Trying to find games like Defend the planet? Try these 32 great games that are similar to Defend the planet, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive list of best games like Defend the planet that have been tried, tested and recommended.

  • The best games like Defend the planet are:

  • arrow_rightspace eater force
  • arrow_rightSpace Wars: Darth Star
  • arrow_rightEngare
  • arrow_rightSaboteur
  • arrow_rightQ*bert
  • arrow_rightTiny Bubbles
  • arrow_rightMicroprose Soccer

32 Best Games Like Defend the planet:


1. space eater force

Warning: contains inflation (by eating too much :P)
This is a combination of a shoot 'em up game and an eating simulator where you must battle to find the food , and eat the food to level up  in battle .
Currently only two stages and three characters
Give them food until they have full bellies :3  ( level and capacity increases with each eating session)
The key is to retreat when you can't win.
Some links:

Categories in common with space eater force: Shooter

Platform: PC


2. Space Wars: Darth Star

In front of you is an exciting arcade game in which, using all the resources and influence avaible to you, you must protect your central space station - your main weapon against the menacing rebel forces, whose ships are already on the way to tear it down.Features:

  • Addictive, interesting gameplay
  • Cross-platform support
  • Minimalistic yet stunning visuals

After a long and tedious process you have finally achieved what you desired so passionately and became the sole master of the universe, the arbiter of it's inhabitants. But not everyone is satisfied by the way you reign. The fleets of rebel spaceships are planning to take over your base, putting an end to your rule once and for all! It's time to rise from your throne and show these fools who they hurled defiance with! Use the services of your station to the fullest: install additional defenses and upgrade your weapons and show those fools the boundless power of the dark side and make them realize that any rebellious activities are doomed to fail against you!

Categories in common with Space Wars: Darth Star: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


3. Engare

Engare is a game about movement and geometry. Part puzzle game, part drawing tool, Engare is a all about your geometric imagination.
By selecting a point on a moving object, players trace delicate shapes in the air and hopefully match the target glyph for that level. It’s a meditation on the dynamics of simple machines and the beauty buried deep within repeating motion.
The game also offers a sandbox where players can draw their own geometric shapes and patterns using the systems introduced in the game. It allows the player to export their drawings as images or 3D models.

Categories in common with Engare: Indie

Platform: PC


4. Saboteur

Saboteur! is a stealth action-adventure game created by Clive Townsend and published by Durell Software in 1985 for several 8-bit home computer formats.

in 2017 Clive Townsend in association with realtech VR release a enhanced version of the saboteur for PC, iOS and Android devices.

Categories in common with Saboteur:

Platform: Commodore / Amiga


5. Q*bert

Q*bert is an arcade game developed and published by Gottlieb in 1982. It is a 2D action game with puzzle elements that uses isometric graphics to create a pseudo-3D effect. The objective is to change the color of every cube in a pyramid by making the on-screen character hop on top of the cube while avoiding obstacles and enemies. Players use a joystick to control the character.

The game was conceived by Warren Davis and Jeff Lee. Lee designed the title character and original concept, which was then further developed and implemented by Davis. Q*bert was developed under the project name Cubes.

Q*bert was well received in arcades and among critics. The game was Gottlieb's most successful video game and among the most recognized brands from the golden age of arcade video games. It has been ported to numerous platforms. The success resulted in sequels and the use of the character's likeness in merchandising, such as appearances on lunch boxes, toys, and an animated television show. The character Q*bert became known for his "swearing", an incoherent phrase of synthesized speech generated by the sound chip and a speech balloon of nonsensical characters that appear when he collides with an enemy.

Because the game was developed during the period when Columbia Pictures owned Gottlieb, the intellectual rights to Q*bert remained with Columbia even after they divested themselves of Gottlieb's assets in 1984. Therefore, the rights have been owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment since its parent Sony acquired Columbia in 1989. Q*bert appeared in Disney's computer-animated film Wreck-It Ralph under license from Sony, and later appeared in Columbia's live-action film Pixels in 2015.

Categories in common with Q*bert: Action | Puzzle

Platform: PC | iOS | PlayStation 3 | Game Boy | NES | Commodore / Amiga | Atari 5200 | Atari 2600 | Atari 8-bit


6. Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles is an award-winning organic puzzle game about playing with clusters of realistic soap bubbles in a microscopic aquatic world.
Innovative New GameplayWinning multiple awards for its innovative new gameplay, Tiny Bubbles takes gaming into the organic world. Fill bubbles with colored air and push nearby bubbles around using the physics of pressure and surface tension. Break edges between neighbors and mix colors to create matches of 4 or more. Make moves in real-time with a Tetris-like queue that lets you build up cascading chain reactions.160+ Handmade PuzzlesExperience deep gameplay with surprising new challenges down every path. Each puzzle requires new thinking and twisting strategies. Play two games types in 7 worlds: puzzle and arcade worlds.Incredibly Lifelike Soap Bubble PhysicsBased on the unique artistic vision of designer Stu Denman and his world-renowned scientist grandfather Cyril Stanley Smith, the game brings to life the beauty of nature to your screen, with incredibly fluid 60 FPS animations.Relaxing And AtmosphericAdaptive ambient music gracefully integrates with the satisfying sounds of popping. Put on a pair of headphones and get your brain in the zen-zone.Mesmerizing CreaturesSave microscopic aquatic creatures that are trapped in the bubbles. Avoid greedy jelly crabs and spiky urchins. A curious fish named "bloop" will reveal your nature as an optimist or a pessimist.Awesome PowerupsAre the puzzles too challenging? Earn wild bubbles by making longer chains. Additional bonuses for collecting the right colors and making matches of 7 or longer. Earn color shufflers, boundary expanders and other powerups to use just at the right moment to save yourself.Colorblind ModeFeaturing an innovative colorblind mode that provides an authentic experience without intrusive icons or patterns.WHAT THE PRESS IS SAYING"Blown away with the level of depth. One of the titles from PAX I'm most excited to play when it finally comes out." - Eli Hodapp, Touch Arcade
"a truly enjoyable challenge" - Kirstin Swalley, Hardcore Gamer
"I did it. I found my spirit game. I had a serious Candy Crush addiction... This game is better, like way better." - Jennifer Spriggs, StratusCore UX Blog

Categories in common with Tiny Bubbles: Arcade | Casual | Strategy | Puzzle | Indie

Platform: PC | iOS | macOS


7. Microprose Soccer

Microprose Soccer is a soccer videogame published by MicroProse in 1988. The original Commodore 64 version was developed by Sensible Software, with conversions carried out to other formats. It is the fore-runner of the 16-bit classic Sensible Soccer. In the United States the game was released under a title Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer.

Categories in common with Microprose Soccer: Sports

Platform: PC | Commodore / Amiga | Atari ST



This game is about our favorite drink - kumis. This catchy new game will make your back sweat, your legs shake
And you will be shouting: "Oh my God, 10 out of 10!"
Dive into a world of "GO AWAY, THERE'S KUMIS OVER THERE!"
This adventure of a lifetime is unforgettable! Collect cookies, pick up items like multipliers, bombs, HPs and try to get as high score as you can. Cookies are your best friends in this game!
8-Bit Style & 8-Bit OST
Day/Night System (as you can see in the trailer & screenshots)
Bonus System (Stuff like Bombs & Multipliers)
HP System - If you are low on HP you can take a health point anywhere in the skies !
Speed - Speed goes faster! If you flying so much your speed will INCREASE! IT IS HARDCORE!
Feel the power! FEEL THE GAME!
Here's emoticons:
Here's Steam Profile badges:

Categories in common with GO AWAY, THERE'S KUMIS OVER THERE!: Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


9. Skipper

Help Skipper, Dipper, and Mable cross the Crystalline Sea as they complete a series of ever more challenging puzzles. Set in a relaxing & minimalistic lowpoly world, Skipper and his friends' adventures will challenge your problem solving skills and push your reasoning to the max.
Skipper brings you

  • Over 50 unique and challenging puzzles
  • Keyboard and Gamepad controls
  • An attractive lowpoly environment
  • A soothing sound track and effects
  • Steam Achievements with Cards coming soon

Categories in common with Skipper: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


10. Last Hope

A survival mini-game, power your life support until help arrives!

Your ship explodes and you are left desperately clutching to a tiny planet in an attempt to power your suit until help arrives. Clutch to life in the eerily serene beauty of space with an epic orchestral soundtrack, Last Hope will have your heart racing in all the best ways.

- Last 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 3 minutes, or 2 hours for the ultimate test.
- Engaging and relaxing.

Categories in common with Last Hope: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


11. Spandex Force: Champion Rising

What kind of hero will you be?
In Spandex Force: Champion Rising you take control of an everyday citizen struggling to become a true superhero, with the dubious aid of the pompous Blizzard Wizard. Create your own hero, train your superpowers and battle crooks and villains in this tongue-in-cheek hex based match-3 RPG.
In you quest you will encounter supervillains, evil robots, corrupt government officials and heroes in need of anger management training - and much more. And who is the shadowy figure that Blizzard Wizard has been seen conspiring with? Solve the mystery by finding all the secrets in Vigilance Valley!Features

  • Five acts of heroic action
  • Seven exciting minigames
  • Four different endings
  • Level up your superpowers
  • 30 villains and evildoers to defeat

Categories in common with Spandex Force: Champion Rising: Adventure | Role Playing | Casual | Puzzle | Indie

Platform: PC


12. Where's My Helmet?

"Where's my Helmet?" is a platform game inspired by the old classics. Featuring original game mechanics, "Where's my Helmet?" allows the player to develop different strategies to progress through each level with a fun Nordic theme game.
In this game, the player controls the character called Axel, who is equipped within a couple of axes which must be wisely thrown since you can't abuse of them because you must wait a while to recharge before throwing more, using either as a weapon or a climbing tool, allowing our hero to protect himself against the hordes of enemies and/or overcome the myriad of challenges and puzzles along the way.

Categories in common with Where's My Helmet?: Adventure | Action | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC


13. Missiles!

Steer the plane to collect stars and avoid missiles!
- control the plane with joystick, whole screen or left/right buttons
- collect points to unlock new planes
- normal and fast game modes
- shield and speed boost power-ups
- compete with others on Google Play Games leaderboards
Missiles! Can you avoid them all?

Categories in common with Missiles!: Action | Arcade

Platform: iOS | Android


14. UniOne

Unione. is a minimal color-render puzzle with beautiful abstract shapes. Your goal is to render all nodes to same color in limit steps.

70+ Beautifully crafted mind bending levels.
Based on color-render mechanics.
Optimized for human brains.

Hope you will like it!

Categories in common with UniOne: Casual | Strategy | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS


15. Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers

Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers is computer game written by Steve Cartwright and published by Activision in 1986. It is the sequel to the 1985 game, Hacker. Hacker II was released for the Amiga, Apple II, Apple IIGS, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, IBM PC, Macintosh, and ZX Spectrum.

Categories in common with Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers: Strategy | Puzzle

Platform: Classic Macintosh | Apple II | Commodore / Amiga | Atari ST


16. Frantic Flea

Frantic Flea is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game that was released in April 1996.

Categories in common with Frantic Flea: Action

Platform: SNES


17. Teddy Boy Blues

Teddy Boy Blues – Yohko Ishino (テディボーイ・ブルース / 石野陽子, Tedibōi Burūzu / Ishino Yōko) is a 1985 arcade game made by Sega. It stars a young boy who is armed with a gun. Each level is an infinitely-repeating maze with several dice. Each die is filled with monsters which hatch out and the player must shoot to shrink, then collect them. If the player does not collect each shrunken monster quickly, it turns into a time-eating bug which flies to the time limit bar and consumes a chunk of it. If you touch one monster or run out of time then you lose a life. The game ends if all lives are lost. There are 50 distinct levels, called "rounds" in the game, even though the counter goes to 99 (the 100th level does not show). The player can play through the levels loops infinitely, with no apparent end. There are also "bonus rounds" every so often where the player can shoot colored dice to reveal prizes and increase his or her score.

The name of the arcade version was a reference to a 1985 hit song entitled "Teddy Boy Blues" by then-popular Japanese pop star Yōko Ishino, an instrumental version of which constantly played in the background during the game. An animated version of Ishino also appeared on the title screen and during the bonus rounds.

Categories in common with Teddy Boy Blues:

Platform: Genesis | SEGA Master System


18. Konami's Ping Pong

Konami's Ping Pong is a sports arcade game created in 1985 by Konami. The game is noted as the first video game to accurately reflect the gameplay of table tennis, as opposed to earlier oversimplifications like Pong. As with other Konami titles of the time, it was ported to several 8-bit computer systems and video game consoles.

Categories in common with Konami's Ping Pong: Sports

Platform: Wii U | Wii | NES | Commodore / Amiga


19. Sky Kid (1986)

Sky Kid (スカイキッド, Sukai Kiddo) is a horizontal scrolling shooter arcade game that was released by Namco in 1985. It runs on Namco Pac-Land hardware but with a video system like that used in Dragon Buster. It is also the first game from Namco to allow two players to play simultaneously. The game was later released on the Famicom (brought to the American NES by Sunsoft), and both this version for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and the original arcade version for the Wii were later released on Nintendo's Virtual Console service.

A sequel named Sky Kid Deluxe was released in 1986. It introduced several new enemies and missions, was the first game to run on Namco's then-new Namco System 86 hardware, and was also the first game from the company that used a Yamaha YM2151 FM sound chip.

Categories in common with Sky Kid (1986):

Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Wii U | Wii | NES



Are you tired of looking through casual games to spend your time? Of trying one game after another?
Game Tube can solve this problem of choice! Now you don't need to look for casual mini games - they will come to you when you open Game Tube!
Here you can access a variety of mini games.

All the mini games have one system of points. Playing one of the mini games you receive points to unlock other even cooler mini games.

Now you can already become an expert in these mini games:
♛ Arrow shooting: Become a cool archer and hit the target!
♛ 2D space shooter: Shoot all the enemies and show invaders who's the boss here!
♛ Endless runner: Run as long as you can but don't forget about the obstacles!
♛ Bingo: Have you ever played Bingo? Take some time off everyday routine and practice your bingo skills!
♛ Clicker: Click what? you may ask. Have a try and check how quick you are!

Remember: the list of games will grow and new ones will become available. We'll try to make you happy adding different interesting games and new ideas.

Leaderboards and Achievements are available for each mini game.

Categories in common with GAME TUBE ♛: Adventure | Action | Casual | Strategy | Sports | Simulation | Racing | Indie

Platform: PC


21. Flying Bacon

Too boring? What to play, if you do not want anything? Start the pig!

Each of us wondered what to play, if you do not want anything. And the answer is found!

Start the pig in the sky and do not let it fall as far as possible. Get money for this and run the pig even further.

At your disposal 1 flying bacon and 6 types of improvements for her flight!


- You found a way out of the hopeless situation;

- Establish personal records in the field of flight bacon;

- You earn money with a flying bacon;

- 6 types of updates to run;

- Not everyone loves pigs, anger them with this game in their profile;

"It's a pink flying pig, what else could it be?"

Categories in common with Flying Bacon: Casual | Simulation | Indie

Platform: PC


22. Matryoshka Strike

Matryoshka Strike is a stylish and colorful shoot-em-up game with the classic characters of Russian fairy tales.
Koshchey the Deathless, Baba-Yaga, Dragon Gorynych and others.
And of course, Matryoshka.
Simple and understandable multi-level gameplay with an increasing level of complexity.
Including a bonus "infinite" level.
Matryoshka - Russian wooden toy in the form of a painted doll. Inside there are smaller dolls. Number of nested dolls from three or more. Usually they have an egg shape. The bottom is flat, Each doll consists of two parts: upper and lower. According to tradition doll painted as a woman in a red sundress and headscarf.
Zmey Gorinich - fire-breathing dragon , with several heads. It is a representative of the evil principle in Russian fairy tales and epics. The dragon lives in the mountains, sometimes near rivers of fire guards "Kalinov most", which leads into the realm of the dead.
He's always a lot of goals. The number of heads in multiples of three: 3,6,9,12. Most often, goals 3. The dragon can fly.
Baba-Yaga is a character from Slavic mythology. This ugly hag has magic items. In the tales she is like the witch, the sorceress. She knows how to cast, fly in a mortar, lives in a hut on chicken legs. Her house is surrounded by a fence of human bones and skulls. She's luring people to eat them. Baba-Yaga looks like a hunchbacked old woman with a huge hooked nose.
Koschey The Immortal - is a character from Slavic mythology. This is a powerful evil sorcerer. His death is hidden. “At sea there is an island, on the island is an oak tree, under the oak tree buried a chest, in the chest is a hare, in the hare - duck, in a duck - egg, in the egg - the death of Koschey.” Koschey – the king of his own Kingdom.
Vodyanoy(Vodyanik) - spirit dwelling in the water, the owner of the pond. This negative and dangerous character looks like a naked bloated bug-eyed man with a fish tail. He is dressed in a red shirt, he has got green beard and mustache.
He's a werewolf, can turn into a pike, catfish, duck, goose, rooster, log, and even a child and a horse. Vodyanoy lives at the bottom of a river or lake, where he has his Palace. Especially often he lives near an old abandoned mill.

Categories in common with Matryoshka Strike: Action | Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


23. FormFish

FormFish is a casual game. You must stay alert when forms arrive and try to catch them with the right "trap"... before they cover all the screen. But take care ! The most forms you catch ... faster they will come !!
Catch several shapes in a row and you will get combos !

Categories in common with FormFish: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


24. Ramify

Ramify is a single screen isometric puzzle game with more than 100 levels.

Categories in common with Ramify: Casual | Indie

Platform: PC


25. PolyKat

Polykat is a 3D platformer where you jump and run through procedurally generated floating islands, fight different enemies and collect polykoins!
The game starts with you being lost on a planet, having no idea where your spaceship is.
To find your spaceship you’ll have to navigate through platforms floating in the air!
One single mistake could lead to a leap of faith, so you ought to be careful!CollectPolykoins are scattered all over the universe and your goal is to collect them. They can be found in chests or on obstacles.
Using your trustworthy slingshot, you can shoot at different creatures that all carry valuable polykoins with them.Customize & Level UpYou can use your polykoins to buy apparel, new skins and to upgrade your polykat.
There are three types of skills you can level up:
Shoot Level, which determines the amount of rocks you can carry with you and how much damage your rocks do.
Speed Level, which determines your walk and sprint speed.
Jump Level, which determines your jump power.The GoalOnce you’ve found your spaceship, you can move on to the next planet where you’ll face the same challenge except a tad more difficult.
On your way you’ll face different terrains and difficult bosses with varying mechanics to defend themselves.
Once you’ve defeated a boss, its planet acts as a checkpoint, so if you ever lose all of your lives, the game restores to the previous defeated boss.

Categories in common with PolyKat: Adventure | Action | Indie

Platform: PC | macOS | Linux


26. prog.1

Play as an anthropomorphic computer virus in prog.1. When world-renowned scientists Dr. Cushing and Dr. Keiko are assigned to the secret G.A.i.A project, their attempt to construct a digital universe takes a turn for the worse when they accidentally unleash a sentient computer virus. Can you get through 48 levels filled to the brim with challenging platforming and puzzle solving to finally uncover the truth about the digital world?

Categories in common with prog.1: Indie

Platform: PC | macOS


27. Feud

Feud is a 1987 computer game for the MSX and ZX Spectrum home computers, among others. The player takes on the role of the sorcerer Learic, cursed with aging, and must fight his evil twin Leanoric before his time runs out.

In some countries it was distributed as Halloween.

Categories in common with Feud: Adventure

Platform: PC | iOS | Commodore / Amiga | Atari 8-bit


28. Bio-ship Paladin

Bio-ship Paladin, known in Japan as Space Battleship Gomora (宇宙戦艦ゴモラ), is a 1990 horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game. It was later ported to the Sega Mega Drive. While the game is essentially a standard horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up, it has an innovation that makes it unique in the genre. The player flies a spaceship (specifically, a bioship) which has the standard forward guns to be found in all horizontal scrollers, but it also possesses a weapon that can be manually targeted with a crosshair, in the same manner as in the game Missile Command. This allows the player to fire in any direction with pinpoint accuracy, and adds an extra level of strategy to the game. The game saw an almost arcade perfect port on the Sega Mega Drive. What few changes there were actually enhanced the look of the game such as added parallax scrolling backgrounds in level 2.

Categories in common with Bio-ship Paladin:

Platform: Genesis


29. Granny's Garden

Granny's Garden is an educational adventure game for the British BBC Micro computer, released in 1983. It served as a first introduction to computers for many schoolchildren in the United Kingdom during the 1980s and 1990s. According to the 4Mation webpage about the original version, it was the reason many teachers decided that computers had a real place in education. The software is still available in its original and updated formats.

Created by Mike Matson for 4Mation, the game takes place in the Kingdom of the Mountains. The aim is to find the six missing children of the King and Queen (Esther, Tom, Clare, Anna, Jessica, and Daniel), while avoiding the evil witch, by solving puzzles.

Let's Play videos have been published by fans of the game via YouTube.

Categories in common with Granny's Garden: Adventure

Platform: iOS | Commodore / Amiga


30. Savage Pond

Savage Pond is an arcade-style pond simulation game which was written by Peter Judd for the Acorn Electron and BBC Micro and Gwyll Jones for the 16k versions of the Atari 8-bit family of home computers in 1983 and the Commodore 64 in 1984. It was originally released under the Starcade label and was reissued in 1985 when Argus acquired the Bug-Byte budget label.

Categories in common with Savage Pond: Arcade

Platform: Commodore / Amiga | Atari 8-bit


31. Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel is a computer game for the Commodore 64. The aim of the game is to teleport between different ages to solve puzzles, find "The Seven Scriptures" and become King of the Gnomes. The different locations you move between in the game are:

  • The Gnome Mansion, where the time machine is assembled
  • Stone Age, 9600 BC
  • Magical Persia, 893 BC
  • Mythological Greece, 86 BC
  • Colonial Salem, Massachusetts, 1692 AD
  • California Gold Rush, 1849 AD
  • Intergalactic Spaceship, 3456 AD
  • The Black Hole, 9999 AD

Categories in common with Time Tunnel: Adventure

Platform: Commodore / Amiga


32. Zillion II: The Tri Formation

Zillion II: The Tri Formation is an action game.
Zillion II: The Tri Formation is available on SEGA Master System.

Categories in common with Zillion II: The Tri Formation: Action

Platform: SEGA Master System