate set off together, unaware that beliefs and friendships alike will soon be tested...
  • Classic turn-based strategy gameplay
  • Multiplayer combat in 16 different scenarios
  • Multiple endings which depend on your choices
  • Powerful built-in game editor
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Games Like Lost Moon of 2020 - Lost Moon Alternatives


#13. Lost Moon

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
This is a platform game that challenges you with puzzles, upgrades and action.


  • hard Puzzles
  • free Exploration
  • weapons
  • skills
  • secrets

Intro history

Commander Trevor is lost on a strange moon that formed in a mysterious way, surrounded by hostile creatures, trying to unveil the secrets of ancient technology. He fights to stay alive, and one day return home. ...
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Games Like Showtime! of 2020 - Showtime! Alternatives


#14. Showtime!

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Download the demo today @
"Showtime!" will allow you to control and build your very own movie studio from the ground up! As a newcomer to Tinseltown it will be your job to create movies your audiences want to see as well as develop new technology to stay relevant in the film industry.
  • Create the type of movies you've always wanted to make! Or buy film rights from other studios to reboot a franchise.
  • Contract actors/actresses to your studio to use them whenever and whatever you desire!
  • Stay ahead of the curve by upgrading your studio facilities and keeping up to date in the latest film and sound technology.
  • The in-game Editor allows you to easily customise almost every facet of the game - from actors/directors/producers to film titles, studios and even critic reviews (plus much more!)
  • Showtime! will also allow you to import your very own movie posters.
  • Featuring 9 dynamic AI studios to compete against. Compete for the #1 spot to receive annual government bonuses and rewards!
  • Have aspiring screenwriters pitch you movie ideas, or build your own scriptwriting office to do it for you!
  • Compete against the highest grossing movies of all time for the top spot in the Hall of Fame
  • Cheat your way to the top! Think of a famous quote and try your like... Psst; "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" torches your competitors' studio lots! -- And you didnt hear that from me ;)

Designed for Windows Vista, 7 & 8 ONLY (Note: Windows 10 experience may vary) ...
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Games Like ANIMALITY of 2020 - ANIMALITY Alternatives



Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
ANIMALITY is a skill based animal runner game, the goal of the game is to avoid dragons and demons all whilst trying to grab life gems, either do this singleplayer or with your friend in local multiplayer co-op, you can collect 9 fabulous pixel art animals which are purchased using your running cash!

The game gets faster and harder as time goes by, you will need to practice and improve your reflexes

Play with a friend to beat other teams on the Steam Leaderboards, work together to grab the highest score!

Play against other players and grab that high score, join your friends to chase the top of the co-op leaderboards!

Are you an achievement hunter? we will soon have over 100+ achievements that can be earned by just playing the game!

Collect Steam Trading cards and trade them with your friends!

Programming & Development: Lee
Music: Incompetech (Kevin MacLeod) ...
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Games Like Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure of 2020 - Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure Alternatives


#16. Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (ドラゴンボール アドバンス アドベンチャー, Doragon Bōru Adobansu Adobenchā) is a Game Boy Advance video game based on the Dragon Ball manga and anime series. The game contains 30 playable characters. It contains five modes of play. The story of the game starts at the beginning of the series when Goku meets Bulma, and goes up to the final battle against King Piccolo.

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Games Like ROME: Total War - Barbarian Invasion of 2020 - ROME: Total War - Barbarian Invasion Alternatives


#17. ROME: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Please note: additional data must be downloaded the first time you launch the game.
A new chapter of antiquity’s greatest conflicts opens on your iPad.
Barbarian Invasion is a standalone follow-up to Creative Assembly’s classic strategy game ROME: Total War, a smash hit on the iPad.
Three centuries after the campaigns of ROME: Total War, an overstretched Roman Empire faces a day of reckoning with the warlike tribes that menace its frontiers.
Play out the final years of the Empire as a Barbarian commander determined to bring it down, or take up arms as a Roman General and fight to extend your glorious civilization into a new age.
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Games Like Max and the Magic Marker of 2020 - Max and the Magic Marker Alternatives


#18. Max and the Magic Marker

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Something incredible is happening in this unique adventure! Max just drew a terrifying monster with his new marker and now it's alive and wreaking havoc in his drawings! He doesn't have any choice but to stop the monster if he wants to save his pictures. In a new kind of gaming style, Max & the Magic Marker combines tried-and-tested 2D jump n run feel with the innovative option of directly influencing the level design. Here, Max is able to change every level with his magic marker so that all obstacles can be overcome, traps avoided and puzzles solved in order to send the monster back to where it came from.
Key features:
  • 15 innovative and challenging levels
  • Unique influence on the gaming world with the virtual painting marker
  • Three lovingly designed worlds, based on children´s drawings
  • Innumerable traps, monsters and tricky puzzles
  • Challenges, secrets and rewards can all be unlocked
  • Fantastic soundtrack from the well-known Indie band genre
  • Multi-Awards Winner
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Games Like The Bard's Tale Trilogy of 2020 - The Bard's Tale Trilogy Alternatives


#19. The Bard's Tale Trilogy

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Experience the events that led to The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep and The Mage’s Tale! The Bard's Tale Trilogy is a remastering of the classic 1980’s series, one of the godfathers of the RPG genre. Create an adventuring party in the first volume and play it across all three, creating a heroic story all your own!
  • The Bard’s Tale Trilogy launches with the first volume in the series. In the fall, The Bard’s Tale II: The Destiny Knight will be added. Finally, late in the year, The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate. Each volume will be added into the collection free of charge!
  • Rescue a city trapped by a wizard, reforge the legendary Destiny Wand, and travel across time and space to confront a Mad God!
  • Enjoy a uniform playing experience across all three titles without the need for emulation or compatibility concerns.
  • For the first time, play as male or female across all three games! Also includes other quality of life changes such as automapping for all three games, spell access, and updated equipment/inventory management.
  • The final game content released will be the Legacy Mode, a suite of features which will allow veteran players to experience the games similar to how they first played them, and will be released free of charge for owners when complete.

The Bard's Tale Trilogy is a chance for old fans to be young once again and for a new generation of roleplaying and dungeon crawler fans to discover why these games matter so much all these years later. Pick up the game and start your epic adventure today! ...
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Games Like Soccer of 2020 - Soccer Alternatives


#20. Soccer

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Enjoy 'real football' as you direct your team up and down the field.
Pick from seven international teams—USA, Great Britain, France, Germany,
Brazil, Japan, and Spain—and perform all the kickoffs, throw-ins, goal
kicks, and corner kicks seen in a real friendly match. You can choose
the skill level of the opposing team on a scale from one to five, so as
your team improves, so do your opponents. You even choose the length of
the match. As time ticks down, do your best to score the winning goal!
This classic game is part of the Virtual Console service, which brings you great games created for consoles such as NES™, Super NES™ and Game Boy™ Advance. We hope you'll enjoy the new features (including off-TV play) that have been added to this title. See more Virtual Console games for Wii U.

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Games Like When They Arrived of 2020 - When They Arrived Alternatives


#21. When They Arrived

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
The protagonist went hunting in his grandfather's country house. There was an invasion of the aliens. Cities are destroyed. You need to use survival skills and ingenuity to survive and save the planet. Build, explode, explore the world, develop your skills, try all ways to stop the invasion of the aliens.
"What would I do after the alien invasion?"
It's a question you've probably asked yourself, and it's a question we want to help you answer!

Key features:
  • you are completely free in action and a huge world to research ;
  • build, blow up and defend from enemies;
  • mine ores, use it to create various useful objects ;
  • hunt wild boars and deer, as they can become an excellent sources of food, but beware of bears and wolves ;
  • construct various structures, including traps ;
  • look for provisions, drive on an old ATV among a bunch of enemies;
  • study the legend of the 'Witnesses of the second coming ', perhaps there you will find some answers;
  • increase your combat skills and not only (for this there is a especial panel of cards);
  • survive by fighting with an enemy unknown to you, try to have an influence on the invasion and much more;
  • collect the parts and find the blueprints to create a "mini - mole hole";
  • repair the spacesuit, collect all the equipment you need, and go to Mars to destroy the bridgehead of the aliens.
Mars in When They Arrived
Mars location has not yet been added to the game, but the team is in progress of its deep development. In the further updates, we'll polish and add it.
Now we are working on implementation of the most realistic conditions and the gameplay on Mars so you can completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game and the red planet!

