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Games Like 7 Days to Die for Wii U

7 Days to Die icon

Developer: Telltale Games, The Fun Pimps

Publisher: Telltale Games, The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC

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7 Days to Die Game

After the nuclear war, people have to survive, and 7 Days to Die gives players the opportunity to experience it. The large parts of the planet are ravaged by destruction, and lone survivors are under the constant threat, even within relatively safe counties, like Navezgane, Nevada. This is where players are dropped into the randomly generated map and from now on it’s up for them to find resources to defend and feed themselves.
7 Days to Die is a voxel-based survival game, which means that building is simple and environments are destructible. Gathered and found objects are degrading through use, so it forces players into the constant search for better equipment. The name of the game hints at the horde mechanic, where every seventh day a large group of zombies is swarming the players' location. Players will be killed in that case, unless preparations for the attack are sufficient enough. The game supports multiplayer, where other players can connect to the game server and be cooperative or hostile towards each other.


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Here are the best games like 7 Days to Die for Wii U:

Games like 7 Days to Die for Wii U: