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1 Best Games Like Celeste for Atari 2600 | Games Similar to Celeste 2020

Trying to find games like Celeste? Try these 1 great games that are similar to Celeste, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive list of best games like Celeste that have been tried, tested and recommended.



Celeste is a platformer about climbing a mountain, from the creators of TowerFall.
Explore a sprawling mountain with over 500 levels bursting with secrets, across 8 unique areas...Read More

Celeste game is a fantastic and fun game that will offer you the time of your life filled with excitement and enjoyment and lots of content elements. There are numerous features that you will enjoy all the way. After you play it, you may feel some boredom because you had enough and to try something different but in the same style that you love.

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List of Best Celeste Alternatives | Games Like Celeste for Atari 2600

So, here are the highly recommended best and effective similar games like Celeste in 2020. If there is something missing from the Celeste , then it should definitely be in these other games we have found for you.

Games Like Ghostbuster 2 of 2020 - Ghostbuster 2 Alternatives


#1. Ghostbuster 2 - Games Like Celeste

Games Like Celeste

Ghostbusters doesn't exist anymore! The last real job they had involved bubbling up a 100 foot Marshmallow man and blowing the top three floors off an up-town high rise for which they were sued. The citizens of New York believing as time passed that they had been victims of a colossal hoax.

The Ghostbusters team now earn their living hiring themselves at parties, running occult bookshops and appearing on seedy occult TV programmes.

It's winter time and the New Year is just around the corner. Dana Barrett has returned to live in the city with her baby son Oscar. The city seems even more paranoid than she remembers it. She is returning from the store laden with groceries when the buggy Oscar is travelling in begins to jolt forward. The brakes unlock themselves. She reaches towards the handlebars, but the buggy rolls forward just out of her reach and stops. Surprised by the movement she reaches for the handlebar again, but this time the buggy rolls even further away. Alarmed now, Dana hurries after it, but the buggy keeps rolling down the street at ever increasing speed.

Dana chases the buggy down the street, shouting to passing pedestrians for help, but everytime someone reaches out to stop it, the buggy swerves and continues unchecked.

It comes to a dead stop in the middle of the street, a bus narrowly missing it by inches. Cars and trucks swerve and hit the brakes as Dana runs to the intersection and snatches up the baby. She hugs him close, deeply relieved, then looks at the buggy with the dawning awareness that the supernatural hasre-entered her life.

When there's something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

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Celeste game is one of the best Indie games around, but if you want to enjoy in something different but in the same style, you have to choose one of these 1 games that we have presented. Some of them are combinations of different game styles and modes, but you will still be able to enjoy because all of them are interesting especially if you are a fan of Indie games.

More About Celeste

Celeste is a platformer about climbing a mountain, from the creators of TowerFall.
Explore a sprawling mountain with over 500 levels bursting with secrets, across 8 unique areas. Unlock a hardcore Remix for each area, with completely new levels that will push your climbing skills to the limit.
Madeline can air-dash and climb any surface to gain ground. Controls are simple and accessible, but super tight and expressive with layers of depth to master. Deaths are sudden and respawns are fast. You'll die a lot, but you'll learn something every time.
Meet peculiar characters and climb through a personal story of breaking through your self-doubt to find yourself, set in the present-day Pacific Northwest. Uncover the mystery of the mountain's power and outrun your reflection on your journey to reach the top.