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Games Like Loot Hunter of 2020 - Loot Hunter Alternatives


#22. Loot Hunter

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Enjoy your journey from poor sailor to the richest and the most honoured adventurer! Explore every corner of the dangerous seas with your ships fully loaded with canons. You can choose the way of an honest merchant and trade with farms, towns or forts. Or, you can fight for one of three nations and sink the enemy ships. Or, maybe you want to be a pirate and plunder everything you encounter? You can hoard gold, buy bigger ships and equip them with as many powerful items as you can find in towns and treasure chests all around the islands! Prepare well before you sail into a grand battle with the most dangerous of your enemies!
If you like sea, ships, adventures, pirates, the smell of gunpowder and green parrots, this a game is for you!
Main features:
  • Pick the ship you want and explore many of islands and locations
  • Fulfil random generated quests for high replay value
  • Upgrade your ship through set of RPG-like features
  • Trade with cities, expand your treasure and land you own
  • Advance in a career from a poor sailor to a rich and fearsome captain
  • Enjoy a quick and satysfing match three battle system while sinking your most dangerous enemies
  • Listen to an awesome orchestral music score
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Games Like Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight of 2020 - Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight Alternatives


#23. Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight is a RPG-arcade game developed by Mindscape and Images Software. It came out on 01-01-1991. Mindscape Entertainment published the game. The game is rated as "Exceptional" on RAWG.
You can play Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight on Commodore / Amiga and PC.
Richard Joseph scored the game.

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Games Like Jay Fighter: Remastered of 2020 - Jay Fighter: Remastered Alternatives


#24. Jay Fighter: Remastered

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
In a world where the only thing you know is combat, can you survive endless waves of enemies? Jay Fighter: Remastered is a top-down wave based shooter. You can either go traditional and fight endless waves of enemies alone or with others. ...
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Games Like Sweezy Gunner of 2020 - Sweezy Gunner Alternatives


#25. Sweezy Gunner

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Welcome to the crazy world of Sweezy Gunner! An eye melting, brain bending, mouse squeezing 2D Shoot em up. Are you hungry for action? Do you crave intense mayhem? The objective is simple, find out what killed the human terrafromers and destroy it. Thats what you were brought in to do and its what you do best. Landing on Terrafort is just the beginning.
Speed your way through the large open ended world of Terrafort destroying everything that dare cross your path, Upgrade the Sweezy Gunner ship by collecting all that tasty loot. Travel through the lush green fields, frozen tundra and arid desert. Explore the depths of the many dungeons, caves and temples! Its a big world out there!
  • 30 different power ups to use
  • 60 upgrades to buy/collect
  • An original soundtrack of 11 Banging Drum and Bass tracks
  • Unlock new skills by winning epic Boss battles
  • Open world with secret areas
  • Tons of loot!
  • Challenge Mode containing 28 fiendishly difficult maps
  • Survival mode with online score board
  • Hours of crazy action.
And Much More....if You Can handle It! ...
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Games Like Flora's Fruit Farm of 2020 - Flora's Fruit Farm Alternatives


#26. Flora's Fruit Farm

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Clementine Valley used to be the place to be! It was world renowned for its fantastic fruit trees lovingly tended to by Old Jim. Unfortunately Jim has lost the energy to grow enough fruit to keep the locals happy, let alone attract the tourists Clementine Valley used to have. Luckily for Jim, Flora’s kind gesture showed him that she has the spirit to continue his legacy and he gives her his Magic Gardening gloves...
It’s up to Flora to restore life to Clementine Valley by growing fruit with her magic gardening gloves!
  • Create a blossoming fruit farm empire in this tree growing, time and resource management game.
  • Use your magic gloves to grow 50 different fruit trees in 8 unique environments.
  • Explore tree roots to discover new fruit seeds to grow and flower bulbs to plant.
  • Sell fruit to 7 different types of special characters, all with their own favorite fruits!
  • Keep pesky birds and cheeky gophers at bay in order to maximize profits!
  • Summon a squirrel helper if you fancy a break, or take on one of the 10 challenges in Challenge mode if you’re feeling adventurous!
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Games Like Doodle Kingdom of 2020 - Doodle Kingdom Alternatives


#27. Doodle Kingdom

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
From the creators of the award winning puzzle games Doodle God & Doodle Devil, comes a new fantasy brain-teaser where you can create your own Kingdom with Castles, Knights, Warlocks and Dragons! Great for gamers of ALL ages.
Daring adventure awaits you in this fantasy world where you can breed and raise four different types of Dragons, return the family castle to prosperity or defile flowering lands as a Necromancer.
New Game Mode: Arm your Knight to fight through the hordes of monsters and mighty bosses in a new runner-style combat game!
The famous Doodle series puzzle game play has been completed re-imagined in this ALL ages fantasy adventure.
Create a New Kingdom Today!
“It's addictive. Insanely so! Lots of fun.” – 148Apps
“Wonderfully unique concept. Deeply satisfying!” – GameZebo
“Giving it huge thumbs up!" - TUAW
“Discovering each new element was an utter delight." -AppSafari
"You'll have to use your creativity…ruthlessly addictive." - Slide2Play
- All ages puzzle game play for the entire family
- Intuitive one-click gameplay encourages thoughtful, creative play.
- Breed and raise four different types of Dragons
- Quest as a fearless Knight, Powerful Warlock or fantasy Dragon
- Play the new “runner” combat mode

FOLLOW on Twitter:
More than 500 detailed reviews in gaming press, including:
Metacritics list of Reviews - 70/100
Kingdom of magic! - 3.5/5
There's no denying Doodle Kingdom's addictive quality. - 80/100
Breed dragons and create an empire in Doodle Kingdom

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Games Like Light Fall of 2020 - Light Fall Alternatives


#28. Light Fall

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Explore the Forgotten World of Numbra to uncover your mysterious past and save the land and its inhabitants from an imminent threat. In this land of eternal night, you will rely on your Shadow Core to brave the many challenges and foes standing in your way. Do you have what it takes to survive in perilous Numbra?Key Features
The Ultimate Freedom
Control the Shadow Core and use it the way you see fit to face the challenges of the game. You can spawn this magical box beneath your feet to propel yourself into the air and move across the land at your own pace. With the Shadow Core, you become the master of your surroundings and create your own path.
An Immersive Journey
Load up Light Fall and immerse yourself in this strange universe where darkness prevails over the light. Joining you in this adventure, Stryx the old and grumpy owl, will act as your sidekick and in-game narrator. Depending on his mood, he will either offer useful advice or bluntly mock your failures.
A Vast World to Explore
With the Shadow Core in hand, reach new heights and explore every nook and cranny of Numbra. Wander through the Lunar Plain, the Marshlands of Sorrows, the Vipera's Forest and the Unknown Depths, where shortcuts, alternative paths, hidden collectibles and easter eggs await you in large numbers.
Speedrun Competition
Quench your thirst for competition in the complementary Speedrun Game Mode. Revisit the world of Numbra and experience exclusive levels where the difficulty has been drastically increased. Compete with players worldwide and compare your fastest times with theirs on the online leaderboard.
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Games Like Merry Glade of 2020 - Merry Glade Alternatives


#29. Merry Glade

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
A Merry Glade is a bloody love story between Bunny and Carrot. Easy mouse control and funny puzzles make the game accessible for anyone. Although there’s the catch… There’s too much death and blood in it. Bunny will have to avoid all the traps and enemies to get to his Carrot. And sometimes it takes more than one try to do that…
From the developer.
Actually I don’t know what to say. Despite its childish style the game has lots of blood and gore. I wouldn’t show it to children… ...
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Games Like The Return Home of 2020 - The Return Home Alternatives


#30. The Return Home

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
The house of a rabbit is attacked by reptiles from another dimension, and they prepare occupation of the planet by means of portals. The rabbit in panic decides to gather all the carrots, and further to exchange for the weapon for revenge. Whether the rabbit will be able to fight back evil reptiles and to return the house?
  • You should avoid reptiles and to gather carrots.
  • To pass through enemy portals reducing a way.
  • To win the house using the weapon of a rabbit.
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Games Like Deadhunt of 2020 - Deadhunt Alternatives


#31. Deadhunt

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Deadhunt is a first-person arcade shooter (FPS) game that merges the best features of arcade and FPS action games with fresh ideas and new twists.

An addictive 3D-shooter game where you consistently develop your character by killing endless monsters and getting bonuses. Stay as long as possible on fighting pits against hordes of zombies and skeletons.

- Non-stop adrenaline-pumping gameplay
- 4 episodes with total of 40 missions
- Two additional modes: Survival and Greed
- Armed combat against multiple enemies
- Three classes of monsters with 50 kinds of weapons
- Unique system of monster destruction
- Seven varieties of weapons plus grenades
- 10 runes and 37 bonuses, including Slowdown, Double Damage, Nuke
- Remote picking of bonuses, runes and weapons
- 10 varieties of monsters' armor
- 15 original soundtracks
- Four difficulty levels


The game was released in 2005. ...
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Games Like Winter Sports (1994) of 2020 - Winter Sports (1994) Alternatives


#32. Winter Sports (1994)

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Winter Sports (1994) is a sports game developed by Microids. It came out on 01-01-1994. Mindscape Entertainment published the game. Most rawgers rated the game as "Recommended".
Winter Sports (1994) is available on PC.

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Games Like Sacred 2: Ice & Blood of 2020 - Sacred 2: Ice & Blood Alternatives


#33. Sacred 2: Ice & Blood

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Sacred 2: Ice & Blood is an action-RPG game developed by Ascaron Studio 2. It was originally released in 2009. Deep Silver published the game. The game is rated as "Recommended" on RAWG.
You can play Sacred 2: Ice & Blood on PC.

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Games Like Onimusha Tactics (2003) of 2020 - Onimusha Tactics (2003) Alternatives


#34. Onimusha Tactics (2003)

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Onimusha Tactics (鬼武者タクティクス, Onimusha Takutikusu) is a strategy/tactical role-playing game installment in the Onimusha series released for the Game Boy Advance as the first game in the series to be released for the Nintendo system. It does not follow the storyline of the previous PlayStation 2 games and is considered a side story. However, the game features a similar plot: A samurai who possesses the Oni Gauntlet can become the Onimusha and fights against Nobunaga and his army of genma.

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Games Like Dig Dug II (1985) of 2020 - Dig Dug II (1985) Alternatives


#35. Dig Dug II (1985)

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Dig Dug II (ディグダグⅡ, Digu Dagu Tsu), subtitled Trouble in Paradise for Bandai's American NES port, is the arcade sequel to Dig Dug, released by Namco in 1985. It runs on Namco Super Pac-Man hardware but with a video system like that used in Mappy, The Tower of Druaga and Grobda (without the DAC). The only home version of the game was for the NES, which Bandai released in Japan on April 18, 1986 and in North America during 1989.

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Games Like Chicka Wars | Chicken Meat of 2020 - Chicka Wars | Chicken Meat Alternatives


#36. Chicka Wars | Chicken Meat

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
A new game from BUG-Studio, where you will play for the chicken!
Your host every morning gives you a delicious bread.
Your chicken is not always time to catch at least a piece of food and her patience is now at an end!
She wants to kill all his opponents to get all the food!
Use weapons, a shotgun and even a grenade launcher to destroy enemies.
Collect special glasses and beat your record! ...
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Games Like VRZ Torment of 2020 - VRZ Torment Alternatives


#37. VRZ Torment

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
A prison for the undead and dying. A hell from which you will never escape.
If you’re reading this, you’ve likely found that the nuances of life are slowly leaving you. One breath at a time. One paused heartbeat within your chest.
The Far Watchers own this diseased island and have infected you with their Animus, a machine that holds you together, and one that aims to kill the death inside you! They’ve created this hell to test you, their weapons, and all their other damnable creations. Their cameras both seen and unseen track your every movement throughout this swamped and accursed place, and their flitting shadows move just beyond the edge of observation. They have given you a second life, and it is for you to find out how and why.Features:
  • Solve mysteries while trying to survive!
  • The game supports Virtuix Omni, Cyberith, Hardlight WIP and Oculus Touch.
  • Story written by Mark Rein-Hagen (Vampire: The Masquerade, I AM ZOMBIE).
  • Huge arsenal of firearms and melee weapons! Bows and arrows, axes, bats, pistols, rifles, shotguns, grenades and much more.
  • Fight against hordes of different type of zombies.
  • Multiple options to complete the game.
  • Includes bonus mini-games which you can show to your friends: Shooting range, duck hunting, arcade.
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Games Like Legendary Gary of 2020 - Legendary Gary Alternatives


#38. Legendary Gary

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Gary is a mess, and he's trying to be a better person. Help him tackle his not very fantastic life, and also help him play a fantasy game in his free time. But as he discovers, the fantasy is more than it seems...
  • Unique turn-based fighting system
  • Interactive story
  • Hand-drawn art
  • Synth-pop soundtrack by xXsickXx
Tactical combatGary spends his evenings playing Legend of the Spear, a fantasy adventure game in which the hero and his friends journey through strange lands and engage in hand-to-hand combat with a variety of creatures. These battles take place on a hexagonal grid. On each turn, all fighters act simultaneously. You must decide what action each member of your party will perform. There are no dice rolls, no time pressure, and with each choice you can watch how the turn will resolve before you commit. But with each encounter the enemies will bring new tactics of their own, and defeating them will become increasingly tricky. You will expand your repertoire of moves as you venture on, opening up a variety of different solutions to each problem. The battles in Legendary Gary are designed to be a stress-free exercise in problem solving.Interactive storyBetween gaming sessions, Gary has a normal life to live. You're like his subconscious, guiding his decisions about what to say and do. He has some tough choices to make, and he needs your help! You'll soon find that Gary's friends and family are depending on him, and your decisions can have a large effect on their lives.Hand-drawn artI drew it all myself! Really! It's no Uncharted, but I'm proud of it. I hope you like it! ...
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Games Like Plague Road of 2020 - Plague Road Alternatives


#39. Plague Road

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Set around a city being consumed from within by a disease, Plague Road tells a story of a lone doctor who once abandoned their home and now returns to learn the fate of those they left behind. Travel from the safe refuge of your farm through a series of regions progressively more affected by the infernal plague.
On the road, rescue survivors and choose whether to use them as traveling companions or to improve the Doctor's farm and gain access to new abilities. How your farm progresses depends upon where you assign survivors to work.
Some survivor types are more valuable in certain jobs, but may be more useful still if kept available for expeditions. Surviving the road will rely on your ability to fight horrors created by the plague, in combat encounters featuring grid-based positioning and turn-based strategy mechanics.
Traverse four regions with procedurally generated stages, featuring richly illustrated 2D art, music from award-winning composer Sean Beeson and narration performed by Jim Sterling.

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Games Like Dinosis Survival of 2020 - Dinosis Survival Alternatives


#40. Dinosis Survival

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Dinosis Survival is a third person shooter with dinosaurs based on a mysterious story.
As a player, we control a man named Tom Burt. He woke up in the jungle full of dinosaurs after his plane crashed. Is he the only one that survived the crash? What is this place?
The most important gameplay elements are hunting and sneaking. Dinosaurs can see you, can smell you, can attack you or run away when hurt. You will find many weapons, puzzles, and clues.
Hunger is a very important issue in the game. You can hunt or grab some dinosaur’s eggs to eat and restore energy. To cook dinosaur meat, you must make a fire camp in safe place.
This is an Indie production made by one single person, but it has been polished and designed with care. This is the first episode to a story of survival in a world that falls apart.

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Games Like Draw Your Game of 2020 - Draw Your Game Alternatives


#41. Draw Your Game

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
“I wish I could make my own video game.” Who among us hasn't thought that at some point? Draw Your Game is a user-friendly application allowing anyone and everyone to create their own video game in a few quick steps:
▶ Draw your game's world on a piece of paper, using four different colors (black, blue, green and red).
▶ Use the 'Draw Your Game' app to take a picture of your drawing.
▶ Wait 10 seconds, while Draw Your Game transforms the drawing into a game.
▶ Play your game, with a character that you can control.
▶ Share your creation with other Draw Your Game users.
Four different colors to create the world of your choosing:
▶ Black for stationary floors/ground;
▶ Blue for movable objects that the character can push around;
▶ Green for elements that the character will bounce off of;
▶ Red for objects that will destroy the character or the blue objects.
Draw Your Game allows you to create an infinite number of worlds, either on the same sheet of paper or by adding new sheets, one after the other, to create a real story line.
There are two available modes:
▶ “Create” mode, to create your own worlds;
▶ “Play” mode, to play in the worlds created by the community, either in “campaign” mode (worlds selected by our team), or in “catalogue” mode, where you can use search criteria to choose a world yourself.
There are several ways to play the different worlds, at the creator's choice:
▶ “Escape”: the character must find a way off the paper to escape and win the game;
▶ “Destruction”: the character must push blue objects into red ones to destroy them.
Our teams approve each new world before releasing it to the community, and a rating system is used to rank the top worlds against one another.
[ Drawing recommendations ]
▶ Use fairly wide felt-tip pens.
▶ Choose vivid colors.
▶ Take pictures under good lighting. ...
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Games Like Dragon's Dogma Online of 2020 - Dragon's Dogma Online Alternatives


