10 Best Games Like Alpha Centauri (GameFolio) for PC Need to Try in 2022

10 Best Games like Alpha Centauri (GameFolio): Our Top Pick 👌. If you liked playing it, then we are sure that you would love to play games like Alpha Centauri (GameFolio), that we have carefully handpicked for you on this list.


Best Games Like Alpha Centauri (GameFolio) for PC

Games like Alpha Centauri (GameFolio) for PC: Mugen Souls,XBlaze Lost: Memories,DEEP SPACE WAIFU: WORLD,Traverser,Disney's Animated Storybook: Hercules,Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade,Bunka no Kenkyu - Revival of Queen Leyak,America's 10 Most Wanted: War on Terror,Birdcakes

1. Mugen Souls 

Mugen Souls game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Role Playing,  Strategy,

Platform:  PC,  PlayStation 3,

Mugen Souls features a free-roaming battle map, turn-based combat, and massive amounts of customization and growth to maximize the fun players can have with the game. Expansive worlds to explore: Travel freely on each world to explore and find treasures and items. Monsters are roaming about, so be cautious, or fight them head-on and make them your subservient peons!Free-roaming style battle maps: Use Combo attacks to execute spectacular moves with your allies! Destroy Crystals on the battlefield...

2. XBlaze Lost: Memories 

XBlaze Lost: Memories game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,

Platform:  PC,  PlayStation 3,  PS Vita,

Collect the mysterious Memory Fragments to unravel the truth!

XBlaze Lost: Memories is a visual-novel game based in the BlazBlue universe and the sequel to XBlaze Code: Embryo! Play as the enigmatic pink-haired protagonist as she navigates through a weird and wondrous alternate reality with the help of the mysterious girl Nobody in order to save her sister, who disappeared into this unknown world! While there she is tasked with finding “Memory Fragments”, crystallized memories that not only...



Genre:  Action,  Casual,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

The theme now is PLANET EARTH! This is a simple SUPER CASUAL shmmup meant to be played even with one-hand. This game is a new incarnation of the beloved series Deep Space Waifu!King Bear has been stranded on Earth… and has to search for a dangerous alien enemy on top of that!Can they be hidden In the american giant statue underwear?Date girls around the WORLD to find out! That’s for YOU to find out in this bombastic, striptastic WORLD TOUR!Join KING BEAR and FRIENDS on an adventure to kick alien...

4. Traverser 

Traverser game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Action,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,

The sun has died, forcing mankind to retreat towards what little heat remains beneath the planet's surface. Humanity's last bastion, Brimstone, is a city literally divided into upper and lower classes, both controlled by the all-powerful Raven Corporation. Raven Corp also controls the city's breathable air, with the wealthy Upper City getting far more than its fair share…Young Valerie Bennett has just passed the test to become a Traverser; a new kind of peacekeeper with the ability to travel between...

5. Disney's Animated Storybook: Hercules 

Disney's Animated Storybook: Hercules game icon

Genre:  Educational,  Family,

Platform:  PC,  Classic Macintosh,

Disney's Animated Storybook: Hercules is the seventh entry in the Disney's Animated Storybook point-and-click adventure interactive storybook PC game series, based on theatrical and home video releases. The game is part of Disney's Hercules franchise, and is specifically based on the 1997 Walt Disney Animation Studios film Hercules, based on the mythical Greek hero Heracles and his defeat of the god of the underworld Hades....

6. Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade 

Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,

Platform:  PC,  NES,  Commodore / Amiga,  Genesis,  SEGA Master System,  Game Gear,

Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade is a video game released in 1992 by Codemasters for the NES. A remake of the game, retitled Cosmic Spacehead, was released in 1993 for Amiga, MS-DOS, Sega Game Gear, Master System, and Genesis. The game features adventure elements, with locations connected by platform sections.
The game is the sequel to Linus Spacehead, which was released exclusively as part of the compilation Quattro Adventure....

7. Bunka no Kenkyu - Revival of Queen Leyak 

Bunka no Kenkyu - Revival of Queen Leyak game icon

Genre:   Adventure ,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  macOS,

DETAILS Bunka no Kenkyū - Revival of Queen Leyak - is a thriller visual novel with spices of romance and the supernatural. The story is set in Bali, an exotic island where technology, tradition, and supernatural horrors all lurk under the guise of a modern paradise. The protagonist, Tetsuo Kobayashi is the son of Kyoto University’s leading historian. With his friends in the Culture Research Club, they stumble upon an ancient curse, and are drawn into an international hunt for Queen Leyak’s Necronomicon....

8. America's 10 Most Wanted: War on Terror 

America's 10 Most Wanted: War on Terror game icon

Genre:  Action,  Arcade,  Fighting,  Shooter,

Platform:  PC,

America's 10 Most Wanted: War on Terror is an action, shooter, arcade and fighting game developed by Black Ops Entertainment. It came out on 15-10-2004. It was published by Play It. America's 10 Most Wanted: War on Terror is available on PC.


9. Birdcakes 

Birdcakes game icon

Genre:  Action,  Indie,

Platform:  PC,  Xbox One,  PlayStation 4,

Birds + cupcakes = Birdcakes!!!Step into a world of state-of-the-art cupcake-and-bird weaponry! After a picnic went horribly wrong, Pancake the Cupcake desperately tries to fend off hungry flies away from his girlfriend Cherry! Featuring colorful 2D art; tight shooting controls; and fluid aerial movement mechanics; you’ll be set for a wacky, zero-calorie romp through the kitchen and beyond. Fly through 6 fly-infested worlds and destroy them with Pancake’s powerful candy bullets. This will be...

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Genre: Adventure ,

Help Captain Jane Cook establish a space station at a safe distance from  Alpha Centauri.


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