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it's always monday icon

Developer: Alonzu, @alonzubin

Publisher: AlonZubina

Trying to find games like it's always monday? Try these 50 great games that are similar to it's always monday, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive list of best games like it's always monday that have been tried, tested and recommended.

it's always monday Game

it's always monday- is a first person exploration game which deals with the theme of modern existentialism. You will see the world through the eyes of Bob and play your way through. Bob just woke up from a dream and is starting to realized that all of his life has been a lie. As you explore, a meaning will come forth and the paradoxes of life might start to make sense. Will you help Bob find his true meaning?

The story is being told through the game mood, characters and visual storytelling.

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Here are the best games like it's always monday :

Games like it's always monday: Human: Fall Flat,Her Story,Thief II: The Metal Age,The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare,LOOM,Journey of a Roach,Who's Your Daddy,Blackwell Epiphany,The Novelist,House Party

1. Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat game icon Human: Fall Flat is a low-poly adventure game with platforming elements and physics-based puzzles. You play as Bob, a fully customizable character that travels from one dream to another. Bob has neither no background nor superpowers. His abilities don’t differ from yours: he can grab things, climb ledges and so on.
Every level consists of multiple puzzles that can be solved in different ways. You can push and pull carts, break walls and interact with everything else comparable to your own size....

2. Her Story

Her Story game icon There is a small little genre of interactive movies in the game industry, but it seems that not only Quantic Dream makes this type of games. Her Story also is an interactive movie video game which is written and directed by Sam Barlow. Her Story is about a man who is missing and the player has to focus on searching through databases of various video clips from police interviews with missing man’s wife Hannah Smith, in order to solve a case.
Her Story is the first game made by Sam Barlow since...

3. Thief II: The Metal Age

Thief II: The Metal Age game icon Thief II: The Metal Age is a first-person stealth game, the second installment in the series.
The game’s narrative takes place a year after the first game. The main character, an elusive thief Garrett, is tasked with resolving a crisis brewing in the metropolitan City. Different factions fight for influence and schemes are put into action to undermine each other’s plans. As the story progresses, the protagonist finds more clues about the mysterious prophecy that tells about the end of humanity...

4. The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare

The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare game icon Take part of history’s greatest battle of Green VS. Tan. Fight amongst and against others online. Jump, shoot and roll your way into victory with fast paced objective based gameplay. Sometimes the greatest battles are fought by the smallest of soldiers.The Mean Greens is a 3rd-person shooter played from the perspective of toy army soldiers. Match up with others online for some friendly multiplayer competition. Enjoy a huge battle of up to 10 players in each environmentally unique map.10 Modes10...


LOOM game icon Long after the passing of the Second Shadow, when dragons ruled the twilight sky and the stars were bright and numerous, came the Age of the Great Guilds.
Blacksmiths. Shepherds. Clerics. Each dedicated to the absolute control of secret knowledge.
Another such Guild was the Weavers. Over the centuries, their craft transcended the limits of physical cloth, until they wove the very fabric of reality itself. Now, a strange power has swept the Weavers into oblivion, leaving behind one Weaver boy to unravel...

6. Journey of a Roach

Journey of a Roach game icon Nuclear war, post apocalypse, barren and lifeless wastelands.Lifeless? Not so much!Mutated insects have made their home in a bomb shelter and they're set on exploring the world.Let this point&click adventure welcome you to a hilariously bizarre end time world and join the roaches Jim and Bud on their journey to the surface.Journey of a Roach tells the story of two roach-buddies, who want nothing but see the surface world.On their way up, they meet all kinds of bizarre and ludicrous insects inhabiting...

7. Who's Your Daddy

Who's Your Daddy game icon DescriptionWho's Your Daddy is a casual 1 on 1 video game featuring a clueless father attempting to prevent his infant son from certain death.Current Features A beautiful home for you to watch over your son in Physics based game play allowing you to move small objects as you please Beautiful compositions to be played on your baby's piano Two unique character types to play as Randomized locations of crucial items Awesome power ups for being able to do chores Available for PC, Mac and Linux/Steam OSThe...

8. Blackwell Epiphany

Blackwell Epiphany game icon A dead man’s soul cries out against the force of a ferocious blizzard. He cries for help. He cries for answers. Then he screams as he is torn apart like damp tissue paper.

This wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last.

The police are powerless to stop it, so the duty falls to the only ones who can. What force could be so powerful – and so malevolent – that it would destroy the very core of a life in order to get what it wants? Rosa Blackwell and Joey Mallone mean to find out, even...

9. The Novelist

The Novelist game icon The Novelist asks one central question: can you achieve your dreams without pushing away the people you love? The game focuses on Dan Kaplan, a novelist struggling to write the most important book of his career while trying to be the best husband and father he can be. The Kaplans have come to a remote coastal home for the summer, unaware that they’re sharing the house with a mysterious ghostly presence: you.

Read the family’s thoughts. Explore their memories. Uncover their desires and intervene...

10. House Party

House Party game icon House Party, in its concept and sense of humor, is inspired by the older adventure style games of the 80s and 90s like Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island, but it is rendered in a beautiful full-3D first-person context.

You start the game walking in the door of a House Party already in progress, and your goal is to try to play out to a variety of endings by completing various puzzles and smooth-talking. The game is unique in the sense that your actions dictate the gameplay and story direction...

11. Catch a Falling Star

Catch a Falling Star game icon Catch a Falling Star is a casual and relaxing game where the aim is to catch falling stars and score points. A fun and relaxing game with beautiful graphics and soothing music - perfect for when you want to play something, but don't want to think too much.Features3 Beautifull themes each with their own music22 Extra baskets to unlock and catch stars in styleCatch falling stars to score pointsYour basket fills up as you catch stars, but only once you deposit on either side of the screen, you score...

12. Cloning Clyde

Cloning Clyde game icon Have you ever been cloned? Ever wonder what it would be like to be half chicken? Half monkey? Half frog? Well, wonder no more when you play Cloning Clyde.
As Clyde, or one of his clones, work your way through the levels of the nefarious Dupliclone, Inc. building. It houses bizarre simulated environments created specifically to accommodate their unconventional cloning experiments. Have fun utilizing the many clones running amok inside Dupliclone, as you try to free yourself…or should we say...

13. Belladonna

Belladonna game icon Belladonna is a gothic adventure game, twisted and dark. Take the role of a corpse girl rising from the dead in an abandoned laboratory, and unravel the mysteries concerning your own death and reanimation.After the death of their young child, doctor Wolfram von Trauerschloss and his wife Belladonna are left to deal with the tragedy however they are able. The doctor launches into a dark obsession, devoting his life to the quest of conquering death. The madness spreads and Belladonna is soon dragged...

14. Rituals

Rituals game icon At its core Rituals is an adventure game with mechanics inspired by classic point and click games. Every environment and puzzle is designed to tell its own part of the story. What is the real purpose of the office building? Why are you walking through the woods at night? Whose voice are you supposed to hear? Immerse yourself in Rituals’ eerie world and see how it relates to the real one.Features:Feel the eerie and mysterious ambience reinforced by Ritual’s minimalistic low polygon look.Find yourself...

15. Ninja Pizza Girl

Ninja Pizza Girl game icon Ninja Pizza Girl is a serious game about self-esteem, bullying and resilience – and pizza delivering ninjas!Its deeply-woven story follows Gemma, a sixteen-year-old girl working as a pizza delivery ninja for her father’s independent Pizzeria. In a world where slums teeter on top of skyscrapers, where powerful mega-corporations exploit the poor and where quality pizza is hard to come by, Gemma must fight to keep her ideals, her family and their business intact in face of the most merciless enemies...

16. Sakura Space

Sakura Space game icon Captain Shika has seen all kinds of things in her adventures throughout the universe, and with her two loyal crew members by her side, she's managed to make a name for her small company of mercenaries. When Shika finds a bounty job offering an absurd amount of money, she doesn't hesitate to act: tracking hardened criminals is part of the job. Their target is an elusive mastermind, a mark who challenges their ingenuity at every turn. In this yuri space adventure, the crew will need all of their wits...

17. CastleMiner Z

CastleMiner Z game icon CastleMiner Z is an online coop survival horror game in a block based environment. Travel with your friends in a huge, ever-changing world and craft modern weapons to defend yourself from dragons and the zombie horde! Game PlayCastleMiner Z is an infinite world filled with deep places to explore, and horrifying monsters to slay. Build structures out of blocks, craft weapons and tools from raw materials, and explore the vast and frightening world around you.Play by yourself or online with friends...

18. Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches game icon The moment you enter, you suspect that something is not right. Rhiannon’s stories are true and the farmstead is engulfed in supernatural happenings as an ancient myth spills over into reality.Discover dark secrets in this chilling point and click adventure as you encounter an ancient evil lurking in the walls of the home that holds a terrible connection to a timeless struggle between man and magic.Set in present day, the plot draws from ancient Welsh myths and legendsExplore the eerie Welsh farmstead,...

19. Grey Cubes

Grey Cubes game icon Grey Cubes is a modern variation on the brick-breaker-type game, based on real-time physics and three-dimensional gameplay (not just 3d look).Minimalist in style, with clean graphics and deep, original soundtrack.The game contains 60 levels, each one is unique, each one with new challenges.Features:- addicting mechanics based on classic idea mixed with real-time physics and three-dimensional gameplay,- 60 highly diversified levels,- a traditional system of power-ups incorporated into modern gameplay...

20. IKEA VR Pancake Kitchen

IKEA VR Pancake Kitchen game icon You can expect to spend about 15 minutes in this VR experience, which we'll support and update until December 2017.Welcome to the IKEA Virtual Reality kitchen experience, where you can make some virtual pancakes. Before you start, you can choose between bright or dark cabinet fronts.Our IKEA kitchen specialist will guide you through some of the key apsects of a well-planned kitchen. And look out for the instructions that will help you to prepare those perfect pancakes. At the end, you can see how...

21. Fragments of Him

Fragments of Him game icon In Fragments of Him you experience the lives of four people connected by love and a tragic accident. You walk alongside Will on his last morning and discover the meaning of his final thoughts. With Mary, Will’s grandmother, you learn about his childhood, their conflict, and how they ultimately reconciled some of their differences. Sarah was Will’s girlfriend and first love. She tells us how she found a deeper understanding of herself during their time together. And finally, Harry is Will’s...

22. Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge game icon Nancy Drew heads for Japan where she’s staying at a traditional ryokan (inn) for a little R&R with Bess and George, but when reports of a vengeful ghost start scaring away the guests, Nancy’s vacation takes a turn for terror! It’ll be up to you, as Nancy Drew, to uncover the secret that lies beneath the surface, before the ghost can take its revenge! Key features:Play as Nancy Drew and investigate a haunting at a traditional Japanese inn.3D animated characters, each with a secret to...

23. Otaku's Fantasy

Otaku's Fantasy game icon パッとしない派遣社員生活を送る主人公。これが最後とあてがわれた仕事は、なかなか人が定着しないという清掃会社だった。覚悟を決めて行ってみると、タイミング良く超有名インテリジェントビルの仕事が入ってきた。行ってみると、そこは予想以上に眩くきらびやかな世界……超一流企業のOLに、有名タレント、テレビキャスター。レジデント棟には、セレブなマダムにもいる。あまりの世界の違いに圧倒されキョドってしまう主人公。しかしある日、そんな主人公を見てなぜか「可愛い~」という有名タレントに、テレビ局の楽屋で「ねえ、おち○ぽ出してみて?」と頼まれて、戸惑いながらも出して咥えてもらって、口の中で溜まりに溜まった迸りをぶちまけると翌朝にはそのデカチンと射精力がビル内の美女に知れわたっていた!?金とヒマを持て余してたり、ストレスを溜め込んでたり、単に自由奔放だったりと、理由はさまざまだけど、み~んな、溢れる性欲を持て余した「オンナ」たち。手近で後腐れなくそれを解消できるとなれば、もうその勢いは止まりません!ユルい言動で有名な美人ハーフタレントは、お股もユルユル!?テレビ局の夜の顔、知的キャスターの裏の顔はドM処女。ベンチャー企業のヤリ手女性経営者は、セックスもヤリ手!?超一流企業のお堅い美人OLも、ストレスと肉欲を溜め込んで…。さらには完成したオンナの肉体を持て余すセレブ妻まで加わって…。突如として、チ○ポが乾く暇も無い毎日に!主人公は、はじめは単なる好奇心と男根目当てのオンナたちに翻弄されながらも、徐々にそのデカチンと射精力で、オンナたちを性の虜にしていきます。ここは、夢にまで見た好きなだけ種付けセックスして、みんなに喜ばれる世界!!○スタッフ ・原画  :長頼・シナリオ:軍艦寺眞彦●ジュリアCV:綾奈まりあゆるゆるのハーフタレント22歳 黙ってれば美人だけど、口を開けばまるで幼稚園児のようなゆる~い発言で人気のハーフタレント。 ●日向綾音 [ひなた・あやね]CV:大山チロル知的美人キャスター26歳 経営者家庭に育ったお嬢様で、3カ国へ留学経験あり。今は夜のニュースの顔として全国的に知られていて、子供の頃から、男に言い寄られること数知れず。●月村真紀 [つきむら・まき]CV:森野めぐむヤリ手女性経営者29歳 外資系コンサル企業出身で、起業して4年で一気に上場させてしまったやり手経営者。●篠田花絵 [しのだ・はなえ]CV:天川みるく一流企業のお堅いキャリアOL24歳 田舎のお嬢様学校から誰もが知る超一流企業に入り周りのレベルの高さに焦りつつ、日々頑張っている才女。真面目でお堅い印象だが、本来性欲は強め。でも、いまはそれどころでは無いと必死に抑え込んでる。●白木響子 [しらき・きょうこ]CV:蒼紗大人の余裕セレブ妻28歳 オンナとして完成した肉体の持ち主。有名なベンチャー経営者である夫は多忙でほとんど帰宅せず。その欲求不満をオナニーで紛らわせている。キャスターとは姉妹のように過ごしていた頃もある昔なじみ。...