#42. Dragon's Dogma Online

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Dragon's Dogma Online was developed as an online version of Dragon's Dogma; development about the same time that of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. The game is to be financed by a free-to-play business model with microtransactions. ...
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Games Like Shadow Knights of 2020 - Shadow Knights Alternatives


#43. Shadow Knights

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Shadow Knights is an arcade game developed by id Software. It came out on 01-01-1990. Softdisk Publishing published the game. Most rawgers rated the game as "Recommended".
You can play Shadow Knights on PC.

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Games Like Sparkle Unleashed of 2020 - Sparkle Unleashed Alternatives


#44. Sparkle Unleashed

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Experience the fabled Sparkle brand action puzzle like never before! Make your way through a secluded world of mystery, light magical braziers and discover a way to banish the darkness once and for all.
Sparkle Unleashed features superbly polished action puzzle gameplay. Match three or more like colored orbs to make them disappear. Chain three matches to earn a potent powerup.
Overcome Chained Orbs, Rock Orbs, Survival levels and other exciting challenges. For the first time in a Sparkle series game, the Orb Slinger floats along the bottom of the screen providing a fresh way to experience the beloved Sparkle gameplay.
Unlock great powerups such as Frost Ray, Purple Flame, and Color Wipe and select to use the ones you like the most.
Travel through a secluded world of mystery, light magical braziers and carve a path of light through the darkness as you conquer 108 increasingly challenging levels. Two additional levels of challenge provide an incredible challenge for those who yearn it.
  • Ultra-polished match-three marble shooter gameplay
  • Chained Orbs, Rock Orbs and more all new challenges
  • An arsenal of 18 potent powerups to choose from
  • Immersive soundtrack by award-winning composer Jonathan Geer
  • 108 challenging levels, Survival mode and three difficulty settings
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Games Like ATV Offroad Fury 2 of 2020 - ATV Offroad Fury 2 Alternatives


#45. ATV Offroad Fury 2

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

The high-powered sequel to one of the early PS2 racing titles, ATV Offroad Fury 2 features over 20 authentic ATVs and 40 racing environments. Race modes include Nationals, Supercross, Freestyle Stunt, and Enduro races. Players can also take their customized racers and ATVs online and race against other players.

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Games Like Galactic Harvester of 2020 - Galactic Harvester Alternatives


#46. Galactic Harvester

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Galactic HarvesterA hex based farming game with a twist. Set in a dystopian future where farming on earth is nearly impossible, you must take to the stars to grow food for humanity.
After landing on a remote planet you are given a biodome, a tractor, and a couple of tools. You will need to manage the land, grow crops, and make a profit.
You will discover some new tools and equipment to help you along the way:
  • Watering cans and sprinklers will let you water your crops;
  • Lights will help you see at night;
  • Chainsaws will let you cut down trees;
  • Drones will fly above your field to shine light or sprinkle water;
  • And more...
Epic MegaJam SubmissionThis game was originally created in just 7 days for Epic's 2017 MegaJam. There is a demo of the game that has been left exactly as it was submitted to Epic for consideration.
Prompt: "However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light." ...
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Games Like Invisible Fist of 2020 - Invisible Fist Alternatives


#47. Invisible Fist

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Inequality has skyrocketed! It's now the highest in over a century. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer while the middle class disappears.
Play as three different characters who hope to succeed in Late Capitalism. From the rich to the poor, you will experience both the highs and lows of the rising inequalities.
  • 3 characters:
    - Jeff Whiz - a self-made tech multibillionaire with crippling anxiety. Supported by his overprotective mother and jealous personal AI/Lover.
    - Rena Bennett - a self-made college student with a crippling debt. Supported by her weed-dealing friend and a talkative cat.
    Diàn Huà - a self-made electronics factory worker. Supported by her long-distance boyfriend and long-distance family.

  • 150+ cards – play Work, Relax and Sleep cards to balance your Life, Stress and deal damage to the Invisible Fist. And remember you are not the only one with cards - The Invisible Fist has its own ever-growing deck.

  • Supporting characters - build relationships with your friends and family by doing missions for them. These relationships unlock powerful Special Cards.

  • Create your story - Your play affects dozens of your character's stories. You will deal with IRS investigation of your offshore accounts. Try to avoid a second shift in the local cafe. Or having to get money to see your family for holidays for the first time in years. Let's find out how it goes!

  • Sports Commentator - A sarcastic TV personality who snorted a little bit too much before your fight. Comments on your every move. Love him or hate him, he will talk you to death.

Yes if:
  • You enjoy card games like Slay the Spire, Cultist Simulator or Hearthstone, but are open to a more casual experience.

  • You are interested in the modern world, or you want to learn more about politics, economy and the ordinary life of people from different classes other than yours.

  • You like a killer story and a dark sense of humor.

If you like our vibe, then please Wishlist Invisible Fist to show your appreciation. This will help us make our next games. We can’t tell you more yet, but we promise that it will be an exciting journey!
And if you are feeling adventurous, why not share this on your social media? It would be cool if you did! ...
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Games Like Solitaire Beach Season of 2020 - Solitaire Beach Season Alternatives


#48. Solitaire Beach Season

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie
Solitaire Beach Season is an explosion of fun: vacation, summer, the beach, the sea! The resort of your dreams on tropical beaches and 120 new and unique solitaire levels – an ideal combination for any solitaire fan!

Your trip to an island of fun begins now! Enjoy classical solitaire improved with a new game mechanic – collect pairs of cards! A special multiplier increases your reward if you find card pairs quickly. Buy bonuses with your reward: mulligan, shuffle and joker. Solitaire Beach Season is a sea of fun both for fans of classic patience and fans of solitaire with unusual rules.

Uplifting exotic music and premium-quality graphics in a tropical style will take you away to the resort of your dreams. Want to rest on the shores of the Caribbean sea? Travel to Hawaii and stay in the best spa hotel? Visit a pristine paradise at Bali? Take a cruise and swim in the open ocean? This summer, anyone can be where they dream to spend their vacation. With Solitaire Beach Season, it’s easy!

- Card solitaire game for new players and experts alike
- Unique game mechanics – choosing pairs of cards
- Use different bonuses – mulligan, shuffle, joker
- Collect gold cards to complete levels and unlock new locations
- Collect bonus cards to get more coins and bonuses
- Collect cards fast to make combos and get good rewards
- 12 locations, 120 levels and several difficulty modes
- For daring players, we offer special tasks and over 20 colorful trophies
- Colorful high-quality graphics in a tropical sea style
- Original themed decks and 9 card backs
- Beautiful music to help you relax and concentrate on the game ...
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Games Like NES Remix 2 of 2020 - NES Remix 2 Alternatives


#49. NES Remix 2

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Play as Link™ while running from Boos, nab coins as Kirby™ in Super Mario Bros., and much more! We’re talking epic gameplay set pieces from the likes of Kid Icarus™, Metroid™, Super Mario Bros.™ 2, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link™—the list goes on!

Tackle the best parts of beloved retro games like Punch-Out!!™ Featuring Mr. Dream and Super Mario Bros. 3 while sharing videos of your greatest feats in the NES Remix Miiverse™ community.* NES Remix 2 also features two exciting new modes. Super Luigi Bros. stars our nervous hero, Luigi™, and dares players to beat each level of the original Super Mario Bros. backward! The other new mode has you trying for high scores in three rapid-fire levels from different NES games, using a scoring system inspired by the 1990 Nintendo World Championships.

  • Conquer redesigned and twist-filled 8-bit challenges
  • Features snippets of a dozen more 8-bit Nintendo games
  • Replay stages to improve times and unlock more challenges
  • Take on two new modes: Championship Mode** and Super Luigi Bros.
  • Share your accomplishments with Miiverse™ online communities*

*Broadband Internet access required for online features. Learn more at

**The first NES Remix game is required to play this mode.

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Games Like Geo-Political Simulator of 2020 - Geo-Political Simulator Alternatives


#50. Geo-Political Simulator

Games Like Little Adventure on the Prairie

Geo-Political Simulator is a strategy game developed by Eversim. It came out on 29-02-2008. It was published by MINDSCAPE. Most rawgers rated the game as "Recommended".
You can play Geo-Political Simulator on PC.

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Venture through 12 levels of pure slaughter and mindlessly try to kill all the monsters that are facing you.

Want to finish the last level from the first time without dying? Try using the different items throughout the levels to overcome all the monsters and obstacles easier.