24. Firewood

Firewood game icon Firewood is a 2D adventure game with psychological horror elements.The game tells the story of an old man who has lost his wife years ago and is still having troubles with his past.After his wife's funeral, he decides to move to a cabin far away from town in order to escape from the haunting memories of the past and his country's opressive regime.Yet one day, events take an unexpected turn and he finds himself in a dark journey.Will he be able to find the redemption he seeks?-Side scrolling 2D adventure...

25. Google Spotlight Stories: Sonaria

Google Spotlight Stories: Sonaria game icon In this VR experience, Sonaria follows two ever-changing creatures as they flow from one life-form to another on a vivid journey of sound and light. Sonaria’s visual language is simple and abstract, designed to suggest, while the sonic language is layered and immersive, designed to answer. Directed by Scot Stafford and ChromosphereProduced by Google Spotlight Stories...

26. Disoriented

Disoriented game icon A first-person puzzle game. Simply walk to the door.Features30 Unique levels from easy to very hard.Switch camera to get a better view of the puzzle.Create your own check point, anywhere....

27. Cyber Utopia

Cyber Utopia game icon The main character is Naomi. She does not remember anything from her past and does not understand how she was here. She will have to break through all the tests and find out what is really going on.Immerse yourself in the world of Cyber Utopia!Cyber Utopia is a first-person shooter, made in a pastiche, old-school style in the setting of cyber punk. Actions unfold in the distant future, when the technology developed to such an extent that people began to turn into cyborgs.Key Features Old school graphics...

28. Thing-in-Itself

Thing-in-Itself game icon Ted and Molly are together. Ted feels a connection to Molly wherever he looks.But, how do they both really see the relationship? See each other?“Thing-in-Itself” is an interactive short story about the struggles of understanding another human being. Using Immanuel Kant’s concept as a framework, it leads the player through stages of a relationship, exploring how perceptions may clash and surroundings can alter.With an average walkthrough time of 15 minutes, “Thing-in-Itself” is not a game...

29. Paranoia: Deliver Me

Paranoia: Deliver Me game icon A name forgotten, a memory lost.
The girl is losing her mind in the paranoia, while the demons surround her.
She asks for forgiveness after being betrayed.
Then the song of love and hate is sacrificed.

The game 'Paranoia: Deliver Me' is based on the novel 妄想症, or Paranoia, by Yuli. It is an ADV game about youth and school. The story is about a girl named Lingluo, who is trying her best to pursue her dreams of music. She lost her best friend, her confidence, and then was locked inside...

30. 妄想症:Deliver Me

妄想症:Deliver Me game icon A name forgotten, a memory lost.
The girl is losing her mind in the paranoia, while the demons surround her.
She asks for forgiveness after being betrayed.
Then the song of love and hate is sacrificed.

The game 'Paranoia: Deliver Me' is based on the novel 妄想症, or Paranoia, by Yuli. It is an ADV game about youth and school. The story is about a girl named Lingluo, who is trying her best to pursue her dreams of music. She lost her best friend, her confidence, and then was locked inside...

31. Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim game icon Action role-playing, puzzle solving, and crafting combine in this sprawling open-world fantasy epic, which invites you to take on a range of sweeping quests, battle unforgettable adversaries, and experience the adventure of a lifetime. An interactive, physics-based world of wonder bursting with colorful characters and exotic islands filled with tricks, traps, and treasures to explore awaits your conquest as you gather fantastical artifacts and equipment which can be crafted into playable vehicles...

32. Agent A: A puzzle in disguise

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise game icon You play as Agent A in this stylish secret agent world full of retro futuristic contraptions, hidden gizmos, gadgets and clever logic based puzzles. But do be warned… Ruby La Rouge is no spy to be taken lightly! Explore a labyrinth of perplexing puzzles in this quirky game of cat and mouse that’ll have you wondering whether you’re the cat… or the mouse!!
Notice something strange or out of place? Making mental notes and observations (like a good secret agent) will aid you in solving tricky...

33. Apartment 666

Apartment 666 game icon Life is an endless cycle of loops with only one way out.You are 12 years old and after some events, your father and uncle have left you in your new apartment. One day you wake up and nobody is home. Play as Julian an unexpecting 12 year old who discovers what happend to his family. You try to exit your Apartment only to find yourself waking up back in your room. However, nothing is the same, some rooms are opened, furniture is moved, there is somebody else with you. Find out what happened to you,...

34. Death Point

Death Point game icon Death Point is a classic stealth-action, which not only should inspire player but also surprise him. It’s an adventure, filled with excitement and empathy. At first glance, you get almost traditional game, tightly staffed with hard levels and various tasks. Instead you are immersed in a different world, fully associating yourself with the main character. "Shooting targets in the maze" suddenly turns into immersive story, tangled with details, with purpose and meaning. Character, whom you take under...

35. Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King

Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King game icon Put on the Wanderer's coat and explore strange worlds adrift within the void. Retrace the fall of an entire civilization through the testimonies of its rare survivors in Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King, an adventure game mixing exploration and boss fight.Between dreamy exploration and epic battlesIn the world of Hypnos, a wide continent scattered with huge fortresses and cities in ruins is yours to roam. Switch between 2.5D and 3D phases and dive into the story of a forgotten universe...

36. Putty Pals

Putty Pals game icon Putty Pals is a colorful, feel-good adventure of squishy teamwork to share with a friend!Two adorable bouncing blobs are lost far from home, and only teamwork, communication and a whole lot of hilarious mistakes will guide them back. Sitting side-by-side on the couch, you and a friend will glide, bounce, squish and swing your way through a vibrant cartoon landscape, solving puzzles, avoiding danger and uncovering hidden secrets.Putty Pals isn’t just a single-player game that two people can play...

37. Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Tides of Fate Remastered

Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Tides of Fate Remastered game icon The saga begins again...The Great Calamity had sundered the world of Cora, and for generations, civilization held on by a thread. Thousands of years removed from that great battle against the Dark Gods, the scars of that war remain, and the cold specter of vengeance watches from the shadows.Enter into this world a man known as Magus Drakhen Lee, one who is fated to be known as the greatest Dark Lord the world had ever known. Yet, a greater darkness stirs, one that will draw Magus into a battle for...

38. Absent

Absent game icon Absent is a story which follows the character of young-adult and college student, Murray Schull. He and his two best friends, Eve and Steve, attend a college in which students are disappearing daily. It’s up to them to find out how this is happening, why this is happening, protect their other friends, and to put a stop to it once and for all.

This series of events began when Crystal, a three month girlfriend of Murray’s friend, Steve, disappeared on her way home from college via mysterious...

39. A Bewitching Revolution

A Bewitching Revolution game icon A Bewitching Revolution is a first-person adventure game about a communist witch living in a cyberpunk city. Use magic to help the city's residents organise collective forms of power and resistance!Cast spells and brew potions which remake the urban environment. Repopulate the city with trees, plants, and helpful animals. Use tarot readings to find the futures that capitalism has closed off. Strike, riot, and take back the city!Trailer music: Smooth Steering by NY Vice...

40. Rhythm Rush!

Rhythm Rush! game icon Description!Play your own songs to three different game modes on, newly updated to, eight different maps, or fight the three unlockable bosses! Play on four different difficulties to get a range of challenge or create your own with the new custom difficulty! Keep track of your stats and compare them to your friends! Earn all the achievements by playing and getting better at it! Play more songs on harder difficulties to rank up faster! It is easy to grasp but hard to master! Play any song you want...

41. Crisis VRigade

Crisis VRigade game icon Crisis VRigade is a virtual reality action filled first person shooter that lets players take
on the role of a SWAT trooper and deal with a hostage situation in a bank robbery.

Duty calls! You’re put in the middle of the action. It's a dirty job but someone has to
do it. Together with a SWAT team you will have to deal with the situation and take care
of the terrorists who are robbing the bank. Your mission is cristal clear: finish off all
hostile elements and keep your teammates and hostages...


SCHOOL SIMULATOR MULTIPLAYER game icon Make you feel good in the school! Try what would it be like if you could do anything in the school break. Crush! Don’t kid yourself. Break out from the roll of eager beaver! You don’t have to worry about thing, just do it!The school is full of movable objects, just grab them and throw them to your schoolmates, but don’t delay, because they are ready!If they hit you, it will be difficult to stand up, so be careful! The targeting line will help you to throw accurate. The current features include:moveable...

43. Dabda

Dabda game icon An adventure quest game, which tells a story of a simple man, who works on a radiostation in the woods. Dive in to the world, which was inspired by many well-known quest of the 21th centuary, full of many grotesk puzzles. Enjoy the unusual color palet for every level of the game and an interesting story, which you`ll have to open step by step....

44. The Tale of Doris and the Dragon - Episode 1

The Tale of Doris and the Dragon - Episode 1 game icon Welcome to the first day of the rest of your afterlifePlease take a ticket and join the queue in an orderly fashion.The Tale of Doris and the Dragon is an episodic, point-and-click adventure game series featuring an elderly lady named Doris who finds herself in Purgatory after passing away on earth. On her journey, Doris meets many weird and wonderful characters that help or try to hinder her progress. Out of this, an unlikely friendship emerges.Purgatory - Doris finds herself in a strange land with...

45. Distant castle

Distant castle game icon This is a stand-alone puzzle adventure game with shooting and action elements.
Game, you have been transferred to a castle, the castle is chaos, use your wisdom to find your stuff, crack the levels in the castle, beat the final boss, finally win the game.
Start your castle adventure.
Note: the game is 6 minutes a day, and the game has two endings. It takes about an hour and a half to complete the game, and can switch between the first-person and third-person perspective.
ps :
When music sounds,...

46. I want cookies

I want cookies game icon The aim of the game is to get one resource, as all clickers, in this case, the resource to get are cookies.

You have to click to get it, and u can buy tools to produce cookies faster.

What to expect:

-Simple and easy gameplay.

-Relaxing clicker game

-Original soundtrack

-Various tools to improve in cooking cookies....

47. Sphere Complex

Sphere Complex game icon Roll, jump and boost a path through over 40 single player levels in Sphere Complex! Race against your self with ghost saves of your best times and compete via our online leader boards. Customize your game with multiple skins and colors or make your own maps using our in-game level editor!

Enjoy 3 multiplayer game modes with up to 8 of your friends. You can go head to head in custom race maps, blow each other up in the battle arena or compete in Sphere League to score the most points for your team!


48. Square Head Zombies - FPS Game

Square Head Zombies - FPS Game game icon In this FPS game, you control a survivor in an apocaliptic world infested with zombies. Your gun is the only thing that can kill the undead.

Watch your bullets, reload your weapon before any zombie reachs you.

Zombies are very strong, 3 to 4 hits usually will kill you, watch out.

This is a classic First Person Shooter ( FPS ) game with pixelated ( low poly ) graphics.

Don't attack zombies desperately, if they didn't detect you reload you gun and shoot when you see the undead in your sights....

49. Supposedly Wonderful Future

Supposedly Wonderful Future game icon It's 2046, and life has never been better. Humanity is thriving, technology is booming, poverty and hunger are all but eradicated. Wars and unrest are the talks of the past; the world is as united as it's ever been. Aging can be stopped while terminal illnesses are conquered one by one – you don't have to die if you don't want to. Too bad many folks never lived to see the day.Michael is one of those folks, a bright twenty-something destined to meet his end before wonders of science can save him....

50. 女装妹妹从没少过麻烦

女装妹妹从没少过麻烦 game icon 【about】
The text AVG is adapted from the novel "CROSS-DRESSING ANIKI".

I don't know from when, the relationship between me and her has gradually become estranged.
A flat day, like water, is used to greet and touch the distance.
But no matter how long we live together, the relationship between me and her will not be close to 0.0001 centimeters.
I chewed the most classic sentence in the middle of the fifth of the second, and it seemed to accept the reality.
It's like no one...